Wednesday, January 30, 2013

LV Lovin'

This post may be a little premature considering my 23rd birthday (yikes!) is still months away...April 14th if anyone wants to start shopping now ;). But really, you can never plan too far in advance, right?! 

Well, this birthday, I have decided it is finally time to take the Louis Vuitton plunge. I have several nice, quality handbags and truthfully, I don't really need a new handbag. However, this is something I have always wanted.. and that is what birthdays are for... getting things you want rather than need... or at least that's my thought on the concept! 

I know many readers already have Louis Vuittons so I am anxious to hear you weigh in, considering that this is a large gift (for me, at least). 
So here is the situation: I have been using my Kate Spade New Bond Street Florence bag (read post here) which is fabulous. It is a high quality bag and it has that classic "adult working girl" look that I was seeking. I love the color because it matches black, brown, navy grey, etc. The above photo makes it  look a little darker than it is. One issue that I have with it is that it is a tad small. When all is said and done, I can't fit my agenda or a notebook which bothers me. Besides the KS handbag, I have several Longchamps (different colors and sizes) and about a million and half smaller handbags such as clutches and evening-type bags. I also have a vintage Gucci handbag that my grandmother purchased in Italy (see post here) which I love love love but don't use too often because it is showing signs of wear. Plus about a billion totes.. I admit, I have a tote hoarding problem 

The one thing I noticed about my handbag inventory is when I was traveling to Chicago, I didn't have a handbag that would fit my iPad, 13" computer, and other travel necessities. I have LL Bean totes, but I wanted something a little fancier and the medium was too small and large, too large.

Louis Vuitton

So here are my options...
Let me preface this by saying that I have always and originally wanted to the classic monogrammed brown Speedy 30. Buttt... of course, now I am rethinking with so many options.

Please give me your knowledge...

  • Neverfull MM vs. GM...they are on the left of the collage. (which do you prefer and why)
  • Do you have one of these "base shapers" for your Neverfull... why or why not? 
  • Damier vs. Monogram (I think I prefer monogram, but if you think otherwise, please share why!)
  • Speedy sizes (I'm thinking 30)
  • Neverfull vs. Speedy (is the speedy the more classic option and the Neverfull more practical?)
  • LV makes the Speedy Bandouliere (bottom left) which is basically just the speedy 30 with a strap... however there is a leather strip on either side that differs it from the classic which is steering me away from this option. Do I need a strap? Do they make one for the classic speedy... I'm thinking I definitely need a strap because I use the strap on my Kate Spade handbag all the time. I can't find pricing on a strap though... does anyone know the price because if they are going to charge something like $400 just for a leather strap, then I find that absurd!!! 
  • Should I skip the Louis Vuitton dream and go for something else... is there a nicer quality, more classic bag (for around the same price $750-$1,200) out there that I am discounting because I have tunnel vision with LV???

Lastly, I imagine that once I get this handbag it will be my go-to, everyday handbag so I want to make sure I am making a good decision! Boy, who knew handbag shopping could be so strenuous! Please, please, please weigh in!!! Have a fabulous day!


Belle said...

My mum has the neverfull and I have the speedy 30 both in monogram and I have to say I use them both equally! The speedy is a classic - it's beautiful for basically any occasion and does fit an iPad in albeit depending on what else you carry around with you. If you carry lots then the neverfull is a godsend. Personally I don't have the base shapers and it hasn't hindered my use of it. The only problem I have with the neverfull is its closure - just the hook thing doesn't make be feel very safe. Hope this helped :) and I agree - birthdays are for things you want not need - I bought my speedy for t 18th and absolutely treasure it!

Brooke said...

I love LV bags! I had 2. I have a Speedy 25 (too small!) and I had a Neverfull MM. I sold the Neverfull this past year. I loved it and it's size but there's no closure on the top so you have to be really careful when carrying your stuff. It's also a never ending pit, finding stuff in there is nearly impossible and you have to dig for it if it's tiny.
I did not have a base shaper. It was shaped all on it's own.

