Wednesday, January 12, 2022

My Home Office Desk

I really love my office and my desk. It's a pretty small room so it started out feeling cozy just because of that but I love the way it has turned out with the pieces I have brought. I feel that it strikes a balance between feeling homey and comfortable but also makes me feel organized and prepared to work. 

I've shared some posts on this before, but I think one of my favorite things about this room is that it is an office but the vibe really blends in with the rest of our home. I made sure to choose antiques and repurposed them as office furniture.

Today I thought I would share my desk space as I switch up the decor here and there... more like fine-tune everything! 

We used a ton of Wedgwood jasperware for our wedding (more about that here) that I have been collecting over many years and so I recently pulled some out to add to my desk. It reminds me of our wedding but also just looks so beautiful and that alone brings me joy!




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