Thursday, May 23, 2024


The prettiest restaurant in Pittsburgh: Pusadee's Garden. 

All about the flag sweaters lately!

Candle-making class at our club with fam and friends!

Celebrating Grammie's 98th birthday!

Roxanne's Flowers in the Strip- a fave!

My parent's rhododendron is huge and the most beautiful saturated pink! 

Happy almost weekend!!! There will be no weekend wish list this Friday. Instead, my holiday weekend sale post will be updated with my favorite sale finds. I'll be back to regular posting after the holiday weekend on Tuesday, May 28th! 

I had a full weekend with a fun dinner with girlfriends at Pusadee's Garden, celebrating my Grammies's 98th birthday with family, a fun day date to the Strip in Lawrenceville with my husband, a get-together with friends, and we did a lot of yard work! It was full but everything was paced out so well, I never felt like it was too much! 

This weekend, we are headed to visit my sister and brother-in-law, which will be so much fun! I always love visiting them! 

I can't believe we have already made it to the unofficial start of summer. We don't have a ton of travel this summer, but we have a lot on our calendar to look forward to! Do you all have any exciting summer plans?! 

Wearing: Are you following me on the LikeToKnowIt app?! You can shop all of my outfits, favorite finds, and more in the app. I am constantly updating it with the latest! You can also access all of my posts, here, if you don't use LTK!

Reading: Have you all heard about Uber's new product, 'shuttles'? I think it's an interesting concept, and they are launching it here in Pittsburgh! I'll be anxious to see how it is!

Golf shoes are on sale for under $45 with code SUMMER!

I finished 90 Day FiancĂ© before the 90 days, and wow, that season was WILD. There were so many episodes, too! My husband and I are currently caught up on Summer House. Other than that, we haven't watched much TV lately! Have you all watched anything good? 

Listening:  I am full-on obsessed with Chris Stapleton now! I know you are all probably like, 'Where have you been?! But wow, he is so talented!!! 

Wanting: This green printed shift dress
is gorgeous! 

Pittsburgh: We recently went to The Nook in Lawrenceville for brunch, and it was delicious. The pancakes were so thick and fluffy; I loved them! I also loved the cappuccino. A cute and very casual diner-style spot! 

Amazon Rec: I got this Bracelet for Mexico since I didn't take any real jewelry, and it looks so much like one of my real diamond bracelets (on the left!). It's perfect for travel or just something fun to add to your own stack! I published my May Amazon finds last week, and you can check that out here!

You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here on my Amazon page where I am constantly updating it with all of my finds and top picks from home, beauty, fashion, and more!

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