Friday, September 10, 2021

Fall Wedding Guest Dresses

Guys, it is SLIM pickings out there right now in terms of beautiful cocktail dresses and evening gowns!! I feel like everything is way too cheapy and trendy or stunning but well over $500. 

I know this is such a popular topic so I really want to share some I have been eyeing and loving. I tried to keep the prices mostly under $500 and tried to find the most classic and nicest out there. It was a tough search as I searched for hours upon hours and still don't feel like I came up with that many amazing options, but this is my best for right now! 


Sarah @ Fewer & Better said...

Yes!!!! Completely agree with this--we (hopefully, knock on wood!) have our black tie dinner dance on October 30th in NYC, and I have just not been able to find anything good!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so right about the slim pickings! I just searched high and low for a wedding guest dress and landed on the Fulton dress from Reformation. The wedding I went to was end of summer, they have more color options for that, but there is one navy option for fall!


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