Friday, August 29, 2014

Labor Day Weekend: Sales Galore

It's that time of year again: Holiday weekend = Sales galore! I've got your comprehensive guide and things I am loving! 

Extra 50% off sale

J. Crew
Extra 25% off sale with code ALMOSTFALL

Joe's Jeans
30% off with code LABORDAY.. get some new jeans for fall! 

Grab a classic silk shirt... tons of great options on sale! I want this one.. great color! Love these because I wear them to work and on the weekends, and even out at night! 

Starting at 50% off! 

Club Monaco
Extra 50% off clearance and extra 40% off sale with code HEYFALL... Um these $35 scalloped shorts, a Chanel-esque dress for $70 and an Italian wool pea coat for $120. Sign me up. 

Everything up to 40% off... I'm loving their updated site. 

Up to 40% off. Some seriously great steals. I'm really in love with this Theory dress which is perfect for work! 

Mark and Graham
Extra 30% off sale with code SAVE30. Some great gift items and everything can be monogrammed! This jewelry box is beautiful and super inexpensive!  

Tons of great new markdowns. Lots of cocktail dress options for those looking! 

Happy Shopping! Have a fabulous day! 


I'm Off!

Brunch @ Maison Kayser 

Doing what we do best ;)

In the tents @ NYFW 2013

 At The Guards in DC! (So sad it's closed!!) 

 Goofing off at the Duquesne Club

Horseback Riding 

Talk about some throw back photos! By the time this post has gone live, I'll be up in the sky headed out east for the holiday weekend to visit my friend Eugenia (she told me the swan raft is waiting for me ;))!
In the meantime, check out my post from the last time I was in NYC and the last time I was in the Hamptons!  I'll be in NYC all next week, too, so I am going to try and handle e-mails/etc. as best I can while I'm away and I have scheduled blog posts, too, but will try to pop in from time to time. 
The best way to keep up with me is via social media (Instagram and Twitter). I have a sneaking suspicion, I will be snap happy ;) Have a fabulous day! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Workout Playlist

Sneakers/ Sports Bra
So let me first be honest and say this post is slightly hypocritical. You see, I used to work out a ton in high school and college, but post-college working out fell down to the bottom of my to-do list. Between my full time job, Summer Wind and everything else that comes with being an adult, working out just doesn't really fit into my schedule. 
But I love working out. I truly get the 'runners high' that everyone talks about. I miss it!
I really like high intensity workouts (if you know me IRL, you'd much energy!!!), so a 'pump up' playlist is absolutely necessary. What's on my current pump up list?  See below for my recommendations! I am always looking for great tunes to add to the list, so please feel free to suggest some great songs in the comments! I also love this playlist for driving to work in the mornings.. upbeat songs wake me up and get me ready and excited to start the day #goodvibesonly!

Jealous- Chromeo

Danza Kuduro- Don Omar 
(I am embarrassed to admit that I kind of love this and have NO idea what they're singing about... I took French, not spanish. oops.)

Arrows- Fences ft. Macklemore

Waves- Magic Man

Out of My Mind- Magic Man 

Shake It Off- Taylor Swift (duh)

Ahead of Us- Tom Swoon, Lush and Simon 
(on repeat-- so catchy and love the lyrics) 

Take Me Home- Cash Cash

Mo Money Mo Problems- Notorious BIG (throwback)

This Will Be- Natalie Cole 

All About You- Hillary Duff 
(Lizzie McGuire is making a comeback and I love it!)

Shower- Becky G

Octahate- Ryn Weaver 

Check out my last playlist, here. Have a fabulous day! 


