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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

'You can take the girl out of Pittsburgh, but you can't take the Pittsburgh out of the girl.'

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About a year ago, an article came out in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette written by Sara Levinson. If you're a Pittsburgher, this is a must read... because like me, you'll just get it. For all those who aren't, which, according to my Google Analytics, that's the majority of you, it's still worth the read. Why is that?

I think, as a blogger, one of the best types of posts that bloggers can write are ones that are 'real'.... posts that let you learn more about the actual person behind the blog. Who are they? What are their likes, dislikes (besides fashion)? Why are they writing about what they are writing? 

I know I've received a lot of requests over the past few months to try and include some more lifestyle posts that give you a look into my life and mind... writing is also one of my resolutions, too, so I figured, what better subject to start off on than my city. For me, Pittsburgh is something that I think truly defines me in a weird way and I think you have to understand Pittsburgh to understand me. Sounds a little nutty, right? You have to understand a city, to understand a person?

When I graduated from college, I was dead set on moving to Washington, D.C. I moved home to Pittsburgh the summer after my graduation to complete an internship and then planned on looking for jobs in the district. I mean... everyone (slight sarcasm) from JMU moved to D.C. after graduation, so that just seemed like a natural next step for me. While living in Pittsburgh for the summer, I found a full time job-- something that really interested me and did not want to turn down. So I put my D.C. move on hold and decided I'd stay at my 'first job' for a little. I loved my job... I loved my city, so I quickly ditched my D.C. dreams and decided to stay a Pittsburgh girl. 

I really struggled with this decision. First, because not a single one of my friends from JMU lived in Pittsburgh-- heck, all my JMU friends thought Pittsburgh was a quick trip from Philly! Also, a lot of my friends from high school had moved to other cities. So I felt 'alone' in the decision of making Pittsburgh my home once again.

At one point, I actually felt that I was being to be judged so much by my peers and others, that, last year, I was very seriously considering moving to Manhattan, where I was entertaining several job offers.

Besides feeling judged, I also felt a little bit like a 'failure' for not leaving Pittsburgh after graduation to try out a new city. I'm naturally a pretty confident, head strong person, but in this situation,  I felt like everyone in this world expected me to move to a 'big city'... I mean that's what college graduates do, right? 

Flash forward almost 3 years post-graduation, and I can say that my love for Pittsburgh is unmatched... it can't be tamed and I'm not leaving. I live and breathe this city and have a love for Pittsburgh so deep, you'd have to carry me out of it kicking and screaming. 

 But just like with any city,  there are times, when I'm fed up with it. When it's gray for days (sometimes weeks), when it's beyond frigid (like right now), when the traffic is horrendous, when there is 4 feet of snow, when the Steelers lose, when someone takes your parking spot (with a chair), when there are no direct flights out of PIT... the list goes on. 

But when I feel I've had enough of the steel city, I give up, and momentarily want to throw in the towel. I leave for a few days, a week, or even longer.

At the end of this summer, I went to visit my best friend in the Hamptons and then stayed with her in her NYC apartment for 10 days. It was so. much. fun. Before I went, I thought it might make me want to 'cheat on' Pittsburgh and move to New York for a few years. But by the end of the 10 days, while I loved visiting, I missed my city. Driving through that tunnel once I was back, was like running back into the arms of my soulmate.

So, I'm a little embarrassed to say it took me almost 3 years to realize this, but Pittsburgh, has my heart and always will. I will travel to other cities in the world, and sure, I will love them, but nothing will ever hold a flame to the good old 412


Anonymous said...

I love your enthusiasm for "da Bergh"! I am a longtime reader mostly because of a shared Pittsburgh connection (I'm quite a bit older than you). I am not a Pittsburgh native and I no longer live there, but I have such great memories...the friendly people, the hills and valleys, the museums and restaurants, the best pizza I've ever had (Mineo's and Caruso's), and the unmatched Steelers pride. There's a lot to love. Enjoy your city, never say never, and good luck with your blog and career!

Gabriela said...

