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still on my hot water with lemon kick, love this mug

Are you all having a good week so far? My week is going well! I can't believe we are pretty much 2/3 done with January. I am constantly perplexed by how time moves faster and faster the older I get! 

We had a fun evening with friends this past weekend, and other than that, I worked a bit and mostly relaxed. It was nice. As much as I love the festivities and packed schedule of December, I also enjoy the slower pace of January; it feels like a palate cleanser and is a nice way to ease into a new year. With the slower pace, I feel that I can focus on things I don't typically focus on.

I'm focusing on two things this month: working out and cooking/eating at home as often as possible. I've been very good at both, and that makes me happy. Even though we are just 19 days into January, the positive impact that getting back into a regular workout routine has had on me is huge.

Last night we had my parents over for dinner. I made creamy taco chili. The recipe makes a lot of food, so it is perfect for a cold winter night and having people over! I was also glad Buddy came over to hang out with Henry. Henry gets SO bored during this time of year. The weather has been mild, but it has been raining lately, so we don't go out as much as he or I would like. I've been filling up his Kong with peanut butter, freezing it, and giving him some 'activity' style toys to keep him busy. I've even been cutting up carrots and hiding them around the house for him to search for. My husband and I play with him every night to get his energy out. You'd think he would be slowing down at 7 years old, but he is as active as ever- he always wants to play and go on walks, which is wonderful! Every year around this time, I worry about keeping him mentally stimulated; it's a lot harder in the winter months when it's not as nice to be outside! 

Tonight we have a wine-tasting dinner! I think I am going to wear this dress! This weekend we will spend time in Ohio, which will be fun! My MIL makes the best pepperoni rolls EVER, and she texted me this week to let me know she is making them for me this weekend. I can't wait; they are one of my favorite things to eat. 

We planned a quick New York ski trip for February, which I am excited about!  My husband was a snowboarder, and in 2021, he decided to try out skiing. He just got skis/boots/bindings, so he is especially excited to take them for a spin, and it will be great for him to have the practice. I'm just excited to ski and hoping for some snow and good weather. I can't remember, but I don't think I ended up skiing last year since I had so much going on! 

Wearing: The outfit above is what I wore for dinner with friends, and I was excited to wear these new Boots. They are so well made for the price and incredibly comfortable! 

Watching: In one weekend, we watched all 4 episodes of Inside Man on Netflix. I didn't know what it was about, my sister had recommended it to us and wow, was it WILD! As you get further into the show, it spirals more and more! 

Loving: My skin gets SO dry in the winter months. It's generally bothersome, but it drives me crazy when I apply my makeup!! To try and prevent patchy makeup due to dry skin, I've been doing a combo of exfoliating with this exfoliator and then using this 'mask' as an overnight moisturizer. I put it on over my skincare as the last step in my routine. It works SO well. When I wake up the following daying, my skin is not flaking and is hydrated. I find this especially helps with dryness around my nose and eyes! I then do my morning skincare and apply my makeup as usual. 

Loving II: I just got this sweater in the mail the other evening. I ordered it when it was on sale and am SO glad I did. It's absolutely stunning. I specifically ordered this bright color because I thought it would pair so well with my shoes that I got last month, and I was so pleased to see how well they coordinated- this is without a filter or editing so you can see the true color of both the shoes and sweater! I love a matchy-matchy moment! I now really want this cashmere wrap in the island green/mint.
Wanting: This sweater is SO cute. The subtle white detailing is adorable and makes a classic sweater stand out! 

Pittsburgh: 8 New Restaurants In Pittsburgh. I haven't been to any of these; I better get going! 

Amazon Rec: This dishware set is gorgeous. Wow. We are at max capacity for tableware storage, but I would order these plates quickly if we had more space. My mom and grammie passed down their love for collecting tableware items. It's a blessing and a curse, HA! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!
Amazon Rec II: My Wet Brush had seen better days, so I tossed it and got this brush. My mom swears by it. I love it- the bristles feel so good on the scalp! I also ordered this scalp massager that has yet to arrive, but I'm excited to try it out. I want to use it to get my shampoo deep into my roots for a cleaner wash!

Smelling: I wore this perfume the other night. It's always been one of my favorites, but I have only worn it a little in the past year or two. I forgot how wonderful it smells- one spray is all you need! My husband commented on it and how much he loves it, too! Gents, it would make a nice Valentine's gift! 

Quoting: 'Love is never wasted for its value does not rest upon reciprocity' - CS Lewis// See more of my favorites, here.

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