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Easy DIY Faux Orchid Arrangement

Easy DIY Faux Orchid Arrangement

Easy DIY Faux Orchid Arrangement

Planter (which is actually a champagne bucket)
The title of this post calls this an orchid 'arrangement' but I don't even know if you could call it that because I did very little arranging. However, I am sharing this for all of you specifically because I could not find a faux orchid or any kind of plant for that matter on the internet that actually looks real. The only reason I ended up ordering this orchid is that I actually first saw it in person! I couldn't believe how real it looked. 

I am pretty anti-fake plants/flowers. Before this faux orchid, I had preserved hydrangeas which I really loved. I think I accidentally threw them out when I was putting Christmas stuff out and my source is no longer in business. But I usually tend to go with a preserved plant of some sort like boxwood when I'm not going to use a real plant. I was bummed about losing the hydrangeas so I went in search of another option. 

This space on my buffet just does not get enough sunlight for a real plant so that's really out of the question and I felt like more preserved boxwood was overkill since I already have so much around the house.

Enter in this orchid

So now I'm a faux flower person and I am honestly having no regrets. I think it turned out really nice and truly better than I was even expecting. My only issue is that the height is a little tall between the lamps so I am going to figure out if I can somehow clip them so that they sit shorter in between the lamps. Removing the book the bucket sits on could help a bit, too, not quite sure yet. I like to live with things for a second so I can play around with them as I see fit. 

So here's what you need:

Some sort of pretty vase. The Sasha Nicholas has an 11" ish opening. Keep that in mind in terms of sizing for your planter/vase. I think anything larger and you might need more orchids and you need to make sure anything smaller and the pot will fit inside your pretty vessel. You can also break the pot. I've done that in the past and it works out well. I just didn't need to do that for this! 

Reindeer Moss (one bag was plenty and I have lots leftover, I think I probably WAY overpaid for this but I saw it in person and it looked nice so I was OK with spending for it). 

Plastic grocery bags (or tissue paper or some sort of 'stuffing)

I first lined the bottom of my champagne bucket with old plastic grocery bags and then I sat the orchid pot down into the bucket. I started filling in with bags around the side until the post was nestled securely inside. 
You need this moss because you can clearly see the bags without it. You just arrange it over the top of the bucket and there you have it. SO easy. I am not a DIY person at all and I guess this isn't super hands-on but hey, it was easy and I think it looks nice!

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