Monday, May 15, 2023

How To Keep Your Clothes Looking New and Polished

tuckernuck Porcelain Bouquet Marley Dress

tuckernuck Porcelain Bouquet Marley Dress

tuckernuck Porcelain Bouquet Marley Dress

tuckernuck Porcelain Bouquet Marley Dress

Today I am rounding up some things I use weekly to keep my clothes looking fresh and polished. Sometimes I am lazy and skip steaming/ironing/etc. But I always regret it when I do. I try to make sure my clothes are pressed and look their best when I go out! 

Steamer// This is what I use for most of my clothing. I think it's easier and quicker to use than an iron and works on more garments than an iron. This one is so good. The face plate on it gets hot, too, so you get a little extra heat on an item to ensure a smooth finish. This is a little heavy to travel with, but I travel with it from time to time. I don't know what I would do without this thing!

Mini Iron// I originally bought this mini iron for table linens, specifically napkins. Still, I have found this is amazing for things like collars and hems or intricate garments that need precision.

Fabric Shaver// I use this mostly on sweaters but have even used it on upholstery! It removes all those annoying pills and makes your sweaters look good as new. It takes only a minute to do a sweater! 

Extra Sticky Lint Roller// This is for any other pet owner. Henry sheds like crazy, and I could not go without a lint roller. These are my favorite because they have a big surface area and are extra sticky, so they pick up every last dog hair off my clothing and furniture. I keep one in my car, when I travel, and on every floor of my house. 

Dawn Dish Soap// This is the best stain remover. My grammie taught me this. It works SO well on almost every stain, especially greasy ones like salad dressing or oil from a pizza or wings. I keep a bottle next to my washing machine. 

This Dress really doesn't have much to do with the topic of this blog post, but it's one I recently got and have been loving! I especially love it paired with these Heeled Sandals. I am heading on a bachelorette weekend this week and am packing this outfit with me! The dress runs roomy. I got a size small but after wearing it once, I feel like I should have sized down to an XS. I don't tend to size down with short dresses because I find that can make them a little shorter, so the small is fine. 

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Karen T. said...

I love the Dawn dish soap tip from your grandmother! I learned everything about keeping clothes looking their best from my grandmother -- they just have all the secrets!


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