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Samsung Frame TV Review

I originally posted this in June 2020, but I am updating it since my decor has changed quite a bit, and I got an updated frame for the TV! I know you all always have questions about this TV when you see it on Instastories, so I hope this helps to answer all of your questions! 

I never thought I would be reviewing a TV, but after sharing this TV on my instastories, many of you have had a ton of questions/interest coupled with the fact that I have never loved a TV more... so here we are! 

This is the Samsung Frame TV (we have the 55"), and what sets it apart from most TVs on the market is that it is made to look like a frame/piece of artwork on the wall. The construction of the TV is flat so that when it is hung with its special hanging equipment (which comes with the TV), it sits flush against a wall just like any other frame in your home would. 

When it is turned off, the frame shows a picture that you can select from a database, so it constantly looks like a piece of art is on the wall rather than a blank black TV screen. It's very customizable as you can upload images off of your phone or even download items from Etsy and then upload them to your TV. You can also choose a mat or no mat and play around with color and brightness to get it to look just right in whatever room you are in. 

A typical TV has black around the edges, which comes standard on the Frame TV. However, you can customize the color of the frame by buying a Bezel (made by Samsung) that fits over the black 'frame' area. We originally got a white Bezel, and I truly think having a bezel makes it look even more like artwork and less like a TV. There are different types of bezels to suit your interior style. I just personally liked white best because I felt like it blended into the wall. You can see the photos of the TV with the white bezel at the bottom of this post. If you order the Bezel on Samsung's site, you can get it with your TV for just $75 (I wish I had known to do this when I ordered our TV). Otherwise, for the 55", it's $150. 

The latest update that we did back in November was to swap out the white bezel for this gorgeous gold wood frame. They are custom-made in the USA, and I could not rave about the quality of these frames more. It took 2 minutes to install on our TV, and the frame is beautiful. I truly think it 'finished' off the look of our TV wall so nicely. It looks much more substantial and all-around better. These wood frames are expensive, but in my opinion, they are worth every penny. They have a ton of different styles and colors to choose from. I really like the simplicity of the one that I chose! 

I feel silly replacing our perfectly good TV up in our bedroom, so I'm kind of just waiting for that one to die (I've had it for like 7 years now- Vizio, a good, inexpensive brand) and then move our living room TV up to our bedroom with the beautiful gold frame. Then I want a 65" frame TV for the living room area and another gold frame! 

The TV itself was SO easy to hang. It took us about 15 minutes, and the instructions were easy to figure out. Everything you need to hang the Frame TV flat to the wall comes with the TV when you order it... Before you order, double-check that yours comes with a mount, as I have seen some for sale it doesn't come with the mount!! 

In terms of wires, there is one wire that we can hide. The wire is super thin and clear. This is another huge pro for me with this TV than the many cords you need to hang a traditional TV. Because this cord is so unnoticeable, it's a great TV for renters who might not want to cut any holes in the walls to hide cords. Samsung designed it so you can set the power box elsewhere, and everything plugs into that box rather than into the TV directly. We have the box down in the middle section of the console underneath. The console was an antique find here in Pittsburgh, and it is by Henredon. We drilled a hole in the back of the console to accommodate this! 

Many people have asked about our cable box and where we put it. We actually don't have one. I did a lot of research before buying a TV and found out that our cable provider (Comcast Xfinity) offers an app on Samsung Smart TV's (and Rokus) where you can stream your cable rather than a cable box. You just have one box in your home to get this to work. So, our one cable box is with our basement TV. Even in our bedroom, we can stream cable TV without an unsightly box. Our bedroom TV is a Vizio smart TV and is not compatible with the Xfinity streaming app, so we had to buy a $20ish Roku to get the bedroom TV to be compatible. I could take or leave cable, personally, but my husband couldn't live without all of the sports channels, ha! Our cable provider also charges a fee to 'rent' the cable boxes, so it's nice to also be able to save that little bit of money each month from not having to deal with cable boxes. 

I'm not hugely into TV trends or the latest in electronics when it comes to TVs. I've always just used the Vizio brand as it is pretty inexpensive, has a nice picture, and holds up for years. However, I knew that when I moved into this house, I wanted something for the main living room that would look nicer. It's a little pricier than many TVs, but in my opinion, it is SO worth it just for the looks alone. I. actually think the cost has decreased for the Frame TVs over the year, which is amazing. 

As for the picture, it is so crisp and clear. It is 4K. The colors are vibrant. We have had it for 3 years and have had absolutely no issues with it at all. As almost all TVs are nowadays, it's a 'Smart TV', so you're able to download a ton of apps, and it has a bunch of different features on it. You can easily stream your phone to the screen, which is a game-changer when I do at-home workouts. It's all just very user-friendly. 

The sound was something that actually shocked me. With my Vizio TVs, I have always had to buy a speaker system because the sound was never great. I planned on doing it with this TV, but the sound is incredible. The room is pretty large, and the sound quality throughout the room is wonderful. Both of us agree there is absolutely no need for a surround sound speaker system. 

All-in-all, this TV gets a 10/10 for me. It's a little pricier than other brands and models but well worth it. If you're on the fence, get it, and you won't regret it!
Samsung Frame TV Review

Samsung Frame TV Review

Samsung Frame TV Review
These are the photos from the space in 2020 before I got the custom gold frame! The chest is Henredon, found at a local antique shop that has since closed. 

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