Thursday, March 4, 2021


I say this EVERY week but it is so true what they say about time flying the older you get. These weeks just fly by!! I am OK with that right now because I want to get to warmer weather and spring!! 

I am a broken record here, but this week has been mundane/groundhog day. I will say with the slightly milder temps, I am reveling in being about to get out on nice walks. We also have cooked at home every day this week. I am always proud of us when we do that because it's not often, ha!! 

I will say we have watched a lot of good TV lately... I put one of the shows I watched by myself down in the 'watching' category but we also had a fun sushi night on Saturday and afterward watched I Care A Lot. It was a thriller-type movie and we both really liked it! 

I'm currently on the hunt for sconces for our kitchen. We have an electrician scheduled to come at the end of the month and install them but I still have not found any I absolutely love! I'm also STILL on the hunt for a dining room table and chairs. I literally cannot find anythinng I am in love with! 

Wearing: I recently got this striped cashmere sweater and I am so impressed with it. The cashmere is lofty and so soft. It feels a lot like a Vince sweater but for a lot less. I really liked the thicker ribbed neckline. 

Eating: I stumbled upon this gift set when searching for Grillo's pickles and this is such a novelty! They are alcohol-soaked pickles, which I would imagine be even better for pickle martinis!! They also have tequila-soaked jalapenos which would be SO delish for spicy margaritas this summer! How fun and what a really unique and interesting gift idea. 

Reading: Oh my goodness, my favorite Taco Bell is launching a chicken 'sandwich'. I am SO intrigued, ha!!! The best chicken sandwich I have ever eaten is at Chikn in Oakland in Pittsburgh. I stand very firmly on that!!
Sale: Dermstore is offering up to 20% off on a TON of skincare and beauty. I am linking to some items that are my very favorite. I just stocked up on these eye patches that have recently become a favorite of mine for puffy, dark undereyes! 

 I finished Firefly Lane (Netflix) and really liked it. I had no idea what it was about when I started it so I had no idea about what to expect... it's set up a bit like This Is Us in terms of how the storyline jumps from different decades to tell the story. I would assume it's set up for a season 2 because it ended abruptly, but the ending SHOCKED me. It's a book but I have not read it- one of my girlfriends has and said the book is a lot better. 

Loving: I LOVED Full House growing up and this article is so fun to read! 
Wanting: THIS TOP!!! Oh my goodness, I haven't seen a chic madras piece in SO long and I am here for it!! I'm also loving the Marlo Thomas collection at WS. 

Pittsburgh: What's opening and closing this month. Tupelo Honey is coming!!! They have one in Charlotte and we have gone when visiting my sister and it is delicious! 

Quoting: 'Be the reason someone smiles today.' // See more of my favorites, here.


Anonymous said...

Loving the Marlo Thomas collection @ WS! Also obsessed with the Target candle you recently recommended. Thanks for the tips. - KLV in PHL

Lexy said...

Try Ginny & Georgia next on Netflix!


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