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Ok, what the heck! I blinked and we are literally halfway through September?! How does that happen?! I had my first literal taste of fall this week as Bruster's had pumpkin cheesecake ice cream and I got a scoop and wow is it good. Also, the first taste of pumpkin is always incredible, and then with each experience after that, my excitement dwindles. I get approximately one pumpkin spice drink per year and I am always reminded that I don't really love it, ha! 

I also got a pumpkin for outside of our front door and a mini pumpkin to sit on the credenza below our TV. That is about as fall as I get around here in terms of decor. I will say I do have 'fall' pillows for our leather couch. They're herringbone Ralph Lauren pillows that could be set out year round but I like to switch it up and use them as fall/winter pillows. 

The photo above is obviously of Henry but I got him this ring trio toy and he is so obsessed with it. He plays with it every single day and carries it around with him all over the house and even brought it to bed the other night and proceeded to fall asleep on top of it. I am not sure I have ever seen him love a toy this much, it is hilarious. I randomly added it to my Walmart grocery delivery last week and I am so glad I did- it was under $10! 

This weekend we have plans both nights with a welcome back party Friday night and a birthday dinner Saturday night. I'm looking forward to being with friends and being able to relax on Sunday! I need to find some time to switch my closets around for fall- the mornings and evenings have been chilly and my main closet is still in full-on summer mode! 

I also plan on shooting an outfit or two this weekend. I got the most beautiful cape that I can't wait to share with you all! 
Cardigan// Jeans (under $90)
Wearing: I partnered with Everlane over on Instagram and they gave me a code you can use for 15% off if you are a new customer with code SYDNEYC15. The code expires after today, though. These jeanrs are already under $90 and SUCH a good deal because they quality is amazing. They have such good, classic basics at very fair prices! I would say everything runs true to size! 
Eating: In the Rome airport I bought balsamic in the duty-free area (after security). It flew all the way to Dulles airport with me where I had a connection to get back to Pittsburgh when they took it from me because we had to go through security again and I was supposed to have it in a special duty-free sealed bag which they did not give to me. I was SO bummed. So I paid double the price for it here in the US. But let me tell you, good balsamic is SO WORTH IT. I had no idea, I had just been buying Colavita, which is not bad, but seriously good balsamic is life changing!!!!!

Sale: Today is the last day for the Tuckernuck friends and family sale! You can see my big post roundup, here
Sale II: I found one of my favorite conditioners half off in the large size!! It's usually $50 and right now just $25. I ordered it and it's legit, I was SO excited to snag this deal! 

 I saw a new season of Handmaid's Tale is now out! I am excited to watch. The show is so dark, though, I can only watch a little bit at a time! I have barely turned on the TV in the past two weeks, I haven't had time and we have had a lot of gorgeous weather so I've spent a lot of down time outside walking but I know I will want some shows to watch once it starts to get even colder!
Loving: J. Crew new arrivals! So good! 
Loving II: The Gordon Dunning collection from Dillards is spectacular. So handsome and rich. I want everything! I want to use the toothbrush holder as a vase! Also thinking this lumbar pillow would look fantastic on my brown leather couch. 
Loving III: I love my big Mason Pearson brush sooo much. It's so expensive for a hair brush but when you try it, you just can't go back to a regular brush. I love mine so much that I bought the small size to travel with and carry in my tote day-to-day. Someone let me know that they are now selling Mason Pearson brushes on Costco's website so if you are a member, you have to login to see them but once you are logged in you can see the price! They are all under $100, which is AMAZING! 
Wanting: This camel wool coat is so classic and chic and the price point is amazing. 

Amazon Rec: I love love love this quilted jacket that's well under $50! I sized up to a medium for a roomier fit. I wouldn't say it runs small, I just wanted a more casual, looser fit so I would say get your true size if you want more of a fitted/blazer style jacket! I love the color of this even more in person, it's more olive and less 'bright'. It's lightweight so I've been wearing it in the evenings when I run Henry around the block since it's chilly but not that cold. It is so cute and looks way more $$. You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Quoting: 'Perfection is the enemy of progress' - Winston Churchill // See more of my favorites, here.

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