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March Amazon Finds

March Amazon Finds

I'm always updating my Amazon storefront page with my latest finds, but I'm back with my monthly Amazon roundups! You can check out January's finds and February's finds!

Some Items of Note... 
Are any of you watching Palm Royale on Apple TV? It's set in 1960s Palm Beach, and I cannot get enough of the costumes. It's colorful perfection. Kristen Wig's character wears white cat-eye sunglasses, and I have never really liked white sunglasses, but as soon as I saw her in them, I added these White Cat Eye Sunglasses to my cart!

- I got my husband and me these 24 oz Water Bottles for travel. We have Stanley tumblers, but those don't work for air travel, so I snagged us these, which claim to be spill-proof. While we have many water bottles, I particularly loved that these have straws!

- It's so random to recommend Dental Floss, but I've been using this for years, and I just repurchased it, so it reminded me to share it with you all. Apparently, some dental flosses have teflon in them (do your own research), but this one does not. I had no idea until I saw a dental floss labeled 'Teflon-free' and looked it up. It makes me so angry that basically everything contains 'bad things'. I would have *never* thought dental floss would have Teflon in it!!! I am glad I've been using this floss for so many years! 

- I'm so excited for the Masters and thought that this Nora Fleming Golf Ball and Golf Tee Cocktail Picks are so cute for a party or get-together! I had no idea what Nora Fleming was until my aunt gave us a few pieces when we got engaged! I love how you can swap out the 'charms' based on the season or event.
March Amazon Finds
Some Items of Note... 
- This Smocked Dress is back in stock! It always sells out. I have it and love it. It's adorable and runs true to size. 

- I have so many of these inexpensive but gorgeous Swimsuit Pareo Wraps. It's basically a Julia Amory look for less! 

- I was searching for a birthday card for a girlfriend. How fun is this Rhinestone Martini Birthday Card?!

- This Athletic Skort comes in so many colors and is currently in my cart. It gives me Free People vibes but for less! 

- In case you need some last-minute touches for your Easter table, these Blue and White Napkins are beautiful! 

Monthly Amazon Finds:

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Karen T. said...

I have had an Owala water bottle for about a year and half and LOVE it. Leak proof, chug or straw option. Super fun colors. I recommend them to everyone!


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