Monday, April 30, 2012

Southern Beaus

Today marks the last day of April which is kind of sad. April has always been one of my favorite months (I mean it is my birthday month!).  Both April and September are my favorite months (honestly, I truly love all months but March). 

I think it is because they mark beginning and ends. For me, April marks the end of school and beginning of summer and September marks the start of school and the end of summer. 

It's a little weird now that there will be no school to mark the end of my summer. Oh well... just means I get a longer summer, right?! 
Well, to kick off what I consider summer, I have something absolutely gorgeous to share with you all. Enter Southern Beaus
Yes, that is a seersucker, monogrammed clutch.... with a BOW! I really do not think there could be anything that makes this clutch more perfect.... Except... it's roomy! It comfortably fits my entire wallet, camera, phone, and lip gloss. 
 What are bEw's initials doing in this post?!
Yes, Southern Beaus has it all. They cater to guys and girls who want to look their best! Pink/green gingham, monograms, seersucker, and bows. So perfect for spring/summer. Now we all know what clutch I will be using on graduation...and what bEw will be wearing!

Ashlyn is the preppy genius behind these gorgeous handmade, cotton bow ties and clutches. She was such a joy to work with and I couldn't imagine a more perfect surprise in the mail! If you're not into pink and green (gasp!) here are some other amazing options that Southern Beaus has to offer:
Reverse of the above Seersucker/Anchors. I absolutely love how some of the bow ties can be tied in different ways for a different look (it's like a two-for-one!).

I think that these bow ties would be so perfect for a nautical wedding and the monogrammed clutches would be a fabulous bridesmaid gift. You could fill it with fun wedding day necessities like tissues and lip gloss. Don't forget the bride! Southern Beaus also offers bridal options as well! And if you don't have a wedding coming up, this would make a wonderful Mother's Day present (next Sunday!). For more adorable examples of what Ashlyn is able to create, check out the Southern Beaus Facebook page here. What is your favorite piece? Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lucky Pants

These pants have been on my radar for some time now. I am literally drooling every time I look at them. They are the perfect easy, breezy summer pant and boast the ability to be dressed up or down. Printed pants are currently "in" right now, although, I hardly can recall a time when they were ever "out" in my book-- Lilly has been making printed pants for years.

Printed Pants 
 Printed Pants by summerwind41490
The look on the left could be worn while having a sunset cocktail on the beach. The middle outfit could be everyday wear and then the last outfit could be worn for weekend brunch/shopping. What do you think about printed pants? How would you style these great Lucky ones? Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to Wear a Closet Staple: The Polo

Many shy away from wearing polos because they think they are only reserved for the true preppies of the world. Others may think that polos are only meant for the golf course. However, no matter your style, a polo is still a wardrobe staple.

First things first: You need to find a polo that fits. My personal favorite is Loggerhead Apparel. I wear a small and it is fitted to my body perfectly: not too tight, not too lose and just the right amount of stretch. The length is perfect as well (I love Ralph Lauren polos but hate that the length is much shorter in front). I also love that the material is lightweight and each polo is made in the U.S.A. (if you've been reading for a while, you'll know that U.S.A. made is a big deal to me!). 

So, how do you style your polo? Well here are some looks I have styled in the past few weeks with polos...

 Out to lunch and shopping and worn into the night to dinner.
Polo: Loggerhead
Denim: BCBG
Bow Flats: Talbots
Watch: Men's, Daniel Steiger
Handbag: Vintage Gucci
This is a very simple but put together look. The black polo makes it a bit more dressy than the usual pastel polo and it also helps to make jewelry pop. Another reason I love black polos are because you can wear them out at night. I love pairing a black polo with a white chino skirt and cute flats.

 A day of classes.
Polo: Loggerhead
Brown Riding Pants: Ann Taylor
Patent Nude Loafers: DSW
This was worn to classes one day. I love pale pink and brown together and a polo and riding pants are a match made in heaven! 

A day of classes.
Polo: Loggerhead
Skirt: J. Crew
This is a great, classic summer look. My favorite color of polo is definitely either white or navy blue. 

Happy Hour
Polo: Loggerhead
Pants: Nordstrom
Madras Espadrilles: Tommy Hilfiger
This is the same day as the previous outfit but it was getting cooler outside so I threw on red denim. I love the simple yet put together look of this outfit. 
A day of classes.
Polo: Loggerhead
Shorts: Brooks Brothers
Headband: J. Crew
I love these pastel shorts from Brooks Brothers and I've found that really only a crew-neck tee, cable knit, polo or OCBD looks good with these shorts. 
A day of errands.
Polo: Loggerhead
Belt: J. Crew
Seersucker skirt: Ann Taylor
This is another classic look but switched up because I tucked the polo (I actually find myself doing this a lot so I can define my waist).

