Thursday, July 28, 2022


Hello from Hiawassee, Georgia! As I mentioned last week, I am at the lake right now (Lake Chatuge) with lots of family and friends. We are having a blast so I will keep this brief! 

We have been eating delicious food, spending time on the water, having fun cocktails, and just enjoying our time together. I was just thinking to myself how incredibly lucky I feel to have a job that allows me this type of flexibility. To be able to spend so much time with my family all together is truly priceless. It has been wonderful! 

This weekend, on Sunday, is our first wedding anniversary. I think that is just wild. I cannot believe it has been a full year. It sounds so cliché to say, but it really does feel like it was just yesterday. I don't want to get all gushy, but it has been the absolute best year. I've heard that the first year of marriage is often hard and I just feel so thankful that that has not been the case for us. It's been a true pleasure and I could not have asked for more. We are going to celebrate just the two of us a the Old Edwards Inn and I am so excited. We stayed there last spring and it was absolutely wonderful! 

 Love how lightweight this Mesh Racerback Tank is! Perfect for the Georgia heat/humidity but will wear to workout once home! I am wearing a size small. 
Eating: Get yourself to a Costco, stat, and buy this Fried Pickle and ranch dip. IT IS SO GOOD!!!!!! 

Drinking: I'm not a huge rosé person but this was really nice! The winery is Las Jaras out of California! 
Loving: If you don't know, Niacinimde is one of those 'magic' skincare ingredients. It evens out your skin tone, can reduce pore size, helps prevent or reverse signs of aging, and more. I learned about it many years ago when I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the Proctor and Gamble headquarters and they had been doing extensive research on the ingredient. Anyway, I was sent this body serum in a PR package from Paula's Choice and I started immediately using it and have been SO impressed with it. It feels like a gel moisturizer in terms of texture and weight but I have been using it on my chest and my feet. Using it on my feet is probably something a little odd but my feet have so many scars on them- I am a klutz and am always tripping and stubbing my toe, getting terrible blisters, bug bites, etc. and I am not kidding when I say that the serum has been lessening the appearance of these things!!! Also, my chest can get really freckled in the summer months, and ever since my wedding (since my chest was shown quite a bit) I am so conscious about using skincare on my neck and chest! Anyway, I highly recommend this product, I LOVE it and will be purchasing it once this is empty! 
Sale: There are still so many things in the Lake Pajamas sale. Today is the last day!
Wanting: I want this rug for my office- I have had such awful luck with rugs. They are such a pain to return but I feel like I could get lucky with this one?! I think this navy blue dress is stunning- FINALLY, one dress under $500 (though barely) that's truly elegant, special, and stunning. Maybe this is the beginning? One can hope!! Also, love this Augua by Agua Bendita skirt. The brand is at the top of my budget, but I just cannot resist! 

Amazon Rec: This super inexpensive set of Amazon pearl clips might be one of the best things ever. They are SO cute and I am always using these to pull back my hair! Will be the cutest stocking stuffer this holiday season, too. You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

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