Monday, February 1, 2010

Eye Candy: Tibi Dresses

By now I'm sure you've realized that I took a week's vacation from blogging. I have been super busy with my sorority duties, and my schoolwork so to keep myself from having a little break down, I decided I would take a "vacation" from blogging! I hope you all didn't miss me too much! I also MUST share with you these fabulous dresses from Tibi.. when I did come across down time this week, I was drooling over all of these fabulous dresses which would be perfect for a Valentines Day dinner!Beaded One-shoulder Dress
Sometimes the one shoulder dress can look tacky or too trendy, but Tibi makes the one shoulder cut look fabulous and classy!
Lace Shift Dress
I love the classic shift cut of this dress, but I also love the not too shiny metallic look. It's often hard to find a metallic dress that is not tacky or too gaudy.
Pleated Scoopneck Dress
I am LOVING this shade of pink. I also love that you can get away wearing this color during the winter because the fabric is appropriate for the season.Ragtime Gem Dress
Love love love this one! I usually don't like orange all by itself but this dress is just fabulous. I am in love with the circle back and the flattering cut of this tunic. This could definitely be dressed up or dressed down for any occassion.
Bora Bora Silk Dress
I love the royal blue detailing on this dress. It adds an almost nautical feel to the dress. Although this is a summertime only dress, I still think it would be a show stopper for any summertime occassion!

I hope you enjoyed the fabulous dresses, and have a great monday!


Katie Rudder said...

I LOVE the neckline on that pink dress. It is timeless and fun at the same time!!

Amanda said...

I love the black and pink dresses...great picks! I hope you have a great week, and don't get too stressed with school work.

Sierra said...

Glad you enjoyed your holiday away from blogging, sometime it is must needed. Glad school is going so well for you! These dresses are gorgeous and would be great for a fun V-day outing.

A Wedding Story said...

Love the pink dress, that one is my favorite!!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

The pink dress is perfect. I love it. I feel your pain with school duties! I should be studying right now for a biology test that I have tomorrow, but I am reading blogs instead. eek!


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