Saturday, September 30, 2017

Saturday Shopping

I haven't done a Saturday Shopping in two weeks, partly because I haven't been shopping too much! Buttttt... this week was full of lots of fun things on the net! Scroll through the widget above to see my favorites. 

This weekend I am at Nemacolin, so be sure to follow along on Instastories. I am so happy because the weather turned out to be absolutely amazing. Sunny and 65 degrees- the absolute perfect fall day! Hope you all have a great rest of your weekend! 

Friday, September 29, 2017

Life Lately + Outfit

Jeans (under $100)// Loafers (obsessed with the tartan version)// Sunglasses
Shop the Look:

So today's post is going to be a bit of a hodgepodge-- basically a stream of my random thoughts. I didn't get a chance to update you all like I usually do in yesterday's post, so I thought today was the day!
My Apartment
Well... it's currently a disaster. And I know those of you that know me would say 'oh please, a disaster to you is if one thing is out of place.' But really it is. On Monday, my water was coming out of the faucet brown. By Tuesday, I got a call that my hot water tank needed to be replaced ASAP. Ok great, we got to the root of the problem! Well... apparently, the hot water tank is located in the ceiling of my walk in closet (why?!?!). So, to have it replaced, I had to empty the entire contents of my closet. Where are those contents? Sitting in my living room. No joke, it really does look like a bomb went off in my apartment. Life happens, but what really annoyed me the most is that I had just spent hours last Friday going through my entire closet and completely organizing and cleaning everything. It was in pristine condition! Oh well, time to put everything back today before I head away for the weekend.

On top of all of that, I'm having a new mattress and bed delivered. It's a hassle to have had to store the bed and mattress and not set it up while the hot water tank situation gets resolved, but it's all good and exciting! I've always felt my room was fine, but never even blog worthy. After 17 months of living here, I've decided it's about time to make it beautiful and 'finished'. So, next week, I'm going to have to bring everything out from underneath my bed, reorganize it (in the living room), take the old bed apart, get rid of the old mattress, vacuum/dust everything, put the new bed together, move the bed into a new spot in the bedroom along with moving other furniture to accommodate, and move everything back underneath the bed. I'm exhausted just typing that! Thank heavens for dads/boyfriends/friends. I'll be really excited for the final result, though! It's a canopy bed! 
I'm not one for workout classes. I don't really like organized exercise and prefer to do it on my own/on my own schedule. BUT, my friend Aly and I found this amazing pilates sculpt class near us. It was after we tried a trampoline cardio class which was SO not my cup of tea. The pilates class is an hour and it's grueling and painful, but I mean that in the best way possible. There are parts of the workout where my muscles are absolutely shaking and all I can do is close my eyes and hope for it to be over soon, so I don't give up, ha! The next day you're sore but it feels so good. Unfortunately, they only offer the class once a week, but rumor has it, they're adding in a second day. I'll definitely be doing it twice a week- heck, I'd do it more if it was offered. I don't love cardio and to me, this is such a good workout to tone what you already have and not add any bulk (and no insane cardio involved). 

I'm not sure if you have noticed- and actually, I didn't even realize until just recently, but I haven't been styling many dresses lately. I have so many upcoming events in the next three months where I need to be wearing a dress and haven't found a thing that I absolutely love! The only one I have come across is this gorgeous black dress, which is affordable, too! But other than that, nada! Anyone have any good finds?! 
An Affordable Scent
Yesterday, I ordered one of my favorite scents ever. It's super light and fresh and warm- perfect for fall. I haven't worn it in a while because I've been out of it and have been favoring others. For $39, it's relatively inexpensive, but what really got me to order is that I got free shipping and 10% off using code FEELGRAPE (it came out to be just $35).
I don't talk too much on here about undergarments but I was just texting with one of my friends who told me about this bralette and it reminded me to share with all of you. I hate wearing bras- I am not totally flat chested but there's not much there and I can easily get away with skipping out on a bra altogether. So, bralettes are my go-to when I can get away with it. This bralette in the burgundy color is SO comfortable and so so cute. I've also machine washed it and it comes out fine... which is a problem I have noticed with other bralettes. Let me know if you'd like to see a post on undergarments, I'll be glad to share. I'm pretty simple but what I have, I love! 

