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Navy Linen Dress for Spring

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We are back from a wonderful trip to Charleston! We had the best time and really lucked out with perfect weather the entire time! It was mostly in the upper 60s and even got to the low 80s at times and was sunny every single day. I mostly wore dresses, sandals, and a light sweater/wrap in the evenings. Even though we have had a relatively mild winter, it was such a wonderful break from the grey and cold we have in Pittsburgh this time of year. My husband and I are considering this to be a yearly trip for us (we went last year around this time, too) as it's always the thing we need around this time of year and we just love Charleston and the surrounding area! 

We like to go during the weekdays because it avoids crowds and it's so much easier to snag reservations at all of our favorite places and the restaurant hot spots and sometimes it can be significantly less costly when it comes to hotels and airbnbs/vrbos (that's not just for Charleston, but for most places that we travel to when possible). For Charleston, specially, I would recommend early March because it's before the spring break crowds and warm enough that it feels like an escape from the northern winter but not yet hot and buggy. I noticed it was more crowded than in years past, and we had a few Uber drivers agree that it was more crowded.

Because I have been to Charleston so many times in the past 10ish years, I think next time, we are going to try and rent a house either on Sullivan's Island, Isle of Palms, or Mount Pleasant and possibly bring Henry with us for the week! We are always go, go, go when we stay downtown with all of incredible bars and restaurants and things to do but it could be a nice change of pace and scenery. We went to Sullivan's Island one day on this past trip and we just loved it! TBD! 

I know many of you have been to Charleston but for those of you that haven't, not only is it a gorgeous place with much better weather (than Pittsburgh, at least), but if you consider yourself a foodie, it's the place to go. They have SO many incredible restaurants. I especially love it for the abundance of fresh seafood that we don't have access to regularly at home! We eat ALL of the oysters when visiting and so much crudo and pok√©... YUM! 

Cartolina sent me this gorgeous navy linen dress, and I was excited to wear it while in Charleston (it also comes in white). The quality of the Cartolina brand is second to none and is a woman-owned and operated business. They are based in LA and work with factories around the USA and try to source everything within the United States which is amazing. They hand sew things and produce everything in small batches! You can truly tell that they prioritize quality even when just holding some of their pieces in your hands. The linen of this dress is nice and thick but still thin enough to drape beautifully over the body and doesn't wrinkle terribly like some linen does. The eyelet linen details on the sleeve and hem is beautiful. 

I would say it runs TTS. I sized up to a medium and it is a bit big on me so I think a small would have been the right fit! I think this summer, I will wear it without the belt for a more casual look with flat sandals. With the belt and espadrilles, as you can see above, it dresses it up quite a bit!

I wrote a post about these Espadrille Wedges, including them in my most worn pairs of warm weather shoes and a full review of them, here. I don't know what I'd wear without them, I am not kidding when I say that I wear them at least twice a week in the warmer months or while on a warm weather trip! I ended up getting these espadrille wedges this year and wore them quite a few times on our trip and I can't wait to wear them more as the weather warms up! Dare I say the platform is even more comfortable than without the platform!

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