Thursday, June 30, 2022


My outfit is linked in yesterday's blog post!

Henry's New Giraffe Toy (hard to destroy)

Happy Thursday! So excited we are heading into a holiday weekend. We don't have anything big going on this weekend. Just hanging with some friends, sitting by the pool, low-key stuff! 

I'm proud of myself because this week I made time to clean out and organize our refrigerator. I would say I'm a pretty neat and organized person, but the containers on the door of our refrigerator were becoming ridiculous with so many sauces and condiments! I also was able to clean out the cabinets under my sink in my bathroom- that was also getting a little wild and it felt so good to tackle that. I am hoping to take some time to tackle under our kitchen sink this week. I'd say once every 6 months it needs a good re-organization. 

My husband has been super into the Ooni (which is a pizza oven) and so we are going to grab all sorts of different ingredients to make a few pizzas one night. So far we have just done a cheese pizza but now that he has perfected that, we want to try to mix it up. He seriously spent hours researching dough ingredients and then making the dough and perfecting his recipe. It was a lot of trial and error to figure out the best tomatoes for the sauce and the best cheese and all of that. It's crazy how it tastes SO much like our favorite pizza spots like Il Pizzaiolo and Cucina Bella. I want to make a prosciutto arugula one with balsamic drizzle! If any of you make pizzas frequently, let me know if there is a good pizza combo I should try! I love hot honey on pizza, so I think we might do pepperoni with hot honey, too. YUM!  

This week wasn't too busy so I made time to go to lunch with my parents, was able to hop on my rower a few times, take Henry on long walks, and make it to several Orange Theory classes. I was glad I was able to make time for some leisure and working out, last week was a little hectic so this was a nice change of pace! I find that when I make time for working out and walking outside, life is so much better- I sleep better, my mood is better, I feel better, etc.

Wearing: I am OBSESSED with this hat I tried on in Orvis the other day. I am ordering it in a size medium- it's a men's hat and so the medium is the smallest size that it is made. The large size they had in store was just too big. I would say I have an average size head, not totally sure, ha! Anyway, the quality is better than any other women's hat I have seen! 
Drinking: I have been loving an unsweetened black tea with a tiny splash of lemonade with light ice from Starbucks. It's so light and refreshing and just a nice little treat for summertime! 

Sale: There are so many sales this weekend, I think it might be worthy of a sale roundup so stay tuned. But on the top of my head, Bloomingdales is having a big up to 65% off sale, Gap is offering up to 75% off markdowns. 

I just watched the new YA/Teen show on Amazon called 'The Summer I Turned Pretty'. It's a book turned show and I have never read the book. Anyway, the show is good- nothing amazing, but good but what is amazing are the clothes that the moms wear as well as the beach house they are living in! Eye candy and worth the watch just for that! Also, we just started season 2 of Only Murders in the Building (which is on Hulu). We loved the first season. It stars Steve Martin and Martin Short and Selena Gomez- honestly, the three of them together are fabulous. I am also so excited to see part 2 of Stranger Things come out tomorrow! I guarantee over the long weekend my husband and I will find time to binge the entire part 2! 
Loving: These workout tanks have been on repeat this summer. I love them for on the rower (light impact) or just while walking Henry. It has a shelf bra with decent compression. I love the soft, stretchy fabric and the flattering square neckline. It is somewhat similar to the Lululemon align tank (which I also have) but I much prefer this! Right now, several colors are on sale. It runs true to size. 

 Wanting: I have been into anything that says 'plumping' lately when it comes to a lip product so when I saw this new lip plumper from one of my favorite makeup brands, I knew I had to order it! I used to think it meant bigger lips or an annoying tingling sensation and that to me is just never something I craved, but I read something about lip plumping products and basically, it said it helps aging lips look less wrinkly rather than actually making the lips look bigger. Kind of like an iron to hydrate and smooth out fine lines. Once I read that, I was sold. So now I want to try all of the plumping products! Anyway, this lip plumper is saying it's 7x more effective than the gloss that they sell. I love their gloss so that is what made me even more intrigued!! I'm hoping they come out with tinted versions in the future! 
Wanting II: This bag is high atop my wish list right now. So chic and classic! I have so many woven/rattan/wicker bags for summer so that's the only reason I am even hesitating! Ok and this blue and white dress?! I haven't shopped from this brand in ages but I absolutely cannot resist this dress!!!!! And how about this green printed dress? LOVE!
Amazon Rec: I love this Hand Lotion. I just ran out last week and always keep a second tube as backstock as I never want to be without it! It smells delightful and is so rich and creamy but sinks in quickly. I put it on every night. 

I also love this iPhone Screen Protector. I am (unfortunately) the queen of dropping my phone. I swear I am so clumsy and drop it 10x a day. These protectors are the highest quality I have found to make sure my actual phone screen does not crack. I just replace the protector when it cracks. This is a 3 pack which is great because I am able to have extras on hand so my phone is never without a protector! I've used others in the past and my screen itself has actually cracked so now these are the only brand I will use! 

You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Traveling: We are planning a trip to Rome and then we will be going on a cruise around Italy, France, and Spain (Portofino, Barcelona, Marbella, Cannes, etc.)! It's going to be a 2-ish week trip and I could not be more excited!!! You all will have to tell me where to stay in Rome- what area or what hotels are best? Neither of us has ever been to Italy! We are going to do 3 nights before our cruise and then 2 more nights after our cruise so we will have 5 nights total in Rome but I think we would like to try out 2 different Rome hotels in slightly different locations since there will be a split in our stay! I think we are looking to book a middle-of-the-road (price-wise) hotel for the first 3 nights and then get something fancy for the last 2 nights (or vice versa) but TBD! Any and all recommendations are welcome! 

Quoting: 'Focus on the step in front of you, not the whole staircase.' // See more of my favorites, here.


Anonymous said...

Can you please share which cruise line? This sounds like exactly what I hope to do in the future...thank you.

KGMotley said...

Palazzo Naiadi in Rome is phenomenal! My husband and I stayed for a few nights on our first anniversary trip to Rome in 2019. It’s walking distance from Termini station and is convenient to public transport. Staff was wonderful and the amenities were to die for! They have a sweet little rooftop bar/pool (very small), spa and excellent breakfast daily. Highly recommend!

Jill said...

Just went to Rome as part of our honeymoon and stayed at Chapter Roma and would highly recommend it!

Anonymous said...

I’m a chronic phone dropper too — the glass protectors work great… until you break the back of your iPhone. Guess who did that last Saturday? Me. It was me. $599 to replace the back glass at apple!!! ��


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