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Prettiest new arrivals

Happy 4th of July, everyone (well, tomorrow, that is)! In observance of the holiday, there will be no post tomorrow or Friday, so this post will act as Thursday and Friday's post! I hope you all have fun spending time with friends and family and enjoying (hopefully!) great weather wherever you are celebrating! 

We will watch a parade and then go to our club to hang out at the pool with some friends and family. We are going to meet our friends back in our neighborhood because they always put on a fun BBQ. We can see the fireworks from our house, which is one of the most fun things about this neighborhood. The first year we realized we could see the fireworks from our living room was an exciting surprise. 

This week was short and sweet- nothing thrilling, but we had great weather. I've been trying to nurse my body back to health since I hurt myself (not badly), falling down the steps. I made the mistake of going to Top Golf, pilates, and a 90-minute OTF class (they're normally 60 mins) after I got hurt, and that all definitely made it worse. So, right now, I'm mostly just leisurely walking and doing one pilates class to keep limber. Hoping I can go back to OTF next week! Fingers crossed. I'm not used to this much resting, ha! 
Dress (under $175)// Sunglasses

Dress (under $120)

Wearing: I wore both of these dresses this past week and just love them. They are so easy to throw on in the warm weather. I am wearing a small in both, but I wish I would have sized down to XS in both, as they run pretty big! The quality is top-notch, especially when you consider the price. Also, I found these Sunglasses this week. I had misplaced them in my house and have been missing them for almost a year! Yay! It feels like I got a new pair of sunglasses, haha! But really, they are such a nice pair for under $175! Are you following me on the LikeToKnowIt app?! You can shop all of my outfits, favorite finds, and more in the app. I am constantly updating it with the latest! You can also access all of my posts, here, if you don't use LTK!

Drinking: We will surely be making these Watermelon cocktail drinks at some point this long weekend! They are SO GOOD. Light and refreshing! 

Sale: I started a sale post yesterday and will add to it as I see some great things! This gorgeous dress is on sale and it's SO good. You could easily wear this spring, summer, and fall. It's stunning. I love these silver flats on major sale (use code FIREWORKS2024 for an extra 25% off). 

Reading: I loved The Last Mrs. Parrish and just saw there is another, The Next Mrs. Parrish. Can't wait to read!

 Presumed Innocence on Apple TV is really good! We just started it last weekend and are caught up to episode four! Episode five just came out yesterday and there are a total of eight episodes that will roll out the rest of July. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal, and not only is he great in the role, but wow, he has not aged!

Listening: I'm so excited because we are going to the Chris Stapleton concert for one of our friends' birthdays! I just started to love Chris Stapleton. I'm not a big country listener, but I love his bluesy/rock vibe. I defitiely think he's more southern rock than 'country'. I think he gives off John Mayer vibes with the guitar sometimes (specifically 3:40 in Joy of My Life... LOVE). He could cover Marshall Tucker or the Allman Brothers and do it perfectly. I'm a huge '70s Southern rock fan, so that's saying something. Does anyone else think that? I'm sure he won't play it, but his Star Spangled Banner from the Super Bowl gives me chills. I cannot wait for the concert! White Horse and Millionaire are my favorites. 

Loving: I'm patting myself on the back for this Walmart find. A set of 4 of these kitchen dish towels is just $10. At WS, they charge $27. Once I ordered the first set, my husband told me to order more because we are tossing all of our icky dish towels and replacing them with these. These are just as nice. I have washed them and used them and cannot recommend them more! It's such a silly thing to be thrilled with, but I love a good, inexpensive find! 

Wanting: Cutest bag from Target
that is just $25!

Amazon Rec: I'm mostly holding off for Prime Day which is later this month! I'm keeping an eye out for a Waterpik... thrilling, ha! But I do think this blue and white dress is pretty and gets good reviews and you can find my June Amazon Finds, here! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here on my Amazon page where I am constantly updating it with all of my finds and top picks from home, beauty, fashion, and more!

Smelling: This anthro candle is SO good. It's fresh and cozy all at once. It slightly reminds me of my favorite Nest candle! 

Traveling: We are staying put for most of July! We are going to the mountains for my dad's birthday, which will be nice, and then off to the lake, which is always the best! 

Quoting: 'You look like the fourth of July, makes me want a hotdog real bad.' // See more of my favorites, here.

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