Friday, November 11, 2016

How To Wear Leather Leggings in a Classic Way

How To Wear Leather Leggings in a Classic Way

It's certainly no secret that I am all about the classics. I love diamond or pearl stud earrings, a beautiful ballet flat, a little black dress... the list goes on. In fact, my wardrobe is built entirely on classics. And while I'm always willing and wanting to spruce things up here and there, I really do stick to timeless pieces. 

But loving classics has given me a little bit of a struggle from time to time. I have always dressed more 'mature' or 'conservative' than others my age. There's no clear reasoning behind it. It's just what I personally prefer and feel most comfortable in. I fully realize it ages me and can somewhat alienate me from my peers, but it's just fine by me!

Now at 26, this isn't much of an issue, but in high school and college, and even a few years post-grad, it was definitely noticeable. I remember my junior year of high school, I found a gorgeous little black dress at Talbots with Breakfast at Tiffany's style pearls down the back. I wanted to wear it for the upcoming Snowball dance and my mom loved it, too. So I got it... and you better believe I rocked the heck out of that dress!! But there was no denying I was definitely the most conservatively dressed girl at the dance... and it's safe to say that no one else had my dress (haha!!). As a post-grad dressing to go out with girlfriends at bars has always been a challenge, but I've just learned to embrace my personal style rather than trying to 'fit in'. 

One of the things I frequently wear and consider a closet staple that is not a timeless classic, though, is leather leggings. I bought my first pair almost 3 years ago and at first, was very hesitant. However, over the years, I'm always reaching for them! I love that they give my classic outfits a slight edge, provide a great mix of texture, and they're appropriate for a multitude of occasions! While I know that they aren't for everyone, I definitely think that those who also consider themselves classic dressers can embrace some trendier pieces from time to time and the leather legging is a really great place to start. 

For this look, I'm styling leather leggings for the daytime. I typically wear them at night, but every once in a while, they'll see the light of day! I stuck with an all black color palette (or lack thereof, really) and added my favorite Burberry scarf to add a pop. I also kept things simple and classic with my favorite bow ballet flats. 

My biggest tip for anyone trying to incorporate a trend or something outside of your usual style is to pick one piece and dress around it in your usual way. I chose classic, simple pieces for the above outfit to dress around the leather leggings, which in turn, in my opinion, creates an overall classic (but updated) outfit! 

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Taylor Howell said...

Is this the large check Burberry scarf? Do you know where I can find it? The link appears to be the regular Burberry scarf

Ashley said...

I absolutely love how you styled the leather leggings, I have been eyeing them forever!

Ashley //

Becca Kuhn said...

I love the Ferragamos!! I went to the Nordstrom Last Chance clearance center in Chicago this past weekend and found some black Varas for wait for it---$45!!! Best find of my life. Love the classic/trendy outfit.

Becca Kuhn said...
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Megan said...

Love this outfit so much! And I can 100% relate to feeling like I dress more classic/conservative than all of my friends. Like you, I tell myself it's a good thing!

Megan Rau said...
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Megan Rau said...
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Megan Rau said...

Love this outfit and your style! And I can completely relate to feeling like I dress more classic/conservative than my friends, too. I tell myself it's a good thing!

Katie M said...

I love your scarf and flats, what a cute outfit!


Lauren said...

I have been meaning to pick up a pair of leather leggings! The Burberry scarf you added to the outfit is the perfect element to balance it all out!


Kathryn Byers said...

How fabulous are you, girlfriend?! Love this!

xx Kathryn

Summer Wind said...

Hi Taylor,

The Burberry scarf is from last year and it looks like it is sold out everywhere, I'm sorry!!


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