Wednesday, June 1, 2022

May Favorites


I'm on time this month for my monthly favorites list (last month I was like 2 weeks late, whoops!). I love that I am breaking my favorites down by each month. It's the first time I have done that this year and it's neat to look back on each month and think about what will end up making my big end-of-year best of the year' list. 

Printed Cotton Shorts// You are all probably not surprised that these shorts made the list this month. I wear them weekly! They are so comfortable and I am in love with the print. they fit TTS.They are marked down to $150!!!   

Faux Moss Balls// I have moss balls in a big bowl on our coffee table and after a while, I think the sun started to turn the green balls, brown. So I started to look for some new ones. Some of them are crazy expensive. But I really liked the look of these balls as they are almost like a velvety material vs the ones I had before shed a ton. Anyway, these are great. Do they look totally real, no, but for the price and the pop of green they add to the coffee table, I'm pleased. 

Cedar Leaf and Lavender Candle// I'm convinced this is the best scent. I don't love many floral scents but I always love Lavender. The cedar adds a bit of 'manly'/coziness to the floral so it's nice and balanced. I have the diffuser and candle!

Palm Beach Sandals// Love my PB sandals! They are easy to break in, comfortable, and so high quality. 

Home Chef// I started using Home Chef somewhat recently. It's a meal kit subscription so you get all the ingredients for each meal in little kits. It's all portioned out. I've loved it for the month of May because we were too busy to grocery shop but I also still wanted to have home cooked meals. Not only were we too busy to grocery shop, but I was not about to meal plan or even take the time to think about what was for dinner and when. This just takes all of the thought out of it and when I am busy, this is a huge plus. I also hate food waste and feel so bad when anything goes to waste. Whenever we are really busy, I find we waste more food and I really like that with Home Chef, there is absolutely no waste. I probably won't do this every week, but will always do it when we have a busy schedule! They gave me a code to share with you all SYDNEY100OFF to get $100 off (which equates to about 11 free meals, new customers only). 

Cloud Cream// I LOVE this cream. It is so thick and hydrating and a little goes a long way. It says that it is for 'plumping' skin and I truly think it plumps my skin. Not only that but it feels so good on my skin, it's one of the more hydrating creams that I have ever used. 

Linen Button Down// I love these button downs. I have several. They are very roomy but I still get my true size small. I like to tie them up at the waist but they also look cute tucked in. It feels like you are wearing a t-shirt but looks a lot more polished, in my opinion. 

Faux Orchid// I am not sure why this hasn't made the list yet as I got this in January! But this is the best faux orchid. It really does look real and I would highly recommend. I just repot them so that they work with my decor. You can see the blog post about it, here.  

Flawless Filter// This was in February's favorites and I love it so much I'm including it again in May's. It will for sure make it to my best of 2022 list. Some of the shades go in and out of stock so that's why I wanted to include it again in case you couldn't find your shade last time I posted about it! I was sold after I saw so many people use it on TikTok a few months ago and have been using it ever since. It's like a luminous primer but you can use it as a minimum coverage foundation, too. I mostly use it as a primer under all of my other makeup. I find that it really does make my skin look so flawless by minimizing my pores. I use shade III. 

Gucci Flora// I love this scent. I have so many perfumes that I didn't want to buy the full bottle so I got this little roller ball to stow in my makeup bag for travel! Again, I am not into super floraly scents and also not into sweet scents but this one is so light and so fresh! The description makes it sound like it's going to be really sweet floraly. I would not have even given it a second glance had I not gotten a sample in one of my Sephora orders.  

Eye Cream// I seriously think this is the richest eye cream I have ever used. The formula is so thick so a little goes a long way. You'd never put it under makeup or anything like that, it's just for nighttime before you go to sleep. I read somewhere that to avoid wrinkles you want to keep your skin deeply hydrated 24/7 so I love that this is a huge dose of moisture for sleeping. It feels really good on my skin. It's definitely heavy but I don't mind that at night! If I am just around the house for the day working from home, I will also put this on as like a daytime moisture mask for my eyes and really love that, too. 

Sandals// I hate that these are on the list. They are plastic, unattractive sandals but my goodness they really are comfortable and they serve a functional purpose. I slip them on when I walk Henry and I also just ordered a second pair to leave by our back door so I can throw them on whenever I go out to water the plants in the mornings! 

Hat// This hat comes in a bunch of variations in terms of ribbon color and design but the actual hat itself is all the same. I LOVE this hat. I basically wear it any time I am in a swimsuit to shade myself from the sun. The brim is so big that it shades my chest and shoulders which is the biggest selling point to me. I also think it's so chic and fabulous looking. I totally recommend this one, the quality is just beautiful! Also, the brim is flexible enough that if you are laying in a chaise lounge chair, you can put your head back and squish the rim so you can lay your head back. It's still comfortable that way and the hat keeps its shape with no issue whatsoever. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sydney- love this post. Your code for home chef isn’t working :/

Sydney Carver Snyder said...

Hi! So sorry you are having trouble with the code! I reached out to the HC team and hope to hear back soon and will let you know!

Maureen said...

The sandals are my fave too! I have a pair and they are surprisingly comfortable.

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