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Oh my goodness, you guys, what a whirlwind the past few weeks it has been for me! We had a busy week leading up to our wedding with lots to do and family coming to town. Then, our actual wedding weekend, then we headed straight to The Greenbrier on a mini-moon and then had not even a whole full day at home because we packed up and headed down to the lake... and are still there! 

I saw a comment left here the other day with someone saying they had no idea we got married because they don't have social media- silly me, I never officially announced it here on my blog!! We are married!!  July 31st for those of you who do not have social media! 

I have had all of these blog posts pre-scheduled as I wanted to be as present and in the moment as I could be the week leading up to our wedding, the week of our minimoon, and now this week being with our family and friends at the lake! I will be back to more 'present' blog posting next week, I promise! It has done me a LOT of good being able to unplug a bit and be present for all of these special life moments the past three weeks. It is not lost on me how fortunate I am to be able to do that. 

I will say, I am sooooo ready to sleep in my own bed, get back to a 'normal' routine, and just be able to focus on my job, friends, family, and regular life. Oh my gosh and the upcoming fall season... I LOVE fall!!! I thrive on routine and we have very much been out of a routine for almost a month now. Definitely not a complaint but more of a just an observation/feeling! 

I think Henry is also really feeling this, too, haha!! He was left alone more than usual the week before our wedding, watched by our neighbors for our wedding weekend, then he went to stay with my parents while we were on our minimoon and then came here to the lake with 3 other dogs and lots of people. I think he will be in heaven once he is in his own space and routine once again. Although he does love all of the time spent outside and all of the attention and swims in the lake! 

Our wedding had been on my mind for SO long, I know brides talk about getting the 'wedding blues' after their wedding is over, but honestly, I am SO glad to FINALLY be married and able to carry on with normalcy now. When you have a wedding on the burner for almost 3 years (946 days to be exact), it was a lot and I feel so completely at peace that it has all come and gone. I will say without a doubt, it was 100% worth the wait. It was everything we had hoped for and more. I truly pinch myself at how perfect the day was... which I realize sounds so gushy and cliché, but truly it was perfect even down to things that were out of our control like the weather. 

I can't wait to share more with you all and based on messages and e-mails, I know you are all waiting for details as you are looking for ideas for your own upcoming weddings! If there is something specific you'd like to see, let me know! I've mentioned this a lot on Instagram, but it will be a bit before we get all of our photos and video from our photo team so I am just patiently waiting until I get them to share more with you all! The photo collage at the top are a few iPhone photos taken by our guests (and two from our photographer that was a sneak peek) that I shared on social media, but here they are for all of you who don't do social media! 

I also wanted to say how much I appreciate you all. So many of you sent me the most thoughtful messages, emails, comments, and more and I was truly floored by your kindness and well wishes. Truly, they brought many happy tears to my eyes reading all of them! I think social media and the internet as a whole can be toxic at times but I truly recognize every single one of you who have the kindest souls. It's a reminder that there is SO much good in the world and so many truly good people. I just feel incredibly lucky to have such wonderful people like you in my corner. Thank you!!! 
Both pieces come in several colors

Wearing: Love this Sweater and Linen Pants combo. I brought both pieces with me to the lake. They are SO comfortable. Size down in both as they definitely run big! 

Eating: I love pickles more than anything... seriously I eat pickles almost every single day. I recently tried these by Boar's Head and they are SO delicious. They have a really nice fresh dill flavor and I love how thinly they are sliced- much thinner than I have ever seen any pickle done before! Perfect for sandwiches, burgers, etc. 

Drinking: My friend Andy brought this Malbec to the lake. I love red wine but usually drink a cabernet. I loved this Malbec, though. It's smooth and creamy... totally different than a cab, obviously, but really delicious. If you live in PA, this is available on to ship to PA, I don't think it's available in the state store! 

Reading: I just finished It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover and it was good but totally not what I was expecting, but then again, I didn't even read the synopsis! I was about 50% of the way through the book still wondering what was going to happen-it all felt really drawn out. It's worth the read, but be ready for it to be a 'heavy' book, definitely not a beach read. I'd give it a 6.5/10, it gets a ton of good reviews so maybe I'm one of the few that didn't absolutely love it. Verity is also by her and one of the best books I've ever read, so I'd suggest that one more! 

Sale: I've been eyeing the brand Aspinal of London for a new handbag. They have gorgeous leather goods and I realized they have an 'outlet' page where some of their items are deeply discounted! This Bordeaux-colored bag is almost half off and it's just stunning!

 We started Outer Banks on Netflix and we like it! We just finished the first season and will start the second season when we have some time! It's not the best thing I have ever watched by any means, but it has been enough to keep us both entertained! 

Listening: When I asked you all what Q's you had about our wedding, I saw a lot asking about how we chose the music and all of that. I am a big music person so I was very selective. I will have a post on this coming up and sharing some playlists that go along with that so stay tuned! Even for people not planning a wedding, I think you will really enjoy these playlists- I had literally been working on these lists for years, ha!! 

Loving: Williams Sonoma has a fall preview page up on their site and I am SO ready!!! Fall is my favorite season and I felt like fall was definitely taken from us last year in a lot of ways so I am ready to FULLY embrace the season. 
Wanting: I haven't done much shopping lately as I haven't been on my phone or computer much the past few weeks so here are just a few things that have caught my eye! 

Pittsburgh: I had never been to Cioppino before but Thursday night before our wedding, we had a big family dinner there with family from out of town and it was delicious! I definitely recommend it!  

Traveling: After the lake, we are staying put in Pittsburgh for a while. We have two trips in late fall that I am looking forward to but we have a lot of weddings until then that are keeping us in Pittsburgh for the time being. Also, I am excited to hang out at our club's pool for the next few weekends because we were just talking about how we were barely there all summer because of all of the weddings we went to and all of our own wedding planning we were consumed with! 

Quoting: See more of my favorites, here.


Kelly C said...

Oh I'm so interested in the music you chose for pre-ceremony, ceremony, post ceremony, and cocktail hour! I'd also love to hear how you and your fiance decided on guest list, and handling those sticky situations when wanting to keep your guest count to your desired number. oh! And how to graciously express what was important to y'all, without offending family members that wanted to be involved. I'm very much dreading the guest list count conversation when our day hopefully comes. ha!

Laura said...

Congratulations! You looked stunning. I cannot wait to read about all of the details, including your wedding jewelry. The blue stone on your right hand is gorgeous!

Holly said...

The ending of It Ends With Us threw me HARD when I read it - to the point I swore off her books for years. I was so upset with it, I don't exactly even know why!
I think I just fell in love with the book and then the ending crushed me. Good to know you had similar feelings, but loved Verity - might go ahead and give it a try then!

Deborah Bowers said...

Congratulations on your beautiful wedding! Also we just finished the 2nd season of Outerbanks and really enjoyed it! Check out Virgin River- it’s really good too!😍

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding pictures on the blog for those of us who attempt to live a simpler life by choosing not to be on social media. Can’t wait to read about all the wedding details! Actually, I look forward to all your posts and just love your style! 😉

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and your husband. It looked like a beautiful day, full of love & joy. Best wishes for a wonderful future. - KLV in PHL


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