Thursday, September 17, 2020


I hope you all are having a good week! This week was pretty uneventful. We had the most beautiful weather in a long time. low 70s and just beautifully sunny. It made the week so much better as we were able to enjoy dinners outside with sweaters and sweatshirts and go on so many long walks! 

I popped into Trader Joe's to grab some groceries and was so glad to see that our TJ's finally had a lot of fall items! I tried to restrain myself from buying too many unhealthy items, but wow were there some really great items! 

My sister is still in town for a while which is such a treat. Callie and her FiancĂ© came over for pizza on Monday night and then tonight we are going to my parent's for dinner. Callie requested our favorite Chinese food from Jade Grill... YUM! Tomorrow, Callie, my mom, and I are getting our nails done. As most of you know Callie lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. So when she comes up or whenever we go down to visit, it is usually just for a long weekend. So we are doing everything we can to spend as much time together. 

We also finally got a grill which I am so excited about. We ended up with this one and you better believe we will be grilling up a storm all year long! I won't really be doing the grilling, but I just love the copper color we got. It's sooo pretty! 

Wearing: You can see my full outfit from the photo above in this blog post from yesterday! 

Eating: I've shared this chili recipe before but because it's that season again, I am sharing again! It's seriously SO flavorful. Just for our preference, we cut back on the beans and add extra veggies! 

Reading: Loved seeing this article on breeds of dogs that live a long time. Henry is an Australian Cattle Dog mixed with Chihuahua. We did a dog DNA test so that's the only reason we know... and that's a very abnormal combination, ha! However, I was SO pleased Chihuahua was #1 on the list and the Australian Cattle dog was #4. Our ACD, Mac, lived until he was about 16, so I definitely know they can live very long! Such a shame that a 'long' time for dogs is 16 years. If only they could live as long as we do! 

Sale: This is such a cute fall jacket on sale! 

Loving: I got the sweetest monogram pillows in from June St. George which is a company that creates custom items for the home (including drool-worthy rugs). 

Loving II: Just got these Spode coasters in and they're the perfect little fall touch! 
Wanting: Not too much on my radar this week, but a few good sale pieces and some cozy things! 

Pittsburgh: A list of outdoor breweries that are open this fall! 

Quoting: 'Respond with grace even when others don't' // See more of my favorites, here. 

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