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Delicious Healthy Recipe

When I was at the lake a few weeks ago, my aunt (she took the photos for this blog post! Thanks Aunt Lindey!) made this amazing rice salad to pair with our dinner. I could eat this for the rest of my life and never get sick of it. Plus... the icing on the cake? It's easy to make and pretty healthy. Even I could handle something like this. It's great as a side, especially because it adds some color to a plate, but you could also dice up some chicken and make a meal out of it. Another reason I love it? You can make it in large batches for a crowd and you can make it ahead of time! Here is the recipe:

Rice and Vegetable Salad
8 cups hot cooked rice
1 ½ - 2 cups Vinaigrette (recipe follows)
1 sweet red pepper cut thin
1 green pepper cut thin
1 medium red/purple onion peeled and diced
6 green onions, finely chopped
1 cup dried cranberries
2 shallots finely diced
1 10 oz pkg frozen peas, thawed and blanched in boiling water for 3 minutes
½ cup pitted and chopped black olives
¼ cup chopped Italian parsley
½ cup chopped fresh dill
Salt and pepper to taste

Note – I usually double this so there is plenty of dressing for the salad.
1 Tbsp Dijon mustard
4 Tbsp red wine vinegar
1 tsp granulated sugar
½ tsp salt
½ tsp black pepper
Minced parsley and/or snipped chives to taste
½ cup olive oil
Measure mustard into bowl.  Whisk in vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper and herbs.  Drizzle in olive oil while continuing to whisk until mixture thickens.   Makes 1 cup.

Transfer cooked rice to a large bowl and pour 1/1/2 cups vinaigrette into rice.  Toss well; cool to room temperature.
Add remaining ingredients and toss thoroughly.  Taste and correct seasonings if necessary.  Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate.  Return to room temperature before serving.
Serves 8-10 people
Do you cook? What are some of your favorite (easy) recipes? Have a fabulous day! 


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fall Essentials

Riding Boots/ Leather Tote/ Mansur Gavriel Tote/ Quilted Vest
Barbour Jacket/ Bean Boots/ Cashmere Cable knit/ Suede Bootie/  
Classic PJs/ Nude Pointed Toe Flats/ Cap Toe Ballet Flats/ Classic Sunglasses/

Although it doesn't feel like it, fall is on its way. This is truly my favorite time of year. I feel like the weather is always perfect, it's football season, back to school time, everyone is back from vacations so lots of friends and family to get together with... And all of the pumpkin flavored everything. YUM.

Each fall, I stock up on a few things but really never need much because I always have my basics. I've listed a few above to get your fall wardrobe going. Some things like Bean Boots and a Barbour jacket will last years upon years but I also threw in a few fun items like the Tory Burch booties and Mansur Gavriel tote. Both have classic-ish attributes, are well made, too, but are more 'in' that the other items. 

Some honorable mentions? 

These are also some more that came across my mind when thinking about fall classics. What are your fall essentials? As a side note, Gracey of Stripes and Peonies is featuring me on her blog, I'd love for you to check it out... thanks, Gracey! Have a fabulous day!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Leather Skirt

Recently, I've been really into leather skirts. I don't have one, yet, but plan on finding the perfect one and wearing it all throughout fall. I love mixing chunky sweaters and leather-- to me, those two textures together are a match made in heaven. 

I pulled some of my favorite leather skirt looks from Pinterest. The look can lean towards 'grungy' or 'edgy' but if you keep accessories simple and classic, it can be a very put together, almost-classic, look. I love the idea of a brown leather mini skirt, chambray button down and navy cable knit cashmere crew neck sweater!

If you're not sure that you're ready to take on a full leather skirt, try out something like this little mini with small leather (or faux) accents. It gives the same trendiness or edge without being too 'in your face'. What do you think of this look? Have a fabulous day! 

images: 1/2/3/4/5

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday Shopping

I've decided that this fall I am doing a major overhaul with my wardrobe. While I have a ton of great, classic pieces, I still have things in my closet that haven't seen the light of day in ages. In the next few weeks as I transition my closets to fall, I plan on getting rid of a ton and making a list of 'needs' and wants. Scroll above to see some of the things I have my eye on-- I'm really into the whole gray and camel thing... very neutral, simple and classic. Something that's not-so-classic that I've had my eye on? This sweatshirt. I don't really wear sweatshirts and definitely not one with bold words/prints, but this one just speaks to me. Only one issue: it's 40% polyester. Darn. Sometime's I'll let polyester slide, but in a sweatshirt?! No way! 

If you have items you are loving for fall, leave links in the comments-- I've really been scouring everywhere lately, so bring on the suggestions! Have a fabulous day! 


