Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Home Updates

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I thought I would just kind of 'talk aloud' about some decorating that I am trying to do in our house. It's kind of just a stream of what I've done recently and what I want to do. 

I wrote this post about decorating a small corner in my office over 6 months ago and the chair for that corner just arrived this week! I'm slow when it comes to decorating. Not only is it costly, but I think I'm just not confident so it takes me longer to make decisions. 

In my defense, the chair had been out of stock/back ordered for a very long time so I was only able to snag it recently, but the delivery of it has gotten me excited about decorating again. There is always something I want to do- the list is never ending! 

So anyway, I finally got the chair delivered this week, which I am so excited about! I ordered this pillow for the chair and then I need to style the corner with some art and maybe a lamp. I will certainly share my little nook when it is finished... I haven't even gotten the chair upstairs yet, ha! 

On a side note, I ordered two of these pillow covers (so inexpensive) from Amazon to test out on our bed! I'll report back, they haven't arrived yet. 

Some other home updates are that we had our sconces installed in the kitchen and LOVE them. They look so great, so I will photograph that to get up on the blog soon! Not only do they look nice, but the added light to the corner of our kitchen was SO needed. Now washing dishes is more enjoyable (also a sentence I never thought I would type out, ha). 

I also have not done a thing to decorate or style the gorgeous Henredon chest I scored at an estate sale a few months ago. I still have absoultely NO idea how to style it. I hate that it's just sitting there empty looking but I'm at a loss! 

Oh and I also got this sconce to install above our wine rack. I ordered an Amazon one and it was not nice quality so I returned it and am excited for this one to arrive. 

Dining Area
Right now, I am working on the dining area. The rug we have is not my favorite. It is not great quality and just drab looking. I want something neutral but traditional at the same time. I really liked this rug but it had been out of stock. I just saw it pop back in to stock so I just ordered it and am so excited about it. While it was out of stock, I was also considering this rug which is not really something I would consider 'neutral' but I still think it looks nice. This is my dream rug. I do hesitate to splurge on rugs just because of Henry and all of the other dogs that come into our home. I think rugs are SO hard to find. There is nothing worse than a really cheap looking rug. There are plenty of beautiful inexpensive rugs, but also plenty of expensive but cheap looking rugs. It's hard to wade through all of the options and find a gem. I'll report back once the rug arrives- I'm hoping it works out! 

I also got in this new light fixture for above our dining room table. I wrote about that, here. I only partially pulled it out of the box and can already tell it is SO much nicer than the other light fixture we had up. My dad is going to install it next week and I cannot wait to see how that turns out! He is a saint for tackling some of my home items for me! 

Lastly, I have shared this before, but I have been on the hunt for a dining table and chairs. My aunt and uncle gave us their old dining table which was so generous and we are so glad to have it. It's a little smaller and more casual than I'd prefer so I've been keeping my eyes peeled for something that is *just* right. I've literally been looking for 2 years now and have not yet found the one... I guess you could say I'm being picky but I am also not in a rush since we have a functional table that works for now. 

On top of the table, we also need dining chairs. I got 4 amazing vintage cane back barrel chairs off of Facebook Marketplace. I LOVE them so much but they are just not right as dining chairs (I thought they would be... they're deifnitely not).  I need to figure out what to do with them in another area of the house or I'll save them for a future home because I could not part with them. They are one of my better finds. They are solid wood, the cane is intact, beautiful curved back and seat, brass caster wheels...truly something special. I think I want to order these head chairs for whatever table we end up with and then possibly moew traditional style chairs for the sides of the table. I do want the dining area to feel somewhat formal but not stuffy so I am hoping upholstered head chairs will take the formalness down a bit. 

Ok now reading this back has me a little overwhelmed, haha!! I just have to keep reminding myself, baby steps, there is no rush! In all seriousness, though, I am really pleased with the home I have created and the pieces I have brought in. I think this home is a great reflection of my taste and I feel lucky my fiancĂ© likes everything, too! Although I do not have great confidence in my decorating abilities, I do feel more comfortable by the day! 


Kelly C said...

Decorating is so hard, and it's always always always worth the wait to find pieces you love. I'm on the hunt for throw pillows and lamps, but I'm very specific about the look/feel I want, so no rush on waiting out for the perfect piece. Hang in there friend, those pieces will come!

Lizzie said...

As far as rugs go, I'd highly recommend splurging on Persian or Oriental rugs that are 100% wool. They are expensive but almost indestructible. I have a cat, so I can attest they hold up to pets (and their muddy feet/spills/even vomit) really well. I even spilled nail polish remover on one of my wool Persian rugs and it was completely fine. Buying them second hand / antique can also reduce their cost. But go to a reputable rug dealer, most big box stores will not sell rugs like this.


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