I'm a person that thrives on being busy, making plans, etc. But I also love my down time. However, I have every. single. weekend. schedule from here through January 3rd. Isn't that crazy? I'm excited for everything from travels (Kentucky, Charlotte, Paris, DC, Martha's Vineyard, Arizona, Ohio) to weddings and more, but it also makes me sad because I know it will be 2018 before I know it! PS. I'm going to Arizona for 5 days over New Year's Eve... Scottsdale to be exact- any must-sees/do's?! 

You guys were SO helpful with my salad questions, thank you so much! I have since done more research and taken some of your advice/suggestions! If you're a chopped salad lover, here are some of the resources:
- How to peel a head of lettuce (for lettuce wraps, I always ripped mine before watching this)
- I ordered this set of glass bowls with lids (I liked these sizes the best out of all the other sets offered..and I was able to get 20% off and free shipping (came out to $90) and used a gift card, so I literally paid nothing for them.)
- I got this chopper based on all of the amazing reviews. I have a ton of KitchenAid branded products in my kitchen and love them (you can often find them at Homegoods). I actually have a pair of kitchen scissors by KitchenAid and they're truly the best scissors EVER. So I'm hoping the reviews are right about this chopper- I'm so excited about it! 
- My two current favorite dressings are Whole Food's 365 Thousand Island dressing (vegetarian, paleo, and organic), and Cindy's Greek (sugar free). OMG Cindy's is SO good- I'm a huge Greek salad fan and this one is amazing. 
This is your last chance to shop the Shopbop sale! See my favorites, here! 

I keep trying to hold off on getting a dog, but 'dog fever' has really set in for me. I want one SO badly. I'm hoping to get one by next spring/early summer. I definitely want to adopt/rescue, but I'm also really set on an Australian Cattle Dog (like Mac!). So I basically stalk websites/facebook pages of local (and not so local) shelters every single day to keep an eye out for one! I also don't want a puppy. Whenever I find one I fall in love with him/her, I'm going for it!! One day, when I have a house with the capability to just let the dog out in the backyard, I want to adopt a senior dog (s). I always feel so bad for them and would love to give dogs like Mac (who is 15) a cozy and loving home! But I know as they get older, a very quick access to a bathroom is a necessity, so I'm holding off on that for now. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lately 9/28/2017

Celebrating: National Love Your Hair Day (click the link to sign up for 25% off on 10/10) is on October 10th and has been created by one of my favorite hair care brands, It's a 10. You can get in on the action by posting on social media with the hashtag #loveisinthehair (ha!) and the top 10 posts will be featured on their Instagram. I definitely suggest signing up for the 25% off... that's a really good deal as these products don't often go on sale. The Miracle Leave-In Conditioner is my #1 favorite product of all time. I use it daily and have been using for years!

Eating: Ok, well this is more like I want to eat Breyer's newest lower calorie protein ice cream. It's similar to Halo Top. I actually don't love Halo Top, but I'm hoping that Breyer's is better (I love their ice cream in general!).

Eating II: Speaking of ice cream... Trader Joe's has chocolate mini cones and they are SO good. I need to stop buying them because they're so tempting! 

Reading: I've had several people recommend The Thousandth Floor  by Katherine McGee, so if I can find time, I'm going to start reading it! 

Watching: You guys need to watch The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu. Luckily, Callie had a Hulu subscription and let me mooch off of her, but I seriously watched the entire thing in 24 hours. The show is SO creepy but so well done. 

Listening: Ok so I haven't started October's playlist yet. So linking to September's again until I start on October's! 

Traveling: This weekend, I am headed to Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. If you aren't familiar with this incredible resort, you might remember it from the Jojo's Bachelorette season. I'm so excited to go- I've been many times, but haven't been since their renovation! 