Friday, August 22, 2014


I saw this great photo on Larrimor's (a fabulous boutique in Pittsburgh) Facebook page and knew I had to share! A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Exactly. This is why you should have your clothes tailored to fit you. I have written in the past how I visit the tailor often... I don't take everything, but important pieces like dresses, skirts, etc. It truly makes a difference, doesn't it?!

After thinking about how much I love getting things tailored, It made me think to write about how I buy certain pieces of clothing in multiple sizes. 

For example: I buy multiple sizes in cable knit sweaters and button down shirts. Sometimes I get a men's small. Sometimes I get a slim fit women's size 2 or sometimes I'll get the classic fit in a size 6... it all depends on the 'look' I'm going for. I love oversized cables with skinny jeans and loafers, but I also like them thrown over my shoulders. As for the button downs-- I wear them as tunics, coverups, sleep shirts, etc. My favorite is pairing an oversized oxford with leggings and flats. I think it is simple and chic. With that look, I wear a men's extra small for the extra length. 

This is a great article from the WSJ about tailoring. Definitely a must read if you are not sure what to ask for when you go to the tailor!

You can literally get anything tailored but I think the most important things are pants and dresses. I would also suggest to get a crisp white button down and have it tailored to your body-- you can get a custom made shirt, but this is the less pricey way to go about it! Do you often tailor pieces in your wardrobe? Have any tips? Have a fabulous day! 


Thursday, August 21, 2014

September Issues

The only magazine subscription I get is Town and Country so some months, it's the only mag I read... sometimes it takes me a month or two to even finish one (need more hours in a day), but I always stock up on the September issues. I mean who doesn't love reading about what's to come?! This is most definitely my favorite time of year and leafing through September issues makes it even better! Here are my faves and I'm hoping you'll share yours:
  • Town and Country 
  • Vogue (Cara is on the cover!!) 
  • W
  • Bazaar (I love their 24 hours features)
  • Elle
  • Marie Claire (Blake Lively is on the cover!)
Have a fabulous day! 

Instagram Lately

I get a lot of comments on Instagram and I really love it! I try to respond to everyone, but sometimes that just doesn't happen, so I have started sharing where I get things on my blog. I hope this helps for anyone interested. Have a fabulous day! 


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer's Grandson Weds, Football Season, YSL Lip Gloss, Dairy Queen Cupcake and Taylor Swift's Shake it Off

Lilly Pulitzer's grandson recently tied the knot in Palm Beach (duh)... I loved scrolling through the photos on T&C Mag but this picture particularly caught my eye. I. Love. It. I hope my wedding turns out like this one ;) #VeuveForAll 

I went to the Steelers preseason game this past weekend (check out Amanda's photos!) and it made me so excited for fall! It also got me thinking (besides the fact I was reminded that I really don't like beer)... what do you wear to sporting events? I'm so not into wearing jerseys, but I like to try and stay within the same color scheme... I'm hoping everyone thought my tank was black and not navy... oops. I also may or may not have wanted to include the photo above to show off how stunning my city is. Love, pure love. 

I have a penchant for pricey lip products, but I absolutely have to share this one with you... run, do not walk, to your nearest Sephora and pick up YSL's rouge pur couture. It is SO easy to apply and really does last for a while. I have it in #12 coral fauve (shown on me in above photo, also seen here)... the woman at Sephora explained it to me as a glossy stain and I would say she is exactly right. You can also find my sunglasses here, my monogram necklace here and my curly hair tutorial here
I'm not sure if I'm the last to know about this one but my coworker told me about a Dairy Queen cupcake... at first I didn't believe her and when she described it I knew I had to hunt one down. They don't have them at my local DQ (why!?!?) but I found one in Georgia. It's like a little cup of ice cream cake. It's literally one of the best treats ever... seriously, step aside macarons and cronuts, this is the best! 
Have you checked out Taylor Swift's latest single? Not going to lie, I kind of love it. I'm excited for her album to drop on October 27th.. you can already preorder it... what can I say, I'm a shameless Taylor lover. Not to mention, she is wearing the most perfect Tabitha Simmons mary janes and I want them... I tracked down an affordable version, and Taylor has convinced me to make the purchase. What do you think of the song and the shoes? Have a fabulous day! 

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