Thursday, October 21, 2021


First of all, I have to wish my beautiful mother a very happy birthday! It will be so much fun celebrating her today! We are going to the immersive VanGogh event and then out for drinks and dinner at one of my very favorite spots! In the photos above, my mom is wearing this fleece and these jeans

This week has felt go-go-go both with work and social activities. I'm actually OK with it. As backward as this may sound, I actually feel like I am more on my A-game whenever I am busier!!! This weekend we have an Octoberfest party at our family friend's home which will be lots of fun. Then I will likely be doing some work Saturday/Sunday as our following weekends for the next 3 weeks will be packed!!!

We've also had gorgeous fall weather here this week and I have really been trying to take advantage of the sunshine and mild temperatures by taking Henry on longer walks. And speaking of being active, I've been ordering and returning athletic shoes like crazy. I can't seem to find any that I am crazy about right now but when I find the perfect pair I will let you all know! 
Wearing: This past weekend I worked a lot but we also went to a beautiful wedding here in Pittsburgh! It was so much fun!!! I wore this Marchesa Notte dress that I purchased in April of 2020 when all of the fancy dresses went on major sale. Sadly it is no longer available. I was SO happy to have this cashmere wrap as it got chilly as the sun went down. It's one of the most used items in my closet! 

Eating: I made the TikTok salmon bowl last night for dinner and it was delicious. I put my own twists on it, but overall SO easy!!! 

Gifting: These Dennis Gross peel pads are a favorite splurge-worthy skincare item for me. This gift set is SUCH a good deal. 
Sale: Tuckernuck Sport launched new items and not surprisingly, they are as cute as can be!!!! I don't know where this code came from but it has been working for a long time now- if you enter YOUROCK at checkout you get 20% off. I am just waiting for this to no longer work one day because it's almost too good to be true! 

 Have you all watched anything good lately? We are due for a new show for my husband and I to watch together!! I feel like we have seen it all! 

Loving: I have always loved vintage Christmas stuff. That includes seeing tinsel on Christmas trees. I feel like it's something you don't really see anymore. Do you all put tinsel on your tree? I want to SO badly but I really worry for Henry's sake (in case some fall off and he eats it) so it's just something I don't think I'd ever do, but my goodness, I love the look. 
Loving II: We babysat my parent's pup, Buddy Wednesday-Sunday last week and let me tell you- our vacuum has never worked harder, haha!! Two pups that shed like crazy and I was vacuuming daily. It was crazy! But Buddy is so cute and the sweetest. Henry and Buddy get along so well!
Wanting: I finally ordered myself a new Macbook. Merry Christmas to me. I literally pre-ordered it on Monday the second it was announced and became available. I had been waiting on this for years as I held out with my 2013 model. I could not bring myself to update my computer until they brought back the magnetic charging port and all of the other ports like SD and USB and I did not want that touch bar at all that they had been putting on the newer models in recent years. I am SO glad I waited it out and so so so excited to finally have a new computer that I have really needed to do my job (sans touch bar and with ports). I knew eventually Apple would listen to its customers and bring back the ports!!! 
Pittsburgh: We tried the buffalo chicken pizza from Driftwood Oven for the first time and oh my goodness, it was SO good. It was easily the best buffalo chicken pizza I have ever eaten! 

Traveling: We are going back to the Finger Lakes soon!! I am so excited. After visiting for the first time last year, we loved it so much we made sure to plan a trip again for this year!

Quoting: 'The whole world is a series of miracles, but we're so used to them we call them ordinary things.' - Hans Chrstian Andersen// See more of my favorites, here.


TLA said...

I also love the look of tinsel on a Christmas tree! We always had it growing up, but I don’t think my parents have put it on any of their trees in 20+ years. I personally only have a tree outdoors on my terrace and it’s just flocked and has white lights, no ornaments. The neighborhood just north of mine does a candlelight tour every December and because 90% of the homes in that neighborhood are historic, you do see a lot of vintage-style decor!

As far as show recommendations, I’m not a huge tv watcher, but have been struggling to focus on reading lately, and found Brothers & Sisters on Hulu. It’s a mid-00s drama about a large family that lives in Pasadena and Ojai and own orchards/produce distribution business and then a winery, plus there’s a political drama storyline, so it’s not a “girly” show, if that makes sense. Sally Field plays the matriarch and she’s really good! Plus, you would probably *love* their house, not so much the exterior which is just California Spanish, but the interiors seem like your Nancy Meyers vibe, very warm, lots of kitchen scenes, lamps/lighting, tons of wine and food, etc. My mother watched it when it was originally on and I remembered her talking about it, then came across it on Hulu. There’s 5 seasons, so it should last you a while!

Anonymous said...

Wait -- details on the new Macbook!!! I need to update mine from 2015 and hated the lack of ports and touch bar too....

Karen T. said...

I love the look of vintage trees too! Instead of tinsel, I added these Kurt Adler glass icicles to mine and it kind of mimics the look without the mess of at least gives it that little something extra that tinsel adds. I used about 3 boxes to cover my tree (it is maybe an 7-8ft?):

Jordan A said...

I love having tinsel on our tree! My dad orders it in bulk on Amazon months in advance - he takes it very seriously lol! Our dog has never tried to eat it, and he is around Henry's size. However, we only ever put tinsel on our real trees, as it is almost impossible to get off the branches, and therefore would get tangled year after year on faux trees!


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