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Traditional and Easy Christmas Decor

Traditional and Easy Christmas Decor

Traditional and Easy Christmas Decor

LLBean tree skirt

Today we are talking Christmas decor today. This week feels like it has been Santa's workshop over here with all of this holiday content that I have been churning out. Then, I walk outside to the 70-degree weather and love it and am quickly reminded it's October again, ha!! 

Anyway, there is a literal artificial Christmas tree shortage (among what seems like a shortage of everything else) and so I wanted to get this up as quickly as possible since I have already seen messages coming in about this!! 

I wanted to talk about some of the holiday decor I do in our home. I really don't do a lot- just enough to be festive and add warmth and nostalgia. I don't like that overly cluttered feel that can happen with Christmas decor so I try to reel myself in even when I see cute things out and about. I also don't like to spend a fortune on this kind of thing and keep it to a minimum because storing all of it is a real pain!

There is really not much I will need to purchase this year in terms of decor. I think I am going to get a nativity this year. It is one Christmas item that we do not have and I would love to have one. I love this blue and white one, but I feel like this one looks much more like the one my parents have and what we grew up with. My mom actually made her nativity in her 20's in a ceramic class! 

Artificial Christmas Tree + Tree Skirt + Angel Tree Topper (pictured at the top of this post)
This will be our third Christmas with this tree and I love it. Full tree review, here, so I won't go into too much detail but it's truly a beautiful tree for being fake. I really like red and green and tartan and very traditional Christmas vibes. We don't do theme trees or anything like that. I like to get ornaments as I travel over the years so there is meaning and memory attached to them! We always grew up with an angel on top of our tree so I tried to find a pretty one for ours!

So this is meant to be a bow for a newborn, but as soon as I saw it, it was exactly what I was looking for. I bought ribbon from Hobby Lobby last year which was fine for wreath ribbons. I really wanted something more substantial and higher quality for our front door, though. This is totally it! It's not really meant for the outdoors as it is just fabric so you have to have a covered front door. We have a roof over our front door so it's pretty protected from the elements which is nice. 

There are several plaids/colors to choose from and I got the taffeta plaid. We have a black door so I thought the red would pop nicely and it has a bit of black running through it. You can pick different monogram styles and thread color. I did font 20 and the thread is cream! 

I really feel like there is a lot you could do with sashes like this. Tie them on chairs, planters, etc. 

Plaid Ribbon via Hobby Lobby

This was SO easy and so inexpensive to do. I really feel like it's simple and elegant without doing anything over the top or 'too much'. We have a black door (not my choice) so I always have to work with that. The wreaths are so great, especially if you need a bunch for windows because they are inexpensive and hold up well. You can see the original post, here

This is one of my very favorites for the holidays. SO easy and so cute. The glow from the lights in the evening is truly the coziest. I also love these little ornaments that have a vintage vibe and I feel like the non-traditional Christmas colors blend in better with my decor on this wall! 

This is a beautiful strand of preserved boxwood. It's not super bushy but it's really nice. I've used it a bunch of different ways in our house but like it best here! 

These will sell out very soon. They are always so popular! I snagged a set last year and they are SO cute. Fun to tie on a gift, too, for the fellow blue and white lover!

I couldn't find a photo of mine but I have this advent calendar from the 90's! My mom kept it and now I put it out purely for nostalgic purposes. I can't believe they still make it! I put it on the back of the powder room door so it's not really seen for the most part, but I just couldn't resist- I love tradition when it comes to holidays! My sister had this one! I think this would be a cute gift if you have children! 

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Sarah | Fewer & Better said...

Oh my goodness!! We had this advent calendar when we were small, too! I need to order one for my son for this year--he's 3 1/2 so I think he'll really enjoy it this year!

Jules Buono said...

Loving ALL of this. You have me thinking about doing plaid outdoors at my new home!

Hillary said...

We got a really great nativity set from Etsy last Christmas! There are so many beautiful handmade options; highly suggest looking there!


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