I'm actually in the process of buying a Mon Monogram Speedy 30 (they now monogram Speedys and Neverfulls!) Since I already have a classic, I'm really excited to have my initials on this new one :) (If you are interested in this one, they are on the LV website with different color combinations to try!)

So, I think you should go with whatever one you really really want and will hold all of your stuff. I love the speedy but I realize you can't fit a laptop in there. Good luck in choosing! It's so fun! :)

Tory Banknell said...

I had exactly the same dilemma when deciding with mine. I ended up going with the Neverfull MM tote and seriously could not love it more. I had always dreamed of the speedy but to me the neverfull was much more practical. I use it every day and have never once had buyers remorse. What I did was go to the store (several) times and tried the bags on. I check how my stuff would fit (yes I put my planner in both ect.) and which looked better. I have heard that things tent to get lost in the bottom of the speedy but you can see a great deal more in the neverfull. In the end that was the better bag for me, but still love both! Good luck with your decision, I know how stressful it can be, really can't go wrong with either!

Anna Lall said...

love the idea of saving up to buy a fabulous classic piece, but personally I would avoid LV bags. They are everywhere, and so are their knock-offs. I love your classic style, but I would be hesitant to purchase something that every teenager across America seems to have. And some of the knock-offs are REALLY good, so why spend all the $$ when you can buy something from Canal Street or eBay that looks the same as the real deal? That said, if I were saving for a purse, I'd buy a Chanel, or if you wanted to spend around $1,000 I'd buy a Burberry trench. Just a thought - happy early birthday either way!

Anna Lall said...
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KW said...

I've been having this debate in my head for years! I have almost pulled the trigger on the Neverfull MM multiple times in the past three years and the fact it does not have a zipper has held me back. I like a zipper, ie a Longchamp, on planes and in the city. I also have my mother's 40+ year old vintage Speedy ( they don't make them like they used to!) and use it sparingly as it's fragile, but do love the zipper. I wish it had a strap, it becomes cumbersome when shopping. I got a pouchette (clutch) about ten years ago and bought the small extender for the strap and it was overpriced for the small piece so guessing a Speedy strap will be expensive.

Have you considered Goyard? Same shape as the Neverfull and you tend to not see them on everyone. (not to mention the monogram options are fab!) Quality may be better too? Overall I feel LV's quality has dropped in substantially.

Xx, KW

CLP said...

I have several LVs including the Speedy 30. While I love my speedy and it holds a ton (like deceivingly a lot!) I would suggest the Neverfull if you want to use this as a work bag. The narrow opening in the speedy makes it difficult to easily get into/see what is in the bag if you're carrying a lot of stuff in it. The Neverfull will be more practical.

Also I have boats with both the monogram and damier prints and I hands down recommend going Damier if you're going to be using the bag a lot. The lighter colored straps on the monogram bags turn a darker color with age and show spots/stains easily. Basically the monogram bags don't wear as well. The dark leather trim and straps of the Damier bags never change color so the bag always looks great even if it is years old!

Good luck with your purchase! I'm sure you will love whatever you choose!

Britt said...

First, too funny that we have the same birthday... I'm just one year older...

I have the Neverfull MM and the speedy 30 both in damier. I love Damier vs. the monogram because it is a bit darker and I'm not sure exactly why I just prefer the way it looks...

I would say Neverfull for traveling. I use my Speedy as a regular/everyday purse. My neverfull comes in handy on days I have a lot of books, binders or I used to travel with it when I leaved in England and was flying back and forth from Chicago and also to other countries. Both bags are amazing but the Neverfull helps way more when it comes to travel.

Britt said...

First we have the same birthday! I'm just one year older!

I have the Neverfull MM and Speedy 30 both in Damier. I prefer Damier, I'm not sure exactly why but something about it appeals to me more. (possibly the darker colour).

I traveled a lot when I lived in England between London and Bath, London and Chicago and around Europe. The neverfull MM was perfect to fit my MacBook Air, Ipad and other accessories. I love my speedy but more as a regular everyday bag vs. one that you can fit a lot of stuff. Hope that helps!

Caitlin C. said...