Loving: So I love 'The Great' brand... they have such cute pieces, but their sweat/lounge pieces are what I'm always dying over. If you've ever heard of Current/Elliot, this is the same duo of women! I am so smitten over these cozy looking sweatpants... the only problem... they're so pricey! I'm not one to spend a ton on sweats, but ahhhh, they're so cute!

Loving II: Lisi Lerch recently sent me some beautiful earrings from their collection. I've loved the brand for a while now and how fun are all of these?!
Sale-ing: As you all know from yesterday's post, Shopbop's sale is going on now through tomorrow at 11:59pm EST. You can save up to 25% off your entire purchase with code EOTS17.

Sale-ing II: This navy and white striped sweater is just $24 and is SO cute. Such a good deal.

I just updated the two widgets in the sidebar: Wishlist and Under $100! So definitely check those out!

Needing: You guys. I have been on the hunt for the 'perfect' glass bowl. I'm looking for something that I can use to eat my salads out of. Preferably clear glass, deep enough (so when I'm mixing everything together, things don't start flying out), and something that can hold a substantial amount of lettuce/veggies. I mean, I make big salads. Any ideas? I've tried Target, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Homegoods, and Crate and Barrel. Do you have a big bowl that is perfect? Even better, if it were glass tupperware with a lid so I could shake it! (Wow I feel old going so in depth about a bowl). 

Quoting: 'Become more aware of what's really worth your energy.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Major Sale Alert!

Sweater (under $100)// Suede Booties
It's that time of year again- a big Shopbop sale! I knew it was coming and have been saving to place an order right at this time (did you know, if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you qualify for free two day shipping)! First, here is what you need to know... 

Sale Details:

20% off order under $500
25% off orders over $500
Code: EOTS2017
Ends 9/29

Now, here is what I ordered:
- These Ultra Boost sneakers (I already have the white pair and wear them almost daily... they're BEYOND comfortable)
- My mom's birthday present (In black, more colors available. This is one of my favorite items in my closet- I have several colors and use it to travel with, wear for dressy events, wear as a winter scarf, and more. )

Here is what else I would have ordered if I had unlimited funds:
- Straw Tote with Grosgrain handles
- Beautiful blush structured handbag
- This insanely gorgeous camisole

And here is what I already have and LOVE:
- Hunter Tour Boots (these are the BEST because you can travel with them. They're lighter and can be rolled to easily fit into a suitcase (and way easier to drive in). 
- Meli Melo Leather Bag (I've had this for a while and it's such incredible quality and a unique design!)
- An affordable signet ring (I know you're all always asking about my jewelry and this is a great, affordable gold signet ring that look simliar to mine!)
- Vara pumps (I swear by these. They're pricey but soooooo worth it)
- Classic white sneakers (they run big!)
- Chic and comfortable pajamas (these are comfortable but they look so put together)
Sale Pieces I Love:

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Travel Diary: New Hampshire

 New Hampshire Travel Guide
Today I'm excited to share part one to my New Hampshire travel guide! Katie, Grace and I had been talking about doing a fun fall road trip and we decided on New Hampshire because none of us had ever been! This is a very photo-heavy post, so keep scrolling!

Getting There
New Hampshire is a smaller state, so it's easy to drive from area to area in just a few hours. New Hampshire's border is really close to Boston (Portsmouth is about an hour drive from Boston). I know I have a lot of Boston readers and this would make for the perfect weekend road trip.

From Pittsburgh, there was a direct flight to Boston via Jet Blue. We landed in the early morning and then headed to pick up our rental car. From the Boston airport, we drove about about an hour and a half to Peterborough in the Monadnock region.

Overall, I found New Hampshire to be very drivable and very easy to get from town to town. Plenty of direct highways, not too much crazy traffic, and most of the driving is very beautiful and scenic.

Monadnock Region
As we arrived in Peterborough, we had worked up an appetite and decided upon Harlow's Pub which was the cutest casual restaurant with plenty of outdoor seating. It was warm and sunny so we decided to sit outside and enjoy lunch. They had SO many choices- everything from salads to burritos to sandwiches and more. This is must-stop while in Peterborough... it was crowded for lunch and I can certainly see why; it was delicious!

