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My Favorite Dark Wash Skinny Jeans

Cate Ankle Skinny Jeans RAG & BONE

Cate Ankle Skinny Jeans RAG and BONE

Cate Ankle Skinny Jeans RAG and BONE

Cate Ankle Skinny Jeans RAG and BONE

Cate Ankle Skinny Jeans RAG and BONE

grayson the hero white button down shirtgrayson the hero white button down shirt

grayson the hero white button down shirt

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A white skirt, dark wash skinny jeans, and ballet flats are certainly nothing earth-shattering. In fact, I've shared a variant of this look quite often throughout the past 11 years of Summer Wind.  It's just such a classic and definitely one of my go-to outfits and especially during the fall season. 

As timeless and classic as this look is, I do think it's hard to find the 'perfect' white button-down and jeans! So today I thought I would share my go-to's. 

This white shirt is one of my most favorite shirts. It's soft, the white is completely opaque so you can't see your undergarments and the fit is loose but still flattering. I would call this a more 'casual' white button-down rather than something fitted that might be more appropriate for office wear. I also have this white shirt from the same brand. It's called the 'washed' shirt and I find that that one is even more casual and slightly more sheer. I prefer the one you see in the photos above! They wash well in the washing machine with other whites and I just hang it dry and steam it. Once it's steamed, it doesn't wrinkle much while wearing and you can even pack it once it is steamed and as long as you fold it carefully, it doesn't really wrinkle in luggage either.

Cate Ankle Skinny Jeans RAG and BONE

Cate Ankle Skinny Jeans RAG and BONE

These jeans are easily my most-worn pair of skinny jeans since I got them last year during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and they are back again this year. I didn't really even realize at the time how much I was going to love them. They are SO flattering. I have received so many compliments on them as well as people asking me where I have gotten them- not just on IG but even more in real life!

They are called 'ankle' jeans and they look cropped on the model, but you can see on me, they almost look like they were hemmed just for my height to be full-length jeans. I'm 5'6" and they hit me right at the lower ankle. They are very stretchy which makes for a very comfortable pair of jeans, but they do stretch out a bit once you wear them so I would suggest sizing down at least one size. They're not really high waist but not at all low waist, either. It's just a happy middle ground so whether you what to tuck in our leave your shirt out, it all looks good!

They are still pretty pricey even on sale, but there is some sort of sorcery in the hips and butt of these jeans that for me, makes them worth every penny!

Besides two classic clothing staples, I'm also wearing two of my most-worn accessories: my Goyard St. Louis GM and Chanel Ballet Flats. If you click on those links, they will take you to past posts where I have reviewed each piece in-depth as they are both investment pieces but I get SO much wear out of both! 

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