Monday, May 17, 2021

Styling a Midi Skirt

Tee// Skirt (look for less, here and here)// Basket Bag

I wore this outfit this past weekend on Saturday! We went out to lunch at Mediterra and then headed to the jeweler. Normally, with a midi skirt, I wear this white linen button-down. It's classic and beautiful and just easy to wear. I typically tie it up to create a defined waist without tucking anything in. However, I wanted to try out a basic tee to dress it down a bit for everyday wear. This is my favorite basic white cotton tee shirt and luckily, it is only $15! 

I actually had a navy cardigan on for earlier in the day when it was a bit chilly! It turned into a gorgeously sunny and warm day so I ditched the cardigan for these photos, but I will try this on for you all on Instagram stories and show it with a cardigan so you can see the versatility! 

This skirt reminds me so much of one of my very favorite prints by Schumacher, Pyne Hollyhock and that is why I was so drawn to it. It's just a lovely, bold, blue and white floral and this is so similar but on a smaller scale. I also loved the scalloped embroidered hem. There is also a top in this print and a dress and mules.  

I will say this is a nice skirt, but not the nicest. I do not understand what it is with clothing brands in the past few years- no one is lining anything and it is driving me nuts!! This skirt is not see-through at all, so from a 'need' standpoint, it doesn't need the lining. However, I think it would make the skirt look beautiful and more upscale had it been lined. I am especially 'harsh' about lining when it is a pricey item like this skirt. 

If you are looking for a similar look but for less, definitely check about this skirt and this skirt. Both are just beautiful! 
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K Renee said...

Cute skirt. Do you mind sharing the link to the skirt? The one on your website links to a Hermes sandal review.


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