Ava Marie's Handmade Chocolate
After lunch, we walked over to Ava Marie's Handmade Chocolate. We all definitely have a sweet tooth and this is the place to visit if you also fall under that category. The shop was so charming and filled to the brim with beautifully decorated chocolates and sweet treats. Not only did we sample some of the delicious chocolates but we also got to try out the #1 most outrageous sundae in America (as named by Bravo), The Mt. Monadnock Sundae. It had 35 scoops of ice cream in it! Yes, 35. I think my favorite flavor was the pumpkin and oh my goodness, the hot fudge was delightful. It was definitely the biggest sundae I've ever seen and just holding it, it was SO heavy! Writing about it now is making me wish I had a scoop or two ;)

cozy inn in new hampshire

oldest inn in new hampshire

The Hancock Inn New Hampshire

The Hancock Inn New Hampshire
With very full bellies, we drove a few miles and checked into The Hancock Inn- one of the oldest inns in New Hampshire. It opened in 1789 (George Washington was president back then). The porch is bedecked with cozy rocking chairs and a bright red door making for a very inviting entrance. The owners, Marcia and Jarvis, welcomed us with open arms.

Marcia showed us around the inn which is just chalk full of history. My favorite part had to be the antique furniture. I'm super into antiques and the pieces all throughout were incredible. This is such a great place to unplug and just enjoy your surroundings. They had a beautiful, large backyard with patio seating and an area for croquet. 

Hancock-Greenfield bridge
Once we had a bit of a rest, we drove a few miles from The Hancock Inn to check out the covered bridge. It's called the Hancock-Greenfield bridge (on Forest Rd) and stretches over the Contoocook River. When I think of New England, this is the type of scenery that comes to mind. It's classic and so beautiful, don't you think?! 

We then drove back to Peterborough to end our evening at Waterhouse. It was located right on a babbling brook with beautiful outdoor seating right near the water. The food was absolutely excellent and sourced by local farms. I had the absolute best salmon. The service was also very well done. It has a more upscale-casual vibe so it would be great for a date night or celebration! After dinner, we retired to our rooms to get some work done for the week and get some sleep!

White Mountains 
dimond hill farm new hampshire

dimond hill farm new hampshire
From the Monadnock Region, we drove about 2 hours north to the Mountain Region. While en route to the White Mountains, we stopped at Dimond Hill farm. We saw it from the road and couldn't pass it up. It had so many pumpkins and the cutest farm stand set up! Not to mention the view of the pastures were beautiful, too! I had so many apples while on this trip and they were some of the best apples I have ever had. At Dimond Hill farm, I bought 5 apples- each a different kind. YUM.

carter hill orchard new hampshire
Once we left the farm, we were all in a fall mood (and so glad we picked up apple cider donuts to munch on during the drive). We then stopped at Carter Hill Orchard- I have actually never been apple picking so I was really excited about this one. We wandered in and out of what seemed like endless rows of apple trees. The apples were all different shades of red, yellow and green. It was misty and foggy so I was really glad we all brought appropriate footwear!

flume gorge white mountains new hampshire
After the orchard, we drove a bit more and ended up at Flume Gorge, which is a beautiful New Hampshire State Park. There are tons of picturesque hiking trails, a classic covered bridge, and (obviously) the Flume that you can check out. It would be a great place to hike then have a picnic at the base! We opted out of hiking- none of us had brought the proper outfits/footwear (typical).

covered bridge littleton new hampshire
We then got to Littleton, which was kind of an accident. We passed through and just had to stop because it had the most wonderful small town vibe. Shops and restaurants lined Main Street, and behind it sat the absolute cutest brewery, Schilling Beer company. The brewery had a view of the Ammonoosuc River and another classic covered bridge.

