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Past Holiday Gift Guides

I have been receiving requests from you all to get my holiday content started! So then I did a poll on Instagram to see if that was what the majority of you wanted and I was pleasantly surprised to see the results saying that 93% of you said 'the sooner the better'!

I am so glad that you all feel that way, though, as the current supply chain issues, mail delays, and more create a bit of a stressful situation for holiday shopping. I've also noticed a lot of brands already starting to put out their holiday items. My biggest advice is that if you see something you really want whether for yourself or otherwise, don't sleep on it. I keep and have kept, a very good eye on retail for the past 12 years that I've been blogging and the biggest thing I have noticed this year is that items go out of stock so quickly because of lack of supply and then they don't come back into stock. I don't pay much attention to children/toy stuff but I have seen many articles saying there's a big shortage in the toy industry! I've also ordered a few furniture items and one of the items that I ordered in April has still not arrived and I have another furniture order that has a delivery date at the end of April 2022! I also think Black Friday/Cyber Week will still happen, of course, but I also think we will be seeing big sales starting much earlier than what is typical. 

Right now you might be wondering 'why am I seeing so much summer apparel still in the new arrivals section' of a site? That's due to all of the delays! I think we'll see a ton of summer items go on sale here soon. This is why I keep saying to check sites like Nordstrom Rack, The Outnet, and Saks Off Fifth, as they have things in stock. Also, you are probably noticing a delay in fall items and could happen for holiday items as well. I am thinking early November will be when we see holiday apparel really start to pop up but the delays and supply shortages are truly palpable. You also see a lot of brands trying to push pre-ordering, too, because of all of these delays. Pre-order is good because it can create less waste, but I also don't love the preorder model because sometimes I don't like to plan what I am wearing weeks or months in advance! Prices are being affected, too, and I have definitely noticed this. This is the most comprehensive article that I have found that explains it all in case you want to read more about it! 

I said this on Instagram, but I don't want to create some crazy sense of urgency, these are all just things and so at the end of the day, they do not matter, but rather I share this information with you all to just be aware!

An easy solution to some of these issues is to shop locally and/or items made in the USA... like my Wren Home collaboration

I am one that shops year-round for gifts. I just love giving gifts. It's one of my love languages. Whenever I see something go on sale that I know someone on my list will love, I snag it! Or if I see something little go on sale that can be added to my gift drawer, I snag that, too. So I'm usually in pretty good shape at this point. However, I know most people aren't like this and there is nothing more that I love than creating these gifts guides. It's really time consuming and I put my heart and soul into these as I only include items that I absolutely love and think would make great gifts. 

So to kick off gift guides, I thought I would share gift guides from previous years. A lot of these guides include classic, timeless gifts that are still in stock to this day. I also think it will help you brainstorm some ideas for those on your list! 

I'll start gift guides beginning the first week of October, so this is just a little teaser for now! 

This one is especially good for host gifts, newlyweds, and those who love to be in the kitchen. I have 99% of the items on this list! 

Lots of small businesses to support! 

Most of these items are still available! Keep in mind that something on the priced-out lists might be higher than what it says as there have been big price increases with a lot of items. 

These are the pricier items and I have everything on the list so it all has my stamp of approval! 

A lot of classics on this list that I have and use often. Most, if not everything is still available today! 

I have everything on this list! The only thing I would note is that I no longer use Grandelash as my skin had a reaction to it! 

This is always the most popular guide in terms of traffic! I need absolutely nothing but it's so fun to make this one! I still would love a water rower, ha!!! 

Amazon is usually my go-to when it comes to last-minute things just because of prime delivery. However, they have had delays so last-minute is going to have to be planned further ahead of time, ha!!! 

This was fun to read and look back on!! Sweet Henry!!! 

*I now realized I completely neglected the men last year, HA! I did not mean to do that. I also noticed lots of requests for men gift ideas when I asked what you all wanted to see this year, so I will be sure to do a nice big guide this year for all of the wonderful men in our lives! 


Under $100 is always a popular one!

So fun to look back on these and see that I did buy or receive a lot of the items on my list and if I haven't, they are still items that linger on my wish list! 

This is a good one! If you are doing monogramming or anything personalized, think about doing so now as that increases the wait time for items! 

Going to do this one again this year with lots of new great bottles! 

I did not forget about the men in 2019, ha! 2018 was a good men's guide, too! 

I have lots of fun ideas for this one this year! 

I feel like this is a really good list!

A good roundup with lots of choices! 

This is a fun one and can be used year round for engagements, weddings, etc.

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