I love LV, but am lusting after a Goyard bag as my big girl bag. You should check those out--I think they're really classic!

Emily said...

I've had the LV Delightful Monogram for a year and a half and love it....I can honestly say I don't even look at any other purses because I love it so much.

Here's what it looks like:

A lot of my friends have the Neverfull and don't like it because everyone seems to have it and they didn't like how exposed their stuff was without a zipper/some kind of closure

Good luck on the decision, it's a hard one!


Anonymous said...

My was given my first Speedy when I graduated High School (it was my grandmothers-passed down to me).
I received my 2nd Speedy as a gift from my boyfriend. Buy a Speedy and don't think twice. You will love it!!!

Jen said...

I have a Neverfull MM in the damier (dark) and a speedy 30 in the light color. My speedy in the light color showed signs of dirt way too quickly on the handles, which I hated. When I took it back to LV to get it cleaned, they said there was nothing they could do about it. When it got the Neverfull I knew I wanted to go with the dark color for this reason, and It goes well with wintery clothes. I love the MM size because it is not too big or too small. For a weekend trip I can place my laptop along with some other belongings, and for a longer trip I can bring the Neverfull and a longchamp on the plane and be set. The annoying thing about the speedy is you always have to hold it by the handles, or on your forearm, which can be heavy if you are carrying a lot of things. I recommend the Neverfull.

Portuguese Prepster said...

I love LV! I have two. One is the dark Damier Neverfull in the medium size. I LOVE IT! I use it all the time when going to NYC as a tote for travel and then squeeze the drawstrings to turn it into a purse. I also have a beautiful Tivoli bag but it's much more a for show bag-beautiful hardware but very heavy. It's has a special place in my heart though since I bought it in Rome! I actually ironically posted on LV's today too! check it out!

miss andrea lee said...

I have the damier neverful mm (and a few speedys) but I prefer the neverful. The GM was too big for me and the MM fit laptop, basically everything for traveling (I always travel with it). I picked the damier because it wasn't so 'this is an LV' bag (some people still don't know the pattern ie my boss) and it wasn't so show-y at work. Hope that helps!

Unknown said...

I have the LV Speedy Bandouliere and I love it! I bought it about 7 years ago and it still looks brand new. Once you have the bag, you won't even notice the leather strip on either side. In addition, I never bought the extra strap and has seemed to work fine and the bag holds a lot! Overall, I love it! Favorite bag!

Anonymous said...

Speedy is a classic. I'm much older than you and have had mine for twenty years. Still wear her once in awhile!

Also have the damier neverfull mm and love it! It's a great size and fits tons.

I got a zipper insert/organizer online from a company called 'purse to go' for when I travel and want the inside secure.
(they have colors that match the mono or damier linings too)

Have fun choosing!

: )


Katie Walpole said...

I have a speedy 30, and I love it. I've had it since high school, and it's still sturdy as a rock. I love the color change, and it goes with everything!

Just said...

I have the Alma monogram instead of the speedy. Less popular, I know, but it seemed like it would be easier to dig around for things. I'm always losing my keys to the very bottom of the bag. And it is a lot easier I think - I have speedy shaped Rebecca Minkoffs and am forever scratching my arm or snagging my my sweater, or hooking DY cuffs on the opening/zipper because it is just a slit. And a thin monogram bracelet chain? Forget it, terrified I'll snap it off. The Alma works well for me. The shape curved opening is fantastic. Love the look of the Neverfull but I totally agree with other comments. The no-zip top is a deal breaker.

Other bags to love: honestly, I don't wear my LV much. I prefer my longchamp for winter weather and love love love Rebecca Minkoff (and Kate Spade Bow or Tassel bags!). Maybe it's just my line of work, but I like bags that I know how much they cost but other people don't necessarily know unless they are familiar with the company or care. Ha.

I literally just ordered the Dooney Bourke Vachetta Satchel yesterday and while (YES thank goodness) I sold all my Dooney Bourke bags from college a while ago, I saw this bag on someone at a Junior League meeting last week and literally couldn't take my eyes off it. I got the darker brown color.

