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Barrington Yacht Club Tote Review

Yacht Tote (gifted)

I really think that Barrington's Yacht Tote is one of the best large tote bags out there.  I have mentioned it and linked to it quite a bit over the years. I got my first Yacht Tote back in 2016 which is kind of crazy that was 6 years ago and have used it non-stop ever since. 

But first, before we get into the Yacht Tote details, Barrington is having a sale and it starts today and goes through tomorrow 3/31. You can take 15% off using code BUNNYHOP.

What I Use The Tote For Most Often...
I mostly use this tote for travel. It doesn't matter if it is far away or 30 minutes down the road, or whether we are road tripping or flying, the yacht tote is likely coming. I also use it for shoots. Sometimes I will shoot several outfits and when that happens, I need to bring all of that with me so this is the tote I use to do that! 

Air Travel
If am flying, I use it as a carry-on (the zippered one) I usually slip my Goyard tote down inside of the tote along with my computer, camera, jewelry, makeup, and any expensive handbags. Those are typically the items I never check. There is always quite a bit of room left in the bag. It easily slips right under the seat in front of me on a flight and no one has ever told me my bag was too big to carry on or whatnot. I would imagine if you absolutely stuff this bag so that the seams are practically bursting, that it might be harder to slip under the seat but I've never had an issue. It's always nice to leave a lot of room in the tote so I can bring anything I buy on a trip into that bag! It's also nice because those 6 interior pockets make it easy to stay organized and easy to access things that I need quickly like my wallet or passport or phone charger. 

I really like that the leather on the bottom of the bag makes the bag sit flat and upright on the floor even if there is nothing in the bag. It sits on top of my carry-on in the airport easily so I don't have to always have it on my shoulder while at the airport. 

Car Travel
If I am driving on a road trip, this is typically what I pack all of my clothes in. I usually do one bag with shoes/handbags/makeup/jewelry/etc. and then one bag with clothes. For a weekend getaway, I can fit everything into one tote. I use the pockets for things like underwear, bras, socks, etc. to keep organized. 

This is really random and specific but my husband wears size 13 shoes and I don't know if you have ever seen a size 13 pair of shoes, but they are like boats. HUGE. They take up so much room in the closet, haha!!! Most totes literally do not fit his shoes but with the yacht tote, I can easily fit a pair down into the bottom of the tote! So it's really great for both of us when it comes to traveling. 

What is it made out of?
Where the bag is printed, it is made of water-resistant nylon fabric. It feels rugged and mine has never stained. The inside is lined with a cotton-like fabric... probably a polyester. There are 6 pockets inside. 3 on one side and 3 on the other side. The pockets are also made of cotton-like fabric. The handles and bottom of the bag are made of high-quality leather. The leather is thick and durable. You can choose from several different leather color choices. Overall, this bag can totally take a beating and look good as new day after day. 

Zip or no zip?
The bag has an option to add a zipper. I have both and I prefer each for different things. For flights, I love the zipped to keep my belongings more secure but for everything else, I don't zip it! 

Would you carry this as a work tote?
Probably not. It's really big and unless you work in an industry where you need to carry a lot of stuff, I'd go with something smaller. 

I think this would make a really great gift for a high school graduate that will be going back and forth to college, a mom that will need to carry around a lot of stuff for her kids, someone who travels with only a carry-on for work/pleasure, a newlywed going on their honeymoon, etc. It's really versatile, I really think anyone and everyone could make good use of this Yacht Tote!

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Annaliese said...

I am obsessed with my Barrington St. Anne totes! Now I really want to try this style too! :)

xoxo A


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