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Wedding Day Gift Ideas for Groom

This post was highly requested and something you all also gave amazing ideas for. Today we are chatting about great gift ideas to give to your groom on your wedding day. I think a lot of these ideas would not only work for a groom, but I think these are really special and nice gifts that could work for any special occasion for your boyfriend/husband/fiancé/etc. 

This was the most popular response. It's also such a classic gift idea that people give to their groom on the wedding day. I totally get why. A nice watch is something you can have forever. My mom gave my dad a watch on their wedding day!  

Cuff Links
I think this is another special gift because something like this is a forever kind of gift. A lot of you said a variation of this like buttons for the tux, a belt buckle, a tie clip, etc. 

Custom Golf Clubs
This was not super popular, but I was surprised to see quite a few people say this as this never crossed my mind but so cool! My fiancé is a HUGE golfer and would absolutely love this. Besides actual golf clubs, there were a lot of golf-themed gift ideas like golf ball cufflinks, a country club golf membership, custom club covers, etc. 

A few people said something like this so they could smell that scent and always be reminded of their wedding day which I think is so special!

Boudoir Photo Shoot
This is definitely not for everyone, but it's basically a lingerie photo shoot with a photographer and the photographer compiles a book for your husband's eyes only. 

So a few of you said Yeti cooler, which is a great gift idea. We have one and love ours! But someone went one step further (which was seriously brilliant) and she filled it with ice and drinks and had it delivered to the place where the groom was getting ready so he and his groomsmen could enjoy a drink out of his new cooler. 

Season Tickets
I mean... you cannot go wrong with this one for any guy who loves sports. 

This was another common one. Someone got a custom sketch of the groom's father who had passed away, another got a watercolor done of the view from their apartment for all 4 seasons, someone else got a custom portrait of their dog done, someone got a painting of their wedding venue done, etc. I love the concept of artwork because it's something the both of you can enjoy! 

Someone also said a framed autographed photo of an Olympic hockey team, which is pretty neat! Funny story. When my fiancé and I started dating, he loved Kyrie Irving who used to play for my fiancé's favorite team, The Cleveland Cavaliers. I didn't really know anything about basketball when I met him but I thought an autographed photo framed of Kyrie would be so cool to give my fiancé for his birthday on our first year of dating. So I wrote Kyrie Irving literal fan mail. I read all of these fan forums on how to do it so your likeliness of response is higher because you have to send in the photo and in a special envelope and all of this stuff. Unfortunately, I never got anything back, but it was a funny story to tell him and he appreciated the thought of it! 

Some of you said you chose not to do wedding-day gifts but instead decided to upgrade certain things on your honeymoon which I think is a wonderful idea! Some of you said either the bride or groom surprised one another with massages or something like that - clever! Another person said 'both got to pick something special out on the honeymoon' which is really cool to remember your special trip together. One of you said you did skydiving, which sounds amazing and several said concert tickets.  

A weekender bag
This was really cool. A bride got her groom a weekender bag and filled it with honeymoon things like a new swimsuit etc. 

A lot of you said you got your groom really nice shoes for your wedding day! I love this idea, the only thing I'd be a little worried about is him not being able to break them in for dancing and all of that beforehand! 

I love my signet ring sooooo much. My fiancé isn't a big watch wearer or jewelry wearer, but maybe I can one day talk him into a signet ring. Some of you got the ring monogrammed and some of you got a family crest engraved. Someone else said that they got their husband a gold cross necklace. Another person said some sort of bracelet that had a special meaning between the two of them. 

Needlepoint Belt
Either you had it made or you did it yourself. I love the ones custom-designed with the wearer's hobbies and interests called a 'lifetime belt'. So special. My dad loves needlepoint so I have thought about doing that for him for a birthday or holiday one year! 

This was a popular one with an assortment of brands mentioned like Tumi, Filson, etc.

A nice bottle of liquor. 
This was a popular one. Aged bourbons, whiskey, scotch, etc. I do not drink any of this, so my recs are no good. My dad and fiancé do enjoy that kind of stuff though so I think it's a great idea. 

Special Bottles of Wine
This one is so cool! You buy special bottles of wine and label them for different occasions that will happen in your lives and on anniversaries. I guess they have to be bottles that will age well as a 10 year anniversary will need a different bottle than maybe a 5 year would. 

Some of you bought new furniture for your new apartment/home. One person said a custom dining table and they have had it in their home for over 10 years and eat meals at the table daily. So sweet... I can just picture the furniture being passed down for generations, too! 

Custom Game
Someone said their husband loves Catan so she got him a custom board and another a custom chessboard! 

Sporting Equipment
Someone said a basketball hoop, a few said a nice fishing rod, someone said a hockey stick, and another said a custom baseball mitt. Lots of good sports options. 

This was a popular one. A nice camera to use on the honeymoon or to encourage their interest in photography! 

There were so many different iterations of this, but I was surprised to hear how many people sent their husbands to the Masters!! SO cool. What a great idea. Others took them on a trip for a concert or to go skiing.  

I thought this was a fun idea. All sorts of different books were mentioned and that you wrote your note to him on the wedding day inside of the book. So special! 

No Gift
I saw a few of you say 'you' were the gift or your honeymoon or a sweet card, and I totally agree with that! I think that is fantastic and I also think no one needs to give a gift if they don't want to!  

My Thoughts
With that said, one of the phrases that is sooo overused (and often misused) these days is 'the day is about the two of you'. There is no truer statement. However, I see it more often being used as a response to something wedding-related that that person does not agree with. 

The example here is that because you want to give your fiancé/é a gift on your wedding day, that all of a sudden that means the day is less about the two of you?!

Giving a gift on your wedding day (or any special day), in my opinion, does not make the day any less about the two of you. Gift giving (and acts of service) are my two love languages (if you don't know what that is, look it up, it's so fun to learn about it!) and so I feel like I need to stick up for all of my other gift-givers out there!! 

Sometimes I think 'gifts' are taken so very literally, too. It doesn't have to be a formality or showy.  It could be like one of the above examples: a book with a sweet note written inside or maybe you got their wedding band engraved with something special that will surprise them or put together a video of the two of you over the years. 

Gifts can be deeply meaningful and intimate. A personal example would be a gift given by my Grammie to me. She is my only living grandparent and gave me a pearl necklace at our engagement party. My grandfather passed away in 2010 and before he passed, they were having this necklace made for me. She had been saving the necklace to give to me when I got engaged. I do not cry much, but I sobbed. Each time I wear that necklace or even look at it, I think of my Grammie and Grandpa and quite frankly, that is priceless. 

It's not all frivolity when it comes to gift-giving/receiving! There is no right or wrong way to do it! 

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