There are some great real life photos with it in the link. Not me though!

Just said...

Oh and because I did just remember all the comments about the LV current quality - my Alma is a hand-me-down sort of, although I did choose it. I was talking about my choice and it just worked out perfectly that I got one. So mine is technically "vintage" not sure the exact age, I'm figuring 20 years or so. It is in incredible shape, so again, no clue about current quality issues.

Unknown said...

I was having this same conversation with someone else about the different LV bags and the pros/cons. I bought the Neverfull GM in Damier Ebene this past summer and it hasn't left my shoulder since! I bought it while on vacation in London and used it the entire trip to carry umbrellas, rain jackets, travel books etc and it never lost it's shape. Even now I'm using it for class and it easily holds a couple notebooks along with my other daily purse items.

Some people have voiced concerns about the top not having a secure closure, but in my experience the GM model is tall enough that unless your bag is laying on its side or fully turned upright, things aren't going to fall out.

I'll be the first to admit that the GM is a BIG bag! Definitely recommend going to a store and trying it out for yourself. That being said you can cinch in the sides and make it much smaller, but it makes it more difficult to grab things.

Good luck in making your decision! Can't wait to see what you pick out :)

Morgan Rudy said...

I have the Damier GM Neverfull - I am also a young working recent college grad! I wish I had gotten the medium size - the big one is just too big for everyday. I love the print because it's more subtle than the monogram print!

Natalie said...

Hi sCe! I just wanted to weigh in on your LV dilemma! I received the Neverfull MM for my 21st birthday and I absolutely adore it! I wanted to let you know that I think you should purchase the Neverfull. I was debating between the Speedy and the Neverfull as well, but I think the tote shape of the Neverfull is way better for fitting in notebooks/iPad/planner. Even if those fit in the Speedy, it is awkward to carry. (I did a few laps around the store holding both.) I also think the tote is more comfortable than the Speedy. I am still in college, and I carry my Neverfull to class every day! It is perfect for my 13 inch computer as well as any notebooks I need. I also love it for traveling/shopping because I like to carry a lot with me all the time. I have the monogram, and the lady at the LV store told me that the leather trim on the monogram is a special vachetta leather that is supposed to turn darker with age. So do not worry about it "getting dirty" because that is what its meant to do! I do not have a bottom shaper and it has been fine for me. Also I love the "mon monogram" option! I purchased my bag in Venice so did not have time to do that.. but the monograms are gorgeous! If you were willing to spend more, I would obviously go for a Goyard, but unfortunately that was out of my price range when I got my LV! I hope this helps. Please update us on what you decide!


Preppy Girl Meets World said...

I have the Damier Ebene Neverfull MM and I love it. I use it all the time. I have a Montergueil in the monogram pattern and think that over time the Damier Ebene pattern looks better over time. The light colored trim on the monogram pattern turns dark over time.

Francesca Acciardo said...

I'm really bad with names, but my mom and I share the one in the middle (I think that's the speedy?) and Im not quite sure if you can fit a 13" laptop in there... (Mine is vintage so the new bags might be bigger). Overall, I LOVE the way it looks, but it might be small for what you want to use it for. Also, my Aunt has the bottom left (again, I don't know the name- is that the never full?) and I LOVE it! It is SO big and I love the style!!


Alexandra Bee Blog said...

I've never been a huge fan of LV...just not my style! If I did have to pick one though, I'd go with the Damier!

Twana said...

I have the Speedy 40, and I also I have Neverfull GM. I would have to say that the Neverfull has been my go to bag ever since I got it. I use it when I travel, it is so much more convenient to be able to stick my IPhone, IPad, or my nook in it and just go! I love, love, love my Speedy 40, and would never give it up ever, but it is so much easier to have a bag to throw on your shoulder and go!

E said...

I'd think about what style of bag you carry most often and get the LV that is closer to that style. If you get a bag that's a type that you don't usually carry then you might not ever use your LV. For example, I would never get a speedy since I almost always carry a tote bag or use a cross body bag. I can't stand having to carry a bag in my hand for long.

