Monday, January 10, 2022

Valentine's Day Inspiration

Valentine's Day Inspiration
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Right around now is when I crave color! I love the sparkles and plaids and all of that with Christmas but after the new year, I always like a little 'palate cleanser' if you will. 

So I think that's why I love Valentine's Day with all of the pinks! This is a post that I do each year that just contains lots of pink and red and hearts to get us excited for Valentine's Day and all of that coming up! I'll also do a tablescape and a tablescape inspiration post, too! 

While Valentine's Day is definitely not a top favorite holiday, the older I get, the more I embrace finding any reason to celebrate and Valentine's Day is for sure a reason to celebrate! 

As a side note, I included a Gucci scarf in the roundup. I don't know what it is but I have been eyeing one for months now. I really have a lot of beautiful scarves and it's not really like me to want a logo scarf but here we are. I don't know what it is drawing me to these scarves but I've found so many Gucci ones that I love (like how gorgeous is this?! And this?!) and all of which have the logo all over them. I've been trying to hold off on purchasing one because I'm thinking it's just a 'phase' I'm going through, haha!! Do you all think it's a phase?! What do you think of them?!

Also, do you give gifts to anyone for Valentine's Day? My husband and I exchange cards and something small but don't make a huge deal out of gifts for this holiday. However, growing up, my parents were always so cute and got us a nice gift! 

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Kelly said...

My husband and I are tragically incompetent with gift-giving/exchanging for the large part, so we don't ever swap anything more than maybe a good dark chocolate bar on Valentine's Day. I am with you, though -- the older I get the more I'm all about celebrating all the holidays and seasons. I've recently gotten into a "door hanger" phase, like wanting holiday/seasonal-appropriate door hangers/wreaths that I can switch out every few months.

Love this collage -- that velvet puffer is to die for! I'm pretty anti-logo, even with designer brands. Maybe wait it out a couple months and see if the desire sticks?


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