Tuesday, March 31, 2020

What's In My Bag

What's In My Bag

What's In My Bag

What's In My Bag

So this is an old school blogging topic that used to be everywhere. I loved seeing what was in people's bags so I figured what better a time to share what's in mine... it gave me an opportunity to clean things out, too!

Day-to-day I carry my Goyard St. Louis GM tote. The bag is large with the ability to carry my computer, camera, and other daily necessities. Usually, at nights and on weekends, I use small crossbody bags like my Louis Vuitton Favorite MM with just a lip color, wallet, phone, hair tie/clip, and gum/mints. 

The Goyard St. Louis GM tote is usually what I carry for travel, too, or I slide it inside of the Yacht Tote if I need to bring more items on a flight.

So today I'm just sharing the random little things I carry inside... since I'm at home, my computer and camera and all of my bigger everyday necessities are out being used at home!

I'm very into bags within bags so everything can stay organized and be easily found since Goyard is just one big open bag. I use this great Monogrammed Clear Pouch and then another random clear pouch I got in a beauty gift probably over 5 years ago. 

I prefer clear pouches so I can see everything. I especially love the look of the Monogrammed Clear Pouch! I also have a Packable Lilly Bag, Sunglasses, and a Hairbrush. Those usually float around the inside of the bag on their own. The packable bag is for groceries if I forget a bag or if I am traveling and need a little extra storage or whatnot. It's not huge, but it's great to have in a pinch. 

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Claw Clips// Coiled Hair ties
I carry around way too many lip colors. But I have space and they don't really add much weight, so I figure why not! I also always have hair ties/clips and a Crest white strip if I think I need a touch-up! 

XL Claw Clip// Face Mist// Lighted Double Mirror
This is the random pouch that carries lesser-used items. I got these tiny little pillboxes which make it so easy to carry pills of any kind in small quantities. I used to carry an entire bottle of Advil but it just wasn't necessary, so these hold just a few pills! This Lighted Double Mirror is great for whenever I do my makeup on the go. One side is magnified and it lights up. You can also stand it up on a surface so you can go hands-free. My mom put it in my stocking for Christmas one year and it was such a good little gift. 

The hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes are quite timely given the state the world is in right now. However, I've always carried them with me in my bag as well as scattered them in my car, etc. I would not label myself a germaphobe but even pre-coronavirus, I've always been sure to take care of wiping things down whenever I'm out and about and sanitizing my hands when there isn't a sink. The hand sanitizer is a spray bottle from Trader Joes. I like the spray better than the squeeze bottle, but that's just a personal preference. 

One thing that didn't make the photos is a portable phone battery. Mine was charing and I'm always sure to have one on hand before stepping out of the house! This one is awesome because all of the cords/plugs are attached! 

And I always have sugar/candy on me! Just a bit, but I love candy and cannot be stopped! The blow pop minis are my absolute favorite! I'll also usually have a  bag of jerky or something like that, too, but we are out right now!


Naomi said...

The link to the monogrammed clear bag doesn’t seem to be working. :(

Ali Pringle said...

Such an organized bag...this is an inspiration. I am a MAJOR candy lover too. squishcandies.ca has THE BEST gummy candy ever. I just placed a big order last week and I am excited to restock my favs.

Take Care,

Bridget said...

I love the old school "What's In My Bag" blog posts and videos! They were a staple when I first started engaging with social media (10 years ago!), and they definitely fulfill my nosiness while inspiring me to get my own bag together!


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