Tuesday, May 29, 2018

My Cornflower Blue Bedroom

Look at his cute little glance!

Printed Shams// Blue Throw (under $100, comes in tons of colors)
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Back in February, I shared that I wanted to add some color to my bedroom. Specifically, I wanted to incorporate cornflower blue. I didn't want to do anything that was going be super pricey and I was still happy with white being the main color. But I just thought some pops of color would be interesting for spring/summer. You can also check out this blog post where I talked about pillows

So today I'm sharing what I did! You can see my bedroom that I revealed back in October, here. I still really love that look and what I changed can easily be changed back once I get bored of the cornflower blue! 

What I bought new:
- Monogrammed Pillow: This is the pillow that started the entire thing. I love how long it is! It's like a bolster pillow but better. It's really high quality and while it's expensive, it's handmade so it's really special! 
- Printed Shams: I am obsessed with this print. I really like a white bed, so I wanted to keep the color and print minimal and I felt like that this was the perfect print to do that!
- Custom Coasters: These are just so cute and I think that they would also make a really nice gift for someone who has everything! 
- Monogrammed Tissue Cover: I use these covers on all my tissue boxes and I think it just makes it look more refined and tailored! It's a great wedding gift idea, too!
- Throw: This is Matouk so you know it will be good quality- but I was shocked at the low price. It is SO soft and just the right shade of blue. It comes in a bunch of other colors, too. I'm considering getting a neutral one for my living room!

As you can see, I really only bought a few new pieces and it changed the look in a big way! 

Mattress Update:
Also, I thought I'd update you on my Pangea Bed mattress. You can read about it, here. I have been sleeping on this mattress for about 6+ months and it is still SO good. I honestly could not recommend it more if you are looking for a great mattress. I have terrible knees (skiing and gymnastics/ cheerleading growing up) and this mattress has totally improved my joint pain and I sleep soundly. I used to get SO hot in my old bed and I really think this makes for a cooler more comfortable sleep. This is not at all sponsored, I just thought you should know how amazing this mattress is! 


Chic in Carolina said...

Your bedroom is so cute, Sydney! Love it!


Unknown said...

Do you know what paint color your room is?


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