Thursday, November 29, 2018


I hope everyone had the best Thanksgiving! We had such a nice Thanksgiving, even though it was SO cold all day. We just stayed inside and enjoyed time together with some bubbly and turkey! Before Thanksgiving, my sister and I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! They are SO good! 

After Thanksgiving, I had my 10-year high school reunion and it was so much fun! I thought it might be weird or awkward because I graduated with 500 people and I only closely stay in touch with a handful of people but it was like it was yesterday! I honestly cannot believe it has been 10 years! The reunion made me thankful for where I grew up and who I grew up with!

My BFF, Eugenia, is getting married in February and I could not be more excited for her! Her shower was this past weekend and it was nothing short of stunning. It was so much fun to celebrate her!!

I loved sharing the news of my house! I am so excited! I can't believe I have to wait at the very least 4 more months. I am so ready to plan and decorate and get settled in. The thought of actually moving- packing everything, transporting all of my stuff- and getting settled in is a bit daunting (oyyy), but I know I'll get there! Let me know if you have any great home decor sites. I'm going to need a lot of furniture going from a small 1 bed/1 bath to a 3 bed 2.5 bath- another thing that kind of overwhelms me (in a good way!). 
Eating: Who else ate alllll the food on Thanksgiving?! Does anyone else make a 'bowl' out of all the food?! Everyone in my family thinks it is so gross, but I like mashed potatoes as a base and then add everything else on top- like a Thanksgiving version of Chipotle! 


Reading: 40 deep bathroom cleaning hacks. If you know me, then you know I love to clean and organize. These are some great tips! 

Sale-ing: If you can believe it, some sales are still going strong. You can find my sale content through these links:  The Best of Cyber WeekThe Best of Tuckernuck SaleThe Best of the J.Crew SaleThe Best of the Abercrombie Sale, The Best of Cyber Monday

  I re-watched Life Size the other night and talk about a good movie! Brings me back to my 10-year-old self just wishing I was Lindsay Lohan! Well, Freeform (cough, ABC Family, cough) is launching a Life Size 2 on December 2nd. You better believe I recorded it! 

Listening: My Christmas playlist has been on repeat and it brings me so much joy! 

Loving: The Skimm of the finance world, Finimize. You get an article to your inbox daily that keeps you up-to-date on everything finance-related. I've gotten very into investing and news that affects the investments that I make and this e-mail is a quick and easy way to get the news from the day!

Wanting: I'm all wanted out after all of those sales! But here are some great items in case you are looking to get yourself or someone else something! More gift guides to come! 

Traveling: I'm headed to NYC with my family! I am so excited to play tourist with them in NYC! We have all been to the city so many times but never during Christmastime so we are ready to soak in all the lights and decorations! 

Quoting: 'I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.'- Charles Dickens // See more of my favorites, here. 

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