RiverWalk Resort at Loon Mountain lincoln new hampshireRiverWalk Resort at Loon Mountain new hampshire
We got to Lincoln, NH to check in at RiverWalk Resort at Loon Mountain. This resort was huge and situated right in the center of Lincoln. The rooms had living rooms, multiple TVs, spacious bathrooms, and even a kitchen. Pretty sure my room was larger than my apartment! I'd love to come back during the snowy season because this was the perfect ski town!

Woodstock Inn, Station and Brewery new hampshire
For dinner, we headed to the neighboring town of Woodstock where we ate at Woodstock Inn, Station and Brewery. The brewery part was absolutely huge and it was fun to see the many fermentors throughout the restaurant. We opted to sit outside because it was such a lovely evening. The entire sidewalk around the outdoor seating is covered in beautiful flowers. I couldn't get enough! You know what else we couldn't get enough of?! The food. Seriously, if you saw on Insta stories, the three of us order so. much. food. We didn't have much of a lunch so we were ravenous. We started off with nachos and a bloomin' onion, I got french onion soup and then a pulled pork sandwich with...wait for it... brie.  The food was amazing and we really enjoyed our night there. It was a Monday and we could not believe how packed it was!

Lakes Region
The next day, we were supposed to travel to the Lakes Region. But, the night before, Grace got an alert from her airline about hurricane Jose flight cancellations/delays. So we decided to cut our trip short. However, had we had time to visit the lakes region, we would have stopped at Stone Brook Hill Farm, Lakehouse Grill, Hermit Woods Winery, The Naswa Resort for a boat cruise, and Lake Opechee Inn and Spa
What to Wear
I'll have another post where I share all of my outfits and outfit sources with you. But overall, New Hampshire had a very casual vibe. We were fine in jeans everywhere we went. Sometimes functional clothing was necessary such as puffer vests, fleece jackets, bean boots, hunter boots, etc. 

All in all, I'm so glad I got to visit New Hampshire. It was so much fun road tripping with Katie and Grace taking in the beautiful fall foliage and exploring locations new to us! 

Thank you to the New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism, Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce, White Mountains Attractions, Lakes Region Association, and Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth for the wonderful complimentary experiences. Next up, I'll have my guide to Portsmouth and an outfit recap!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Fall Style With My Cousin Michael

On Me:

On Michael:
Khaki Chinos// American Flag Belt 

Today, I'm so excited to introduce all of you to my cousin, Michael. Do you remember when my sister, Callie, left Pittsburgh to move to Charlotte back in February

Well, I was not only super sad she was leaving because she was my sister and I love her, but I was also put in a bit of a predicament because I relied on Callie a lot when it came to Summer Wind. I have always mentioned on here that Summer Wind is not a one woman show- it started out that way, but over the years I've relied on so many others to help Summer Wind get better and grow. 

Well, enter Michael, who is now my right-hand-man! He has been helping me with Summer Wind since March and is SO helpful and wonderful! 

Michael is my cousin on my mom's side and is currently a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. He's going to school for physical therapy. His sister, (also my cousin) Paige, is a senior at Pitt and going to be a PA! They're both so smart and accomplished and I'm so proud of them! To snap the photos of Michael and I together, Paige took a stab at photography and did a darn good job, don't you think?

Since Michael has been so amazing behind the camera, I thought it would be fun to get him dressed up and switch sides (especially because I don't often share men's clothing)! Doesn't he look SO cute?! He looks like such a gentleman and he is just that- truly a person of good character-so smart and funny, too. He's a hard worker and learned the ropes so quickly. He's always a good sport and always willing to make time for me.

Another thing I love about working with Michael is that I get to see him (and Paige) more often than we probably usually would. I see Michael almost every week, and it's so fun to catch up with him. I always say he keeps me young- up to date with the latest in music, etc. And, with Callie gone, it's so nice to have them close by- they literally live 10 minutes away from me and it's so fun to just meet them for lunch on campus! 