Lisa Odom said...

I have two, none of the two you are thinking of getting, but....
I have the Totally MM. It might be smaller than a bag you are needing, but I love the pockets on the outside. It also tucks under my arm nicely especially while shopping. I hate carrying around a bulky purse while trying to do something with my arms, like hold up clothes or grocery shop. My other bag is the Hampstead. It is a lot like the Neverfull, but the sides fold in and snap to make it more slimline if I am not carrying around things like my iPad and books. I do love my LV's but I will say they are not the most comfortable bags to carry. I like a purse that gives and moves with me and with these, I am literally carrying around a big bag. They have softened up a lot since being new though. I love them and would get another one, but I would just be very mindful of how it was going to fit on my body when I was really moving, not just standing around.
I wouldn't get a base shaper just because I know I would not want it to be any more bulkier.

Neverfull is definitely more practicable and comfortable.

I have both Monogram and Damier. I like them both. I think I tend to see the Damier as a little dressier and Monogram, maybe, as a little more casual. That is just probably me.

I do have two daughters your age...HA!...and if I were getting them a LV, I would get them the Neverfull because I know they would use them forever.

You are too cute! I know your mom is proud!

RoyallyPink said...

You are so making the right decision in investing in an LV bag, they are simply amazing!

If you want this bag for travel, I would definitely go with the neverfull in monogram (I love the monogram so much more than the other print). I have friends who have the neverfull who also use it for everyday so it definitely is doable.

I wouldn't get the speedy if you're looking for enough room for travel; it's good for everyday use but that's about it. The NeverFull is great for both :)


Anonymous said...

I have the Neverfull in the medium size which is perfect to carry everything I need as it holds so much! However mine's a bit different. I had it personalised with my initials in pink and white which I absolutely love.
I also wear it differently: the ties on the end allow you to pop the end of the bag in to make it a much squarer shape. It kind of makes it look like an entirely different bag!
I'll tweet you a pic :)

Julia May said...

LV is lovely, but personally I'd go with a Goyard tote with a monogram. I've had mine for years and it gets kicked around quite a bit and is still in great shape. Or maybe vintage Chanel? Not sure where you live, but in NYC you can buy vintage Chanel bags in mint condition at places like A Second Chance (with their dustbag and control card so you can verify authenticity). They also list their bags online. Price point is a little higher, but that's a bag you'll wear forever.

Julia May said...

LV is lovely, but personally I'd go with a Goyard tote with a monogram. I've had mine for years and it gets kicked around quite a bit and is still in great shape. Or maybe vintage Chanel? Not sure where you live, but in NYC you can buy vintage Chanel bags in mint condition at places like A Second Chance (with their dustbag and control card so you can verify authenticity). They also list their bags online. Price point is a little higher, but that's a bag you'll wear forever.

livelaughlove said...

I just recently (as in this past December) purchased the Neverfull GM in Damier Ebene and I LOVE it. It's literally impossible to put too much stuff in because the straps can hold up to 450 lbs (or so I am told by the sales associate). I took it to Florida in January and it was the perfect carry on bag. I also like that you can fold in the sides and make the bag a little bit smaller if you want to - and it's like having two bags in one!

Personally I prefer the Damier Ebene canvas, even though the monogram is a classic. There are so many fake versions of the monogram bags out there and I wanted something that would stand out from the crowd.

ALSO - LV is having a 5% price increase on February 18, so I would get over there and buy a bag ASAP!!

Good luck picking out a bag!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have the Neverfull GM and I use it for the exact purposes that you are looking for. It fits my laptop, planner, etc perfectly! Also I use the straps on the side to make it half the size on those off days when I want to use it as a normal purse. I chose the dammer print because its less showy than the monogram, thus giving it a more professional look.

Anonymous said...

Neverfull and Totally and delightful sort of scream mom bag. Perhaps because that's who I see carrying them the most. Personally, a speedy is a classic. But if you are considering the Neverfull seriously take a moment and look at the Goyard too. Same price range and lots if options color wise. I think everyone's first LV should be a Speedy :)


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