Thursday, August 6, 2020


Sweater// Tee// Jeans (old, similar)// Sunglasses

We are at the lake this week! It has been a nice change of scenery and I've just been taking the week to unplug, relax and enjoy time on the water. Henry loves the water and just being able to run around with so much space so it always makes me so happy to see him thrive here. He certainly goes to bed each night extremely tired haha!

I've been doing a lot of sunbathing, swimming, reading, watching movies, and sleeping in and it has just been wonderful- a little slice of heaven! It's usually very hot here, however, the temps have been much cooler than usual which is a welcome change!! I have loved throwing on a sweater or sweatshirt in the evenings and it's getting me excited for slightly cooler fall temps to come.

Wearing: This is my latest favorite Tee. It's SO soft, it feels very worn-in, it's generously sized. I got a size small and it's very relaxed/roomy and just great to lounge in. Also, this Sweater is incredibly inexpensive. I loved the open-weave and color. 

Eating: We got the street taco kits from Costco for one night this week and I forgot how good they are. If you are a Costco member, definitely look for them next time you are there. The flavor is out of this world good!

Drinking: This week, I made a peach martini. Basically, all I did was muddle 1 peach with a few basil leaves, added vodka, and shook vigorously. It was SO delicious. It tasted so fresh. It didn't produce a ton of liquid, so I think it could be good as a cocktail by adding a bit of sparkling water to it! 

Reading: Some good hydrangea tips from Martha Stewart. 

Sale: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is live and going strong. I wrote about the things I have and love, here. I'll have more sale content on 8/13, so keep an eye out for that if that is something you are interested in. 

 We watched Midsommar this week, which my sister said she had heard 'good things' about. It's a thriller and all I have to say is DO NOT watch this movie. It was the creepiest thing I have ever watched and beyond that, just incredibly bizarre.

Listening: I'm about to switch over to a fall playlist in a few weeks and so here's the last call for my summer 2020 playlist. I am still adding but will switch come September! 

Loving: My go-to yearly calendar is out for 2021!!!! I am so excited I could cry. I am a paper calendar girl and my 2020 calendar has been quite literally worthless... I'd love to burn it!!! So I am SO excited to start filling up my 2021 calendar with the hope that it will be a MUCH better year. 

Wanting: Sucha a cute striped workout top... and oh my goodness THIS DRESS!!! And this navy sweatshirt. I'm not a tie-dye fan but I really love this. 

Smelling: Ok so I chatted with you all on Instagram stories about candles and literally hundreds of you said that I had to try the 'leaves' scented candle from Bath and Body Works. I haven't thought about Bath and Body Works in years. It reminds me of body glitter and cucumber melon, hah! But here we are- I ordered the candle and I will report back! 

Quoting: 'Contribute more than you criticize' - Brene Brown// See more of my favorites, here. 

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Laura Baker Busic said...

Omg Midsommar is SO bizarre! Don't watch "Herditary" either...... It was written by the same people and is truly the most disturbing movie I've ever seen. And I typically love thrillers!


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