Thursday, May 26, 2022


Can you believe this is the last full week of May? I really can't believe it! 

This past weekend was my sister's wedding and it was SO much fun! She looked absolutely gorgeous and it was so wonderful to be together with so many friends and family! I will share more in days/weeks to come! It all went by so fast, I feel like I have lived SO much this past week, haha!! 

Post-wedding I hopped on an early morning flight to Mackinac Island in Michigan. Actually, it was a car ride, two flights, a shuttle, a ferry, and a horse-drawn carriage ride to get there and back, HA! I went with the brand Sailor Sailor to shoot some of their upcoming summer pieces! It was so much fun to be with the wonderful women behind the USA-made brand, Kim, and Kimberly, and stay at the iconic Grand Hotel, which boasts the largest front porch in the world! The island is just gorgeous. I can really see why so many of you messaged me with such fond memories of the area. It was a pretty quick trip so I didn't have much time to explore a ton but I will be back, that's for sure! 

Between a wedding and a trip with long travel days back-to-back, I am TIRED and also really backed up on DM's, emails, and work in general. I need a bit of rest and time to catch up for the next day or two! So glad to have a 3-day weekend coming up. We don't have a ton of solidified plans this weekend which I am thankful for. Hoping to just relax, sleep in, and spend time with family and friends, and if the weather cooperates, head over to our club as they are opening the pool this weekend! 

I'm light on the links this week's post as I just haven't been on my phone or computer much at all so today and tomorrow will be big computer days for me! 

Eating: This recipe for penne asparagus lemon pesto sounds sooooo good! 

Watching: I just watched Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix. Sienna Miller stars in this courtroom drama and I really liked it. It's only 6 episodes so you can blow through the entire series pretty quickly. The best part of the show is Sienna Miller's outfits! They are so chic and sophisticated and classic. It had me so excited for fall- when I personally thrive when it comes to style/fashion. I love sweaters and coats (no, not puffers, actual fall coats).

Loving: Such a pretty Savannah, GA home
Wanting: So many cute things! 

Pittsburgh: 22 of the best bakeries in Pittsburgh. 350 gets my vote for #1 and a close second is Mediterra. 
Amazon Rec: My sister had us all wear these earrings for her wedding. They are not something I think I would have ordered on my own but after wearing them I really love them. They are inexpensive and look so pretty with a more formal dress/gown! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Traveling: We are off to Cincinnati, Ohio for a wedding in early June! I have never actually been to Cincinnati so I am excited. I have driven through it many times as you drive right through downtown Cincinnati to get to Lexington, KY (where UK is- my sister went to college there) from Pittsburgh. 

Quoting: See more of my favorites, here.

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