Now the real question; to pop or not to pop? ;) 
How do you wear your polo? Have you tried Loggerhead polos? What are your favorite brand of polos? 
Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

As we go on, We remember...

{I cannot believe this was 4 years ago! I look so silly, but this was the only picture of me with my cap on... I took it off as soon as I could!}

I will be graduating on Saturday May 5, 2012 from college. To say I am excited is an understatement. I am sad to leave this chapter of my life, but excited and ready for a fulfilling post-grad experience.

For privacy/security reasons, I have never given any information as to what school I attend. Although, I have dropped many a hint ;). Since I am graduating, I figure it is about time that I let the world know about the amazing school I have attended for the past 4 years. Not to mention, it will be pretty obvious with pictures of me in my cap and gown in specific locations around the campus.

So, I am going to hold a contest of sorts. You can comment with where you think I go to school. I am not going to publish any of the comments so everyone gets a fair chance and the ones that guess the correct school will be entered into a raffle and win a surprise/small gift from my school.

Your guess will not be counted if:
  • You are friends with me on my personal Facebook
  • You go to my school (I would hope that this is a given, but you never know!)
  • I have told you personally through e-mail
I thought this would be a fun/different way to go about blogging about my graduation (because I can promise you, there will be many posts about it!). The winner will be announced the week of May 7, 2012. Good luck! I am excited to see what people think. Happy guessing! Have a fabulous day!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Sponsor: Needham Lane

Have you shopped Needham Lane? If not, this should be your first stop in preparing for your summer wardrobe because Needham Lane's slippers, accessories, pajamas, and clothing are absolutely fabulous. Honestly, if I could wear Needham Lane every single day, I would love it. I would never get bored because of the gorgeous, colorful patterns and the incredible quality and construction of the garments. Maura, from Needham Lane generously sent me a few pieces to review and I am so obsessed.
Remember how I told you I was going to wear my white pants? Well, I took the plunge on the morning/afternoon of my birthday and paired my white pants with the Needham Lane blue paisley shirt. This is definitely one of my favorite prints that NL offers (blue and white has always been a favorite of mine). The above picture was of me right after I got my Starbucks fix and ready to board the metro!
 The shirt is so incredibly comfortable and was perfect for brunching/shopping/walking around Georgetown. I even got several compliments from complete strangers!
This was an Instagram (@SummerWind41490) right when I was leaving the hotel. I paired the top with a grosgrain ribbon belt from L.L. Bean, white denim from Nordstrom, Jack's, a monogram necklace, orange enamel bangle, and Vineyard Vines tote.
These are the prints that Maura sent me. In. Love. Left is the skirt in Lark, the button down shirt in blue paisley, and dress in Jude.
Next is the skirt in Lark. I cannot rave enough about the quality construction of each piece. They will truly be a staple in your closet for years to come. I paired my skirt with a Ralph Lauren blue and white striped button down, pearl studs, a monogram necklace, orange bangle, David Yurman cuff, and Jack's. This outfit was another fun option for brunching in Georgetown, driving back to school, and heading to a sorority chapter meeting. I was comfortable and cute all day!
The next piece I want to keep a surprise because it is making its debut as one of the dresses that I will be wearing for all of the upcoming graduation festivities. But as soon as I wear it, I will be doing an OOTD post. It is fabulous to say the least!
Here is the image of the Piper dress is Jude as a little preview of what is to come! I think it is just the most perfect dress in fit/cut/colors/construction.

Check out Needham Lane on Facebook and "like" the page for all of the newest looks and prints! Their slippers have been featured in many magazines including the Oprah Magazine!

Have you shopped Needham Lane? What is your favorite print?
Have a fabulous day!

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Sometimes, I find myself purchasing things based on their "cute-ness level". It may sound ridiculous, but let me show you what I mean... 
 This Felix Rey bag reminds me a bit of Kate Spade. The crab is too cute!
Rebecca Minkoff goes cute with these great pink and white stripes!
This Dogeard "Forget Me Not" necklace boasts a teeny, tiny, bow. Yep, pretty darn cute.
Pink+Bows=Cute. Love these Seychelles sandals.
These paper bag trousers from Madewell are such a cute pink hue and would look adorable with a navy and white striped top!
Tory Burch does cute with this Seahorse iPhone case!
Do you ever find yourself picking things out when shopping because you have deemed them "cute"... Please tell me I am not the only one! Have a fabulous day!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Faves

Just a few random thoughts for this Friday! One of the presents that bEw got me for my birthday was a Kate Spade bow ring. I am seriously in love. It is not the big one like I have seen on many blogs-- It's much smaller and more of an every day ring. I have received so many compliments on this ring and love looking down at a cute little bow! It definitely makes every outfit a bit more fun!
I am in love with the Brooks Brothers store in Georgetown. It is one of my favorite places. Every square inch of the place is sheer perfection. This is towards the back of the store and one of my favorite little spots. I would love an entry way in my house to look just like this! Remember my post on how much I love eagle regency mirrors?
If you are ever in Georgetown, I am urging you to run to Paolo's for the weekend brunch! To start off, they have gorgeous outdoor seating. Next, mimosas, bellinis, and bloody mary's are all just $3. Any brunch item on the menu is $8 before 1pm. The best part? The food is absolutely fabulous. I had the Italian eggs benedict one day and then the egg sandwich the next, and they were both fantastic! Not to mention their bread sticks and tapenade are mouth-watering delicious! Plus, you cannot beat the price-- bEw and I paid $26 for the two of us each time... talk about a deal!
What are you loving this Friday? Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lifeguard Press: Lilly Pulitzer Review!

