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My Sister's Bachelorette Party

Today I am sharing all of the details on my sister's bachelorette party! My sister actually got married on May 22, 2021 in an immediate family-only ceremony. This was their original wedding date and because of restrictions still in Pittsburgh at the time, my sister and her husband had decided to postpone their big reception until this May! She also wanted to be able to have a big bachelorette, shower, etc. So fast forward to the last weekend in February, my sister invited 12 other girls for a total of 14 of us on her bachelorette! 

I have to admit that planning this made me feel a little old, haha! I am thankful my sister guided me in her vision for the weekend and everything turned out perfectly and Callie was so happy! 

Where We Went?
Isle of Palms, South Carolina which is about 20ish minutes outside of Charleston and right on the beach! It was a great area for a big group because there is a big selection of really large homes. The neighborhood, in my opinion, felt very family-friendly and not really somewhere you 'go out' for your bachelorette. In that sense, it was nice because we all felt very safe and while we were at the house we all just hung around the house and enjoyed the pool/view/beach. We went Thursday-Sunday and so on Friday night, we ventured into Charleston for dinner and bar hopping. 

Where Did You Stay?
We stayed in an incredible home rented through VRBO. My sister picked it out and it was a very good find! The home was huge with 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and nicely accommodated all 14 girls. The way the house was set up was nice, too, because the rooms all felt spread out so people could have their privacy if they wanted it! The house had a beautiful view of the beach and right out in front of the house, there was a path straight to the beach. We walked on the beach but it was really too windy to enjoy it. It had a pool and for an extra fee, we had them heat it so we could use it! The location was nice, too, because it was really close to Sullivans Island which had quite a few bars and restaurants! I have never stayed in a more organized and well appointed rental house. They has Molton Brown bath goodies, everything was so clearly labeled. Tons of dishware, trays, drinkware, literally everything you could ever need and the check out was so low maintenance. 

How Did You Get There?
I flew into Charlotte, NC (where my sister lives) first and stayed there for a night. Then, we packed her car and drove from Charlotte to Isle of Palms. It was a pretty easy 3-hour drive. Many of the girls on the trip flew to the Charleston airport and then took an Uber to the house. 

How Did You Get Around? 
Since we drove in my sister's car, we had her car and two more cars from girls that drove from Charlotte, so we were able to do grocery runs and things like that easily. To get to Charleston for the night out, we got Ubers to and from very easily! I looked into renting a bus but since the trip from Isle of Palms to Charleston is so short, the high cost just didn't seem worth it! 

Food and Drink
For the house, we did a big Costco trip on the way to the Isle of Palms. We went to the Ashley Town Center location. I had never been to a Costco that has beer/wine/liquor before. SO cool. I wish our Costcos were able to sell alcohol! It was a one-stop-shop! We stocked up on breakfast and lunch things and snacks and charcuterie type things. We got bubbly, wine, seltzers, etc. for everyone to drink. We also stopped at a Publix to get things that we didn't need in bulk like condiments and coffee creamer and things like that! We went to the Publix at North Point which is in Mt. Pleasant and was a quick 15 minutes to the house rental.

What Was The Weekend Schedule Like?

My sister, her high school friend, and bridesmaid, Elizabeth, and I arrived in the early afternoon. We stocked the refrigerator, decorated it, and all of that. People started to arrive in the evening at all different times so we just hung out at the house and ate Costco pre-made food/snacks for dinner and had some cocktails. It was a nice buffer day because people didn't feel rushed to get there or take off all of Thursday but once they arrived Thursday, they'd wake up and have all day Friday to enjoy. 

Nice Coffee Maker in the VRBO and a Keurig

This was our pool day which we really tailored around the weather. Friday was nicer than Saturday so that's how we made that decision. It was about 75 and sunny and the pool was heated which was great. So we woke up that morning, had coffee, and sat outside. We set out things like bagels and cream cheese, croissants, etc. 

