Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Gift Guide 2021: Under $200 For Her

Gift Guide: Under $200 For Her

Today's gift guide focuses on items that are between $100-$200 for her! This was such an easy one for me to do as I own everything on this list and absolutely 10/10 would recommend every single thing on this list. These are all tried and true items I use day in and day out. 

Some Items of Note...
Nautical Wood Board// This wood board is from my collaboration with WREN! You can use code SYDNEY20 for 20% off your purchase! 

Striped Top// This is one of my very favorite tops. I wrote a full blog post about it, here

Hairbrush// I treated myself to this hairbrush. It's ridiculously expensive for a brush but my hairstylist, Courtney, who did my hair for our wedding, used it on my hair and so I ordered one. I really thought I would think it was just like any other hairbrush, but I was wrong. It makes my hair feel SO soft. The rubber pad that the bristles sit in is apparently patented and I now understand why. Whenever you brush your hair, it feels almost cushioned on your scalp... hard to explain until you try it! They also say Mason Pearson hairbrushes last a lifetime. I replace hairbrushes every year or two so this could be really good news for me. This is something that makes a great gift because it's frivolous and a small dose of luxury that you might purchase for yourself. 

Ugg Mini Boots// Team Ugg boots forever. They're not the prettiest but my goodness they are SO warm and comfortable. This is typically what I walk Henry in the winter months or what I wear to/from Orange Theory classes or running quick errands where I am in and out of the car a lot. These are the mini and I've been wanting to try this height as they have become quite popular! 


Sarah said...

Is the lands end down puffer coat like a full Pittsburgh-winter appropriate coat or is it more for milder fall/winter weather? Thanks!

Summer Wind said...

Sarah, it’s a Pittsburgh-level winter coat! Long and cozy and warm. Well made, too!!!

Sarah said...

Thank you! Last questions, what size do you have!?


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