I love Lifeguard Press. I have enjoyed their notebooks, stationery, note-pads, etc. for years. So, when Lifeguard Press contacted me about doing a review, I was so excited! It was hard to choose two things, but I love what I chose! 
 First, I chose the Lilly Pulitzer Insulated Cooler in Chum Bucket. The print is so vibrant, it's great! I fit all that you see on my bed into the cooler. I obviously used it as a tote rather than a cooler. It is so large that it makes a great tote. Plus, I plan on using it this summer as a beach/pool bag. I am going to throw an ice pack in the bag and it will keep my sunscreen/makeup and all other beach necessities nice and cool! 
It's big and oh-so-perfect!
To give you an idea on the size I sat it up against my Just Madras tote and vineyard Vines tote.
 Next up is the Lilly Pulitzer Storage Bin (large). I chose this because it looks great in my pink and green themed room. Plus it's perfect as under-bed storage or on a desk shelf. I am definitely going to let cCm borrow this when she heads off to Kentucky in the fall. It will be perfect in her pink and green dorm room as well. This is definitely a college must-have-- especially because it folds to lay flat.
What are your favorite Lifeguard Press products? I love that they have so many options to choose from and feature more than just Lilly! The Jonathan Adler prints are adorable and my mother loves the Susan Wallace Barnes Calendars!
Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sponsor: Stella and Dot

One of my sorority sisters and good friends, Beth has become an independent stylist for Stella and Dot.

I honestly have never really paid attention to Stella and Dot before because it is compromised of mostly fashion jewelry, and up until recently, I didn't utilize much fashion jewelry into my wardrobe. But now that I love it, I can't get enough!
Beth and I!
Today I am  featuring a few pieces and looks that Beth has put together for some of my other gorgeous sorority sisters! Beth is someone who can make any outfit look absolutely fabulous. Even the girls in our sorority look up to her on all things to do with style! Another sorority sister, Madison, is a great photographer and she took the photos right outside of our sorority house!
This is my G-Little Allison! Isn't she gorgeous?! Allison is wearing:
 This is a close up of both pieces! 
Next up is Caroline! I love the way she pairs navy gingham with bright pink! Caroline is wearing:
Top, vest, and shorts - all JCrew 
A close up of the Paradise studs! I love these studs because they are a great alternative to pearl studs. 
 Kathleen is sporting the Charlize Teardrop Earrings. I absolutely love these and at $34, they are very affordable! They are also so perfect for summer... Turquoise is a summer staple! 
 On Kathleen:
Jeans - Lucky
Top - Anthropologie
I love all of these looks and the girls behind the looks! Have you shopped Stella and Dot? What are your favorite pieces? Here are some more pieces that I am loving:
Carobella Hoops

Shop Stella and Dot today and let me know what you pick up! Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


First, I want to extend a HUGE thank you to all of those who Tweeted/texted/called/Facebooked/commented/etc. wishing me a happy birthday. Each and every person brightened my day and helped me to have an even happier birthday. The blogging world never ceases to amaze me and enrich my life! Thank you!

Daddy, Mother, me, bEw
Over Easter weekend, I celebrated with my family because we were all going to be in different places on my actual birthday. We went to the Hofbrauhaus. It is a German Beer Hall and there are only several in the world. It reminds me a lot of the Germany part of Epcot in Disney World. It's very neat and the perfect place to celebrate.
 They serve giant "bier steins" and brew all of the beer in house. If you have been reading Summer Wind for a while now, then you are probably thinking what I am doing in a beer restaurant when I don't drink beer...
Well, luckily for me, they had cute little bottles of champagne. The guys loved the beer options though! Hofbrauhaus is also famous for all of the patrons standing on the chairs and benches while the band plays. It is SO much fun and makes you think like you are getting away with something by standing on the chairs!
All of the waiters, waitresses, bartenders, and even the band were dressed in traditional German outfits. See what I mean about the Disney World kind of atmosphere?!
The way the entire place is decorated is so neat! Giant lanterns, wall murals, and even the bathrooms make you feel like you are in Germany. My favorite part? The fried pickles.

Have you been to a Hofbrauhaus? Or even better, the original in Germany? Have a fabulous day!

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