Thursday, June 25, 2020


This week we finally got our small back patio set up! You can see the 4-person dining set we got, here, and it turned out so well! We have a very small patio and an even smaller yard (if you can even call it that) but it is all set up now so we can enjoy our morning coffees out there, eat dinner or enjoy a cocktail in the evenings! Being outside is SUCH a mood booster and I can already tell this little setup is making me SO happy!!

This weekend we don't have much going on except for car shopping. Hoping to make a decision in the next week or two on what car I am going to get. Part of me isn't ready to let go of my beloved Passat! I've never felt 'attached' to a car but for some reason, I am to my little Passat. We'll see what happens soon I guess! 

Wearing: The above outfit is basically my current work-from-home uniform. It's comfortable and cute and relaxed. I snagged this cashmere sweater recently on major sale and I love it. It is the perfect thing for air-conditioned spaces and also cool evenings.
Eating: We snagged this antipasto mix at Costco this past week and it might be one of the best Costco finds. Every single thing is SO good. 
Drinking: I posted an Instagram a few weeks ago asking for white wine recommendations that are refreshing for summer. I am a cabernet drinker and cab and summertime/hot temps just don't always go great together. I don't love rosé (I could take it or leave it) and I don't really love white wine. I think part of the reason I think I don't love white wine is that I haven't tried a ton (I do like Kim Crawford Sauv Blanc but don't love it). A bunch of you recommended Vinho Verde and I LOVE it. It has the slightest effervescence to it so it reminds me a bit of a prosecco and the flavor is just extremely light, fresh, and a bit tart (not sweet at all). I randomly got this brand and it was great. I seriously think that this might become my go-to summer wine. It's just very drinkable and oh my goodness there wasn't a vinho verde bottle that cost more than $10 in the state store! 

Reading: A great story highlighting two brothers that started a non-profit to help children learn to swim!

Reading II: A reminder to check yourself, kids, family, and pets for ticks! This article talks specifically on how to check for them on dogs. We check Henry diligently but it's always good to be reminded!

Sale-ing II: Lisi Lerch is currently having a 30% off sale on their bridal line. A lot of pieces are neutral and are great even if you aren't a bride! 

 I have started watching The Wonder Years from the beginning again. I LOVE this series and it's the perfect show to wind down at the end of the night before bed. It's free on Hulu! 

Loving: This is very random but our family friend used these plastic plates as a serving tray to bring to someone's house and when you look at them, you'd never believe they were plastic. They look like a nice silver platter! That way, you can bring a dish to someone's house and not worry about getting your dish back or cleaning it or whatever but it still looks nicer than a typical plastic platter. They're called 'chargers'  online but they are plenty big for serving to a group! I added them to my Amazon page

Wanting: Have you all seen this new home brand from Target, Casaluna? I actually noticed it when I was in the store the other day because the towels were SO fluffy and plush looking and the display looked beautiful. I'm really intrigued- I've spent a ton of money on 'fancy' towels and linens in the past but this line looks/seems promising and the prices are low! An entire king sheet set is under $100 which is near impossible to find. I also love the look of these waffled towels. Not sure if they are as good as 'traditional' towels, but the look is different. 

Pittsburgh-ing: So excited to see all of these outdoor tables being put up around the city! 

Traveling: We have no travel planned for this summer other than going to the lake in early August which we will drive to (we drive every year anyway because we always bring Henry). Our lake house is in the middle of nowhere and we only cook at the house and stay on our dock/boat so it will be the perfect 'distanced' trip and a welcome change of scenery. I really can't wait! If you missed it, check out my travel guide from yesterday from my trip to Montage Palmetto Bluff.

Quoting: 'The most important decision you can make is to be in a good mood.' - Voltaire// See more of my favorites, here. 


Ann@Virginiarosa said...

Kiss the Passat good bye, buy the Mercedes SUV, "Buy the best and only cry once"!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would recommend the Allan Scott Sauv Blanc! It's about the same price as Kim Crawford and also a New Zealand sauv blanc, but it's a little more dry and has a tartness. I used to work at a wine store and anyone we directed to the Allan Scott who had drank the KC before ended up liking the Allan Scott better!


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