Thursday, July 7, 2022


Did you all have a great holiday weekend?! We did. It was so nice to relax and enjoy the weekend without too many plans. We had some delicious dinners, went for lots of walks, spent some time outside by the pool with friends, and watched the fireworks at home with Henry who is always an anxious mess when it comes to the noises (can't say I blame him). We can see them right from our living room, it is always amazing! I tried to stay as unplugged as possible which always leaves me feeling refreshed! 

We also spent a ton of time nailing down our Europe trip that is still months away but I am so glad we got some of the logistics booked and out of the way for now! Thank you all SO much for your amazing comments, DMs, and emails with recs, I cannot tell you how helpful they have all been! Someone asked me if this is our honeymoon- this is not our honeymoon, but I guess it kind of is? Really, it's just our first big married trip! We did a minimoon to the Greenbrier right after our wedding but we are nearing our 1 year wedding anniversary (which is crazy to me, time FLIES) so I think we are a little past qualifying as an actual honeymoon, haha but we are splurging on nice hotels and that kind of thing as we didn't really do a 'big' honeymoon. We were originally supposed to go on a 3-week cruise for our honeymoon in June 2020 but that obviously did not happen! 

This weekend I finally tackled cleaning out the underneath area of our kitchen sink. It was such a disaster. I organized it a long time ago and it just became a mess as time went on. It was one of those tasks where you think it is going to take way longer than it actually does. Just glad I got that done, it was weirdly weighing on me, ha!

Getting back into the swing of things on Tuesday was a little rough and I started off slow but it's crazy we are almost to the weekend again. I am definitely not complaining! 

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 You guys saw my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post yesterday so I wanted to share with you all what I am ordering today. Not much! Stocking up on mostly favorite basics! Excited for this Sweatshirt. I love crewneck sweatshirts and this color is so pretty. 

Eating: We got a mini pie from 350 Bakery here in Pittsburgh this past weekend. It was cherry berry and I have to say this is one of the best pies I have ever had in my entire life. The crust was so rich but light and flaky at the same time and the flavor of the filling was so fresh tasting and not overly sweet. I can't wait to go back for their pies- they have so many amazing other pastries so I can see how the pies could be overlooked but do not sleep on them!

 We finished Stranger Things Part II. If you haven't watched yet, it's two 'episodes' but really they are the length of movies. The first episode was just setting up the second episode. The second episode was epic and I was just overall so impressed with this season of the show! You can watch on Netflix. 

Loving: I've been having a zit or two pop up lately (the worst!!) and so I have been rekindling my love for this spot treatment. It works so well if you can catch the zit early- it will stop it from forming and go away literally overnight! I like this one, too, because it works under makeup. You can use code SYDNEY for 25% off of anything on Tula's website through July 11th, after that, my code will go back to being worth 15% off. If I catch it too late, I go straight to the drying lotion which will also get rid of it within a day or two but doesn't work under makeup- this one is just for nighttime before bed. 

My favorite #1 favorite Tula product is the cooling rose eye balm (has to be the rose one, not the blue one). I use it every single morning and it's totally worth the hype. It definitely reduces any puffiness I get in the mornings and the cooling sensation feels so good. 
Loving II: I shared this with you all on Instagram stories over the weekend but I bought quite a few of these adorable scalloped towels for our bathroom. I am going to have them monogrammed with our wedding duogram. I just can't decide if I want to do white thread for a seamless tone-on-tone look, match the thread to the piping, or do something contrasting like a dark navy?! Dogwood Hill did our duogram- I know I had some people asking that in my DM's and that's our duogram embroidered onto a robe to get an idea of what it looks like embroidered. I was really leaning towards white on white but now I am thinking I'm going to match the piping! 
Wanting: The nickname of this oil serum foundation is 'the sweatpants of makeup' because its' so easy to put on and comfortable to wear. I am so intrigued. This looks like the most perfect and classic cotton sweater ever. I love the idea of a classic gold locket necklace and this one is just stunning. 

Pittsburgh: Have you all been to Forma pasta? They make homemade pasta and sell it fresh so you can cook it on your own at home! We haven't been yet but my husband told me about it and now we are planning our trip to get some delicious pasta! 

Amazon Rec: I love these clear command containers that stick right inside cabinet doors. It makes things so easy to access and stay organized. I have them on the doors of our kitchen sink and in our bathroom! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Smelling: I know I have gone on and on about this candle already but it is just SO good. It's one of my most favorite candles ever. The scent is just so light and fresh but at the same time it smells cozy. It's amazing and such a treat. 
Traveling: I carried Longchamp totes throughout high school and college. I have long since gotten rid of them. Believe me, they had seen better days. We used to use my navy Longchamp as a 'bar on the go' in college and everyone would put their drinks of choice in the bag and I'd bring it with us. Enough said! 

Anyway, I'm considering getting the large one for our Europe trip. I like the idea that it can fold away in my suitcase. Plus, I can use it as an extra bag if we need it on the way home, and I can carry it as a handbag as we explore as it is roomy enough for my big camera, or a wrap/cardigan,  or a change of shoes, or even a water bottle. I like that it zips fully, is inconspicuous, and the handbag itself is super lightweight. I'd use my Goyard St. Louis GM exclusively as it's also super lightweight and roomy, but that doesn't zip!! I'd also bring a small crossbody that zips as an alternative and probably a smaller clutch-style bag for dinners. I'm a crazy over-packer (but in my defense, I do tend to wear most of what I pack) so I am trying to pare things down as much as I can! So what do you guys think? 

Quoting: 'In a society that has you counting money, pounds, calories, and steps, be a rebel and count your blessings instead.' - Lisa Heckman // See more of my favorites, here.

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Kelly C said...

Look forward to your quotes each week! So great! And I highly recommend the large Longchamp. I use mine when flying and its great as an overnight bag if you're doing a short excursion, carries everything well, light weight, just over all so fabulous. Plus, I've noticed many women in Europe use their Longchamps when traveling.


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