Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Fall Candle Recommendations

Fall Candle Recommendations

When I chatted fall candles on Instagram a few weeks ago SO many of you said how excited you are to get your fall candles burning and I could not agree more. Don't get me wrong, I like summer and I am not necessarily wishing it away but I do loathe the heat. The heat has been crazy here in Pittsburgh this summer. We have had so many 90+ days without reprieve and that's pretty rare here! I am definitely willing to welcome 70 degrees with open arms! 

Plus, I just love pumpkin bread, hot coffees, long outdoor walks, cozy scents, super soft sweaters, cozy sweatshirts, and all of the other stuff that comes with fall! I'm not letting myself burn a fall candle until mid-September. I just can't bring myself to do it. BUT, I'm all about shopping for fall scents now! 

I am a bit of a candle hoarder and I love buying new scents. I have a lot of scents that I recommend, but since scent is such a personal preference! I am SUPER picky. I personally prefer a manly/woody/firey scent. It sounds snobby, but I can't stand anything that smells 'cheap' or fake. I also don't like anything sweet (like no vanilla cheesecake or anything like that).

I also polled all of you on Instagram to share your favorites. I pulled the top 9 scents that were the most recommended so you can all check those out, too! 

Instead of trying to describe the scents myself, I figure you all can just click over to the scent to check it out because I am SO bad at describing them. Just know that if they are coming from my recommendation, they have my personal stamp of approval. I can't say the same about the recommendations from you all, but I think that when a candle is super popular, it is usually for good reason.

Fall Candle Recommendations

I noticed that some of my favorites from different brands (especially Target and Anthropologie) are not yet available. For example, I LOVE Through the Woods from Target and it doesn't seem that that is available yet. I also love Fir and Firewood from Anthro- but I'm thinking that might skew more holiday/winter which is why I don't think that is available. I am thinking as we get closer to fall, more will become available! I also like getting my candles at Homegoods. I have found some real gems there before and the prices can't be beaten! 
Fall Candle Recommendations

Leaves was not only the most recommended candle but it was overwhelmingly the most recommended ever in the history of me asking you guys to recommend things. Hundreds of you were raving about leaves. I have yet to smell it, so it's TBD, but I am excited. A close second was Sweater Weather. I was honestly surprised because I haven't shopped at Bath and Body Works in years. I always just think of the brand as roll-on glitter and cucumber melon spray, haha! 

There were also a ton of different Yankee candle recommendations. The only clear winner from those was Autumn Wreath. I can't remember the last time I bought a Yankee candle but I do see them from time to time at Homegoods!


Kelly C said...

I love a good fall candle! Can't wait to try some of your recommendations out.

Anonymous said...

Coffee table books & cozy candles! Perfect post for how I'm feeling right now. - KLV in PHL


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