Aww, I love this post and can totally relate! (I went to CMU for a year and hated the school but loved the city.) I'm originally from Philly but graduated from NYU, and deciding to move back to Pennsylvania was a tough decision for me too! At the end of the day though, I LOVE Philly the way you love Pittsburgh, and being truly content and comfortable in where I live is more important to me than keeping up with the Joneses in Manhattan. PA is the best :)

Erin C said...

I loved this! I grew up in Pittsburgh but am now living elsewhere. I still love visiting the city and would love to go back to live there. I actually found your blog because I was looking for Pittsburgh bloggers and saw that you won the best of the burgh!

Portuguese Prepster said...

This is a really wonderful post! I think it's so awesome how much you love your city. I feel the same way about the DC area (since it's my home area) but I've adapted to the city! Sometimes I still feel like I'm cheating on DC with it though!

Lisa said...

Hi Sydney! I've been a long time reader of your blog, but this is the first comment I've left. This post was so honest and so real, which is something that like you mentioned, we don't often see in the wonderful world of blogging. I also think that the decision you made is something that many people your age struggle with. Kudos to you for your great attitude and refreshing outlook. I'm confident that you made the best possible decision. I loved reading this post and hope for more just like it down the road.

Glitterista said...

I live in Cleveland, and there are so many similarities between Pittsburgh and CLE. What a wonderful and honest post about an amazing city. :)

Anonymous said...

I only lived in Pittsburgh for 4 years, but am a life long fan of all the professional sports teams. I moved to DC for a job, and you made the right choice staying in Pittsburgh. I would go back in a second if could. DC is okay, but it is no Pittsburgh! :)

Classy Sassy Prep said...

I go to UVA, so I can definitely relate that everyone moves up to DC after college! I think people forget that there are other wonderful cities and opportunities outside of DC. I am glad you are happy in Pittsburgh :)

xoxo, Abby

Anonymous said...

I getyour love for your hometown. I made the same decision, years ago, when I came home to Philadelphia, after finishing college in CT. Everyone was headed to NYC and made me feel slightly bad about "going home." Flash forward some years, and everyone is married, pregnant and coming back to PHL. Now I'm the smart one, with all of the restaurant, club, neighborhood & school news, from whom they seek advice. Trust me, your friends will be back, with families in tow. In the meantime, keep on loving the 412 like I do the 215. - KLV in PHL

Joanna M. said...

I had an internship in Pittsburgh over the summer and I really grew to love the city. There is such a wonderful sense of spirit and camaraderie in the Burgh and I am so happy that I was placed there. I still root for the Pirates whenever they're playing :)

Ellen Borza said...

Totally summed it up. I always miss Pittsburgh on break, and I get chills every time I drive through those tunnels and see that skinny skyline. We still need to get together for coffee and talk about our mutual love of Pittsburgh. xo

Ellen | A Pop of Pink

Anonymous said...

As a Pittsburgh girl who moved to another city, I think you definitely made the right decision - I miss Pittsburgh every single day! It is absolutely the best!!

Trish said...

I'm a Pittsburgh girl by marriage! I lived there for 3 years while hubs went to law school at Pitt, and then we had to move for his job, but I still LOVE everything about it. I worked in PPG1 forever and the energy you get from downtown is unparalleled. We'll be coming back this May so I can run the Pittsburgh Marathon and I can't wait to show my kids around.

kasha0621 said...

First time commenter here! Such a sweet post you've written. I moved from Pittsburgh to Philly after college and have adopted Philly as my new home, but I have to admit that I'm jealous of my high school friends who moved back to the burgh and are raising their families there. I am guessing from your photos that you live in MtL (I also grew up there) - - it really is such a gem. How lucky you are to truly appreciate where you live and what you have. Reading your blog always makes me excited for my next visit "home!"

Anonymous said...

Love your honesty and that you are your own person! You are an amazing young lady and Pittsburgh is blessed to have you! Very honestly written.
-Linda, NY

Sydney Liz said...
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Sydney Liz said...

I completely understand this sentiment. I just found your blog following a link from somewhere else, and I'm a Pittsburgh native who's been relocated to northeast Ohio until after I graduate college. Pittsburgh totally has a pull to it that no one except someone who leaves the city can really realize. I hope to be back for good soon, but until then I'll have to sustain off of my occasional visits and this blog!