Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Decorating Updates

The last time I even remotely paid attention to our home in terms of how it looks, was back in early August when I found my dream dining room table on Facebook Marketplace. I still love it so much. 

When it comes to decorating, I get burnt out quickly. Yet, I have all the patience to wait for exactly what I want/am looking for/can afford, but I find myself doing something small and then not wanting to deal with anything else decorating-wise for a while.

I see so many great DIY projects on Instagram and TikTok, and I so badly wish I was someone that was into DIY, but I am just not!!! 

I've gotten comfortable in our home, and while I could do much more, I'm at a point where it's 'good enough.' I have to admit, it's a little weird to feel this way because, in general, that is not my personality. I'm always trying to do better, be better, etc., but sometimes I just don't feel motivated about decorating! Does anyone else feel this way?

I think I often feel this way because decorating takes a backseat in my life... family, work, social life, etc., come before decorating the house, and I only have so much attention to divide into each aspect! Decorating is lower on the totem pole for me.

But, as I spend more time at home during the winter, I'm starting to look around and think about a few little tweaks I want to make, so I thought I would share with you all the things I have been keeping my eye out for! 
- I've been looking high and low for a dresser for our bedroom. We have one now (photo above). I just want to replace it. I got our current dresser, basically for free. I had just moved into this house and saw a beautiful high-boy piece of furniture on Craigslist. As a side note, do people even use Craigslist anymore?! I feel like Facebook Marketplace has replaced the need for Craigslist, which can definitely be sketchy. The woman who sold me the highboy was moving to Colorado, so she was getting rid of a lot. She had a traditional-style dresser and asked if I wanted it, and I said sure. It's nothing gorgeous, but it works well with my decor, and the size was right (it's a slightly narrow space). I took it because it was basically free, and I needed something to store my clothes in immediately. I figured I would keep it until I found something else. I'm not kidding; I haven't thought about a dresser since! But I recently thought, 'OK, this dresser needs to go.' It's not a high-quality piece of furniture, and it's just very average in the looks department. Anyway, I have just started to look around for dressers. I waffle between wanting something more modern/casual like this or something more traditional. I'm leaning toward the latter. I love this; it's just not the right wood stain for my preference. I will know when I see it, but I'm putting it out there to find a new dresser soon! The only catch that I think will hold me up a bit is that the space is narrow, so I need to pay attention to the dimensions of the pieces that catch my eye. 

- I want to get a roman shade made for our backdoor! I've been meaning to do this since we moved in, but it's just not something I have thought of again until recently! I envision a white linen-type fabric with a high-quality trim. I think it's a relatively inexpensive touch to add a little character. 

- Something I have been looking for since the day I moved into this house: a large piece of artwork for a blank wall. I've searched high and low for years. I want it to be neutral and not really eye-catching but instead add texture and interest. I've had this piece open in my browser for ages now. I like the neutral scheme and the texture, and it is huge. It checks off all my boxes but I think it feels a bit coastal and maybe that is what has been holding me back. A few of you told me about Mural Source and how you can order large samples that are nice for framing and they have quite a few beautiful prints that are only priced at a few hundred dollars! I've thought about this, but I think all of the designs are too beautiful/eye-catching, and again, I want something that blends into the wall more, not for it to be a focal point. I LOVE this Jefferson county one, but it's just not right for the space. 

- A new 3x5 rug for our bathroom. I just want something a little brighter- the one I got years ago has seen better days! There are many options everywhere, and 3x5 is small enough that even the highest-quality rugs aren't pricey. I have decision paralysis with this one. 

- I want to snag some new pillows for spring/summer for my leather sofa. I am looking for a punch of color that will really pop against dark brown leather!

- I think I *might* hang plates around our Frame TV. I cut out paper 'templates' for the plates and stuck them to the wall. I'm living with the paper around the TV for a week or two before I decide. The wall that the TV is on is huge and has always needed something since the scale is just off. I've always thought of plates, but I kept looking around to see if I could find something different. I haven't yet found anything I like more than the plate idea. We shall see. I will keep you posted. Hanging plates on the wall is SO easy, so I do feel like maybe I'm just taking the easy way out with this one. Clearly, I am torn! 

That is all for now! Who's taking bets on how long any of this will take me? I'm not in a rush. One thing I do know about decorating, investing in decor and furniture is not to be hasty!

I was browsing Target's website the other day to see what they had in terms of decor. I'm not a huge Target decor person only because I think the style tends to lean more modern farmhouse, which isn't how I decorate, but lately, I have noticed some more traditional pieces popping up! This would make a darling kitchen counter lamp! Love these baskets because they feel very tailored. See below for more finds!

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Kelly C said...

My fiance (almost husband!!) and I just moved in together and have disagreed on whether a mirror needs to go above our dresser. And funny enough I was looking at your dresser pic just a few days ago. It’s always so fun to hear what others are out hunting for.


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