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Started off Monday with an OTF workout and it was their 4th anniversary!

Once again, we are almost to Friday! We are off to Charleston soon, which will be lots of fun. Because of that, I have been crazy running around trying to get everything done before we leave and work ahead. It's always a lot before a trip, but I try to set myself up for enjoyment while actually on the trip. 

This is like the self-care/high-maintenance week for me because I got my hair done and am getting my nails done and a spray tan tomorrow. I've felt so BLAH lately. As we inch closer to spring, I always feel this way, and a spray tan and fresh hair always revives my spirit a little. 

I've given up sweets for Lent (not sugar entirely, just candy, cookies/cake, ice cream, etc.), and I'm relieved to say that it has been much easier than I thought it would be. I have a major sweet tooth and thought this would feel like a huge sacrifice for me, but it doesn't feel that way thus far. Ice cream is my #1 favorite that I thought I would miss the most, but I eat a lot of candy and other sweets, too. After over a week in, surprisingly, I have to say the thing I miss most is candy like licorice, Mike n Ikes, and gummy bears. So far, I don't miss ice cream, chocolate, or anything like that....very interesting. I do think it will be harder when we travel to Charleston with dessert on the menu tempting us! Actually, I know it will be hard to resist something like a cinnamon roll at Miller's All Day!

Wearing: In love with this floral jacket! I sized up, it runs a little narrow in the shoulders. I have broad shoulders so I tend to size up quite a bit in anything fitted around the shoulders! If you do not have broad shoulders, I would suggest getting your true size. 

Wearing II: Loving this dress so much! It gives me Safari vibes in the most ladylike way! Such a great transitional piece for spring! It's great quality. I am wearing a size 4. It's currently 32% off! 

Eating: My sister told me about the Solely brand that makes pineapple fruit jerky. I am not a fruit jerky person, but I figured I would try something with natural sugar because I gave up sweets. These are organic with no sugar added; the only ingredient is organic pineapple. I typically don't like fruit jerky because I don't love the texture, and I always find them to taste too sweet or they just taste like apple juice. This is tangy and sweet, so there is a good balance. I think they're a little expensive, and I think it's always 'better' to just eat real pineapple, but this was good, and I would repurchase it instead of a candy bar. It has 14g of sugar in it, which is about the same as eating a banana....decently high in sugar, but at least it is natural vs. added. Also, in this stick is one-half of an organic pineapple. Can you imagine how full you would be after eating half of a pineapple?! With this, it's not filling at all... so not a daily thing for me but more like a natural sugar treat!

Watching: We are enjoying season 3 of Outer Banks on Netflix. We have loved the past two seasons and so far this has not disappointed us! 

Listening: I love the folk band, Caamp. I hadn't heard the song Strawberries until the other day, and now I am listening to it repeatedly. It has beautiful lyrics and is a nice song overall, but there is a live version with a beautiful violin melody that is SO good and takes it to the next level. I love that a young woman is playing the violin. I played until I graduated high school. I liked the violin, but I was not gifted/amazing at it. I think, had I been more interested in it, I could have been much more talented. I was more into skiing and cheerleading (JV and Varsity captain, it was basically my personality), though, which took much more of my time. One of my biggest frustrations is that we were classically taught in school. We never played nor were taught techniques outside of Broadway or symphony music. Had the teachers worked with us to play more popular songs or shown us careers outside of the symphony, I might have been more interested at the time. My parents were super supportive, and they totally understood that. They bought me an Irish fiddle book, and I played through that and LOVED it. Had I seen something like this and thought, wow, that girl is so cool playing her violin with Caamp, I might have taken it more seriously because I would have been more interested. Don't get me wrong, classic is the way to learn the foundation, and I am grateful for those opportunities. Still, once you are past foundational learning, it would have been more interesting for a 16-year-old to play Coldplay's Viva La Vida than Brahm's Symphony No. 4. Just my two cents, so take it for what it is worth!
Loving II: I've started to do 'turn down service' as I am getting ready for bed. I just take the time to neatly fold down the duvet, quilt, and sheets so it's like a hotel! It's so simple but it makes me so happy! 

Wanting: A perfect green cardigan for St. Patrick's Day! A stunning floral dress under $130. 

Pittsburgh: We went to Kaya for lunch this past weekend in the Strip District, and I know it has been there forever, and now I am wondering how have I never been there?! I got the grapefruit margarita, and it might be one of the best cocktails I have ever had. The tuna poke bowl was insanely good. I am craving it now as I type this!!! I will definitely be back. 

Pittsburgh II: St. Valentine's in Bethel Park has SUCH a good fish fry. We tried it last Friday and were blown away at the beer battered fish. First of all, it was huge, but second of all, the batter was so incredibly light and thin. I don't like when there is heavy breading on my fish, I prefer a super light coating, and this was totally it. The coleslaw was great, too. I am a huge coleslaw person but so many are sweet or they are way too creamy/mayonnaise heavy. I like a light mix of mayo, and heavier on the vinegar with little to no sweetness, and this was perfect! 

Amazon Rec: This is kind of a random recommendation, but my husband likes to collect the hotel key cards from our stay. He writes the date on them. I found this little book he can store them in. It's really fun to look back on some of the key cards and remember our travels! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

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