Thursday, August 20, 2020


I can't believe we are almost to the weekend already! This week has gone so quickly and I really don't know why! We did have 'cooler' temps this week and it made me truly joyous. Seriously, yesterday was truly the most perfect weather ever- sunny skies, a cool breeze... just perfect and it put me in the best mood!! Henry and I were able to go on so many walks without dying from the heat!! In the early mornings, I even wore a sweatshirt. Can you tell how happy this makes me?!

One other random thing that also made me happy this week is that I washed literally every single thing on our bed- the mattress cover, sheets, blankets, duvet, duvet cover, pillowcases, pillows, etc. etc. I usually clean different parts of the bedding on slightly different timelines, so whenever I have the time to run the washing machine from morning to night (no seriously, it takes ALL day), I relish it! I laughed at myself when I got into bed one night at how happy clean bedding makes me. It is truly the little things!!!

This week we also had a food truck stop into our neighborhood. I've shared this before but I just love it. It's a great way to socialize with neighbors an easy way to support a local business. Someone took charge of the whole thing in our neighborhood and so now we have a schedule of food trucks that come every other Wednesday evening (for 2 hours) and we have a schedule of trucks well into the fall season. We've had a great variety of things like tacos, hoagies, lobster, hot dogs, ice cream, pizza, BBQ, etc. I definitely recommend setting up something like this in your neighborhood!

Wearing: I definitely haven't shared these navy and white Striped Lounge Pants with you all enough yet!!! They are seriously the best and under $30. SO soft and they are quite thin so I don't get too hot wearing them now but can layer like you see above, come fall. They run true to size, if anything a little big!

Eating: This Mediterranean quinoa salad sounds so fresh, light, and delicious! I plan on soaking up alllll of the fresh fruits and vegetables of summer for the next few weeks. That is surely a part of the summer I love!! 
Drinking: If you follow me on Instagram then you know Topo Chico is my latest obsession. It's sparkling mineral water and it's incredible. The bubbles are fine and there are tons of them. It's hard/weird to explain but it's just so refreshing and so delicious. You can find them at Whole Foods! 

 I have been watching very little TV lately- still on an OC kick but other than that, we are literally show-less!! I feel like I've watched everything under the sun, so hopefully, I find a new show soon...or even a really good movie... I feel like I haven't seen a truly great movie in a while, too! 

Listening: I just started my fall playlist and it's really good so far!! You can check it out above or if you have Spotify, here 

Wanting: Obsessed with these Sarah Flint Natalie flats. I have these flats in nude and absolutely love them. They are beyond comfortable but this pink jacquard print is just stunning and so special! I'm also thinking about ordering these cashmere socks... which is such a random purchase but my feet get so cold at night! I just went through all of my socks and got rid of a bunch that were old and tattered and all of the pairs I didn't like/don't wear and that felt so good! 

Quoting: 'What is done in love is done well.'- Vincent Van Gogh // See more of my favorites, here. 

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Katie M. said...

Try "The Americans" on Amazon Prime! My husband and I are obsessed with it right now!


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