Then we put on our swimsuits and hung out around the pool with cocktails! We did a sandwich bar for lunch with a bunch of Costco stuff. 

My sister, My Cousin Paige, and Me

Food at Leon's
We had an early dinner reservation at Leon's which is in Charleston (we took 3 Ubers to get all of the girls there and had no problem doing it). I made this reservation a month and a half in advance. Since we had such a larger party, most places that I called required a deposit or signed contract. Leon's was sooooo easy to work with and it ended up being the best place for our group. They had a prix fixe menu and it was all served family-style. All of the food was fabulous and so were the cocktails! My parents sent over bottles of champagne for our table which was so thoughtful! 
Afterward, we headed to the bars on King Street. There are tons of bars but we started at Uptown Social which had a cute rooftop bar! All of the bars we went to definitely had a young, college vibe, which makes sense because College of Charleston is right there but they were all lots of fun! 

Co-Op Frosé and Home Team BBQ Game Changer
We let everyone sleep in and lounge around in the morning. We did coffee and bagels, croissants, fruit, etc. for breakfast at the house. We then ended up going to Sullivan's which was about a 10-minute drive from our house. We went to Co-Op for frosé. I'm not a frosé gal but I did try it and it was delicious. They have a great sandwich menu with lots of options but we ended up going to Home Team BBQ for a late lunch. We had to wait about 45 minutes for our large party but they accommodated us easily! The food was SO good and it had a really fun, laidback atmosphere. 

Saturday night, we did a lingerie shower and pajama party. We just ordered pizza and set out snacks and everyone enjoyed drinks. For the lingerie shower, everyone brings a lingerie gift and puts it in an unmarked bag. All the bags were the same and then as she opens them, she had to guess who got here what and a drinking game was played with that. It was cute, I had never seen that done before. Some people brought 'joke' gifts and some people got her some really gorgeous things! 

Checkout was at 10am so we all had some coffee and said our goodbyes to a fun weekend! We will see everyone again in May to celebrate the marriage of Callie and Timmy! 

The entire weekend went off without a hitch. I was worried about 14 girls as I think that's a lot but everyone got along perfectly and it seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves, but most importantly it was exactly what Callie wanted in a weekend. I think there was a nice balance between lounging and not having a set schedule but also having things to do. The house was so big and nice with the pool. I'm glad we spent enough time there to really enjoy what it had to offer! 

Ok now for the links for everything you all requested... 
Chenille Letter Stickers. These look like Stoney Clover stickers and what we put on the cups so everyone could tell who's cup was who's! 

Plastic Cups. These come in a set with one white cup for the bride. These are the cups we used to decorate! 

Themed stickers (all different themes from Real Housewives to alcohol to smiley faces). These were used to decorate the cups. 

These bags were the little bags we used for 'hangover kits'. Filled with things like Advil, Makeup wipes, etc. 

For the pajama party, Callie wore these Sleeper pajamas with the feathers. She said she bought hers trimmed in pink a while ago. I didn't realize this, but you can remove the feathers from the pajamas so you can actually wash them. I was always anti-these pajamas because I never understood why you'd have pajamas that you can only dry clean. But now that makes sense, haha! She looked so cute in them. 

Callie's suit outfit: white pants, blazer,

My blue and white pajamas are Karen Mabon but the exact print is no longer available! 

Prosecco pong (like beer pong but with coupes instead of solo cups).

Ring Pops (cute on-theme treat). 

I ordered these mini shot glass cups which came in handy and these champagne flutes. The VRBO had literally everything we could possibly need but these disposable things that we used frequently made things easier. 
Balloon name banner. You can do any letters! 

Instant Film Camera (I got this for my sister years ago).


Annaliese said...

This looks like such a fun and special weekend!! You did a great job planning for your sister!

xoxo A

Christina said...

Oh yay! So glad you had a nice time on the IOP! And glad you tried Hometown BBQ and enjoyed it. That's one of our favorite spots when we go every summer. Congrats to your sister!


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