Wednesday, May 25, 2022

5 Items I Highly Recommend

These are the BEST no-show socks. They are so high quality, they are beyond comfortable and soft, and they do not slip off your feet at all. Seriously, they do not budge on my feet. 10/10 recommend. 

It pains me deep in my soul to not only recommend these but to put these on my 'highly recommend' list. They are $10 plastic Target sandals. I don't even think they are cute but the comfort is beyond. I wear them to walk Henry around the neighborhood and to go out and water my plants and stuff like that. I love that you can just hose them off. They never hurt my feet and they don't make my feet sweat at all. For $10, I am literally considering buying a second pair because if these ever sell out, I will be sad to not have a backup. You will never see a photo of me in these on the internet, HA!

I also hate that I love these so much because of their price. They are pricey for cotton shorts in my opinion but do you know, if they came out with other prints in this exact style, I would buy them all. I LOVE the fit of these. You are all probably sick of me talking about how much I love these by now but I really felt like I needed to include these. They feel like wearing athletic shorts in that they are so roomy and lightweight but they also somehow look kind of dressy. I am not a shorts girl really, I don't find them to really be flattering on me but thee are somehow really cute. They run true to size but fit roomy. 

This is one of those 'Sephora Favorites' kits that you can get with mini-sized of 5 different mascaras by 5 different brands. Right now, I don't have a mascara that I am wild about so I figured I would use this to figure out a new mascara that I love. I think this is a really good buy as you get 5 minis for the price of one, basically. So far, I am really loving the Lancome Idole and the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes the best but truly, these are all pretty good. 

I got this pearl station necklace last year and have been wearing it a ton lately. I really love it during the summer months and it is so high quality. It's beautiful to wear on its own but also looks really nice layered with other necklaces. It would make a really nice gift! June has a pearl birthstone so, hint hint for anyone looking for a great birthday gift!

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