Monday, May 16, 2022

April Favorites

We are literally halfway to June by now and I realized I forgot to do April favorites- that should give you a little insight into my brain/life this month- frazzled and scattered, ha!!! So please forgive the delay but better late than never, right?! Anyway, here are my absolute favorites for April that will go in the running to make my end-of-year 'best of 2022' list! You'll be seeing my May Favorites in just a little over 2 weeks. haha!! 

Force of Nature Cleaner// This is seriously the best cleaner. I use it for basically everything at this point. It is completely non-toxic and kills 99.9% of germs. I feel totally safe using it on spaces I know Henry has access to. I'm not someone that uses all clean products or anything like that but I do think the more choices I make to use safer products can only be a positive thing. But I especially pay attention to things I use with/around Henry. I use this to wipe down Henry's toys, clean my kitchen, bathrooms, etc. 

Sports Bra// This sports bra is amazing. It's almost identical to Lululemon for a fraction of the cost. I got one and loved it so much I bought several more. I use this for lower impact things like walks and rowing or just everyday wear. 

Sports Bra// This is another amazing sports bra similar to Lulu for a fraction of the cost I like this one for higher impact things like Orange Theory as it has more coverage and support. 

Striped Tee// This is such a nice and classic tee for the price!

Rub and Buff// If you saw this post then you know that this product totally transformed my mirror! 

Straw Tote// LOVE this tote. It's so beautiful and the blue leather is such a nice touch. It has a zipped canvas insert which is so nice to keep organized. It's great as a handbag or as a pool/beach tote!

Spray Tan// I'm recently loving spray tans. I got one last year and I've gotten two this year already. I'm actually going to get one this week leading up to my sister's wedding! I go to Reveal Spa in Bridgeville and they do such a good job. I have never loved a spray tan. It's high maintenance and I always felt like they just looked fake. Now, when I get it done, it looks so natural, it's unbelievable! I wish I could afford both monetarily and time-wise to go every other week! 

Wella Fusionplex Hair Mask// I recently got this mask. It's an old favorite and I forgot just how amazing it is. It's so deeply hydrating. If you color your hair or do a lot with heat, you should definitely try this. 

Terra Cotta Planter// I have 3 of these planters on my kitchen windowsill and they make me so happy. They definitely give me Nancy Meyers vibes and I also feel like the terra cotta warms up my gray kitchen. 

Southern Bungalow Candles// The best candles!!! They come in gorgeous jars that you can repurpose once you are done burning them. They make such beautiful gifts! 

Sport Skort// I am obsessed with Tuckernuck's sport line but it's their skorts that are my #1. They are so comfortable and cute and I love that they have the 16" options! I wear them often for errands. This past weekend we went to a bakery in the early morning and then on a Mt. Washington walk with Henry and it was the perfect thing to throw on because it looked cute but I could be active in it, too! 

Hangers//Love these hangers. So inexpensive and work so well. They are all I use! 

 Plumping Lip Gloss// This is the best! I am not into plumping my lips in the sense of lip filler or anything like that. No judgment against it or anything like that, it's just not for me. So seeing a gloss billed as a plumper originally turned me off. BUT, I read that plumping lip gloss won't actually make your lips much bigger but instead, by plump, it means that any fine lines in your lips will be plumped up and smoothed out. Normally, I think something like this seems gimmicky but THIS WORKS! Not only does it work but it works SO well. I will forever be repurchasing this now! I have the color velvet. 

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