We dressed Michael in a cute fall outfit- something slightly more dressed up than what he'd typically wear to an early morning class, but they're all closet staples for a guy at any age: A nice button down shirt, crisp chino pants, a classic belt, and a fleece pullover. I loved the fleece pullover so much, he's lucky I didn't try to steal it for myself :) 

Since we were on the University of Pittsburgh's campus, I thought I would choose something that I love right now, but also something I would have worn in college. I loved every minute of my college experience and miss it. It's really fun to get a chance to step back onto a beautiful campus and get that wonderful 'fall collegiate feel'. The real star in my outfit is this shep shirt. I'm a huge fan of shep shirts- I got my first one when I was in college and have since started a bit of a collection. I have everything from the Pittsburgh one to a summer pink one to a holiday plaid one to a monogrammed one. I love each one in their own way, but this one is the best yet! It's roomy (runs true to size, I'm wearing a size small), is fleece lined (lightly, not bulky), is lower in the back (so it works perfectly with leggings), and has a pouch pocket in the front. This sweatshirt is totally something every gal needs in their closet! I have been wearing mine almost daily since I got it.

A big thank you to Michael for being such a good sport/model and always doing such a good job with Summer Wind,  and to Paige for snapping the photos. Another big thank you to Vineyard Vines for outfitting us for this post!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Wear to Work: Fall Monochrome Outfit

Wear to Work: Fall Monochrome Outfit

Draped Tank// Pleated Midi Skirt (both pieces under $100 and come in other colors)
Quilted Bag// Sunglasses// Nail polish is OPI I've Got the Blues for Red
Shop the Look:

The weather has been so odd lately. We finished August and started September with cool weather- the type of weather we typically see in October.... and I loved that so much. But, just yesterday, it was HOT. Almost 90 degrees and it seems as though it's going to stay like that for a little while. Ick. 

I've been sharing a lot of very fall outfits- like sweaters/heavy pieces that a lot of you in more southern regions probably wouldn't be able to wear for a long while. So, I wanted to share a way that you can incorporate a fall palette, while still keeping cool in the 80+ degree weather. It also happens to be a very perfect wear-to-work outfit and each piece is under $100, too!

You know me and my love for monochrome outfits and my sudden obsession with burgundy (merlot, crimson, claret, dark cherry... whatever you want to call this deep red hue). So this is combining my favorite fall color and my favorite way to wear a color all in one! This top + skirt combo could easily be a dress, but it's likely less pricey than you might pay for a dress AND you can wear these pieces separately for very different looks and occasions.

The pleated skirt runs big, I definitely suggest sizing down as does the top. I can really see myself rocking a velvet tee (also like this one) with this pleated skirt around the holidays, too! Both pieces are from Nordstrom- a go-to retailer for me as you all know! Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. 
More Burgundy Pieces I Love:

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Lately 9/21/2017

Vest// Striped Shirt
Boyfriend Shorts (old, similar)// Sneakers (also here)

This week, I started off traveling to New Hampshire. I wasn't supposed to get back until tonight, but we decided to cut the trip short as it started to pour on Tuesday due to hurricane Jose. We didn't want to end up getting stuck later in the week! 

New Hampshire was so much fun, I can't wait to share our itinerary with you guys next week! Yesterday I got caught up with e-mails/work and hopefully today, I can get back on track with grocery shopping/etc. 

Wearing: This vest is so cute, right? It's done in a gorgeous textured navy fleece and has patches of cognac faux suede. It is elevated a bit with the beautiful gold zipper. We had a bout of cold weather here in Pittsburgh but now it's back to warmer temps, which makes for great vest weather!

Wearing II: You saw a snapchat photo of me in this striped dress a few weeks ago and today I'm posting a much better photo of it!

Reading: Umm Taco Bell is a very serious guilty pleasure of mine. If it wasn't so unhealthy, I'd eat it way more often than I do. I love love love their crunch wrap supreme and cheesy gordita crunch. SO GOOD. I'm super intrigued by this article saying Taco Bell is going to be creating restaurants with no drive-through and will serve alcohol. Apparently, at least one of these will be opening in Pittsburgh and I am All. For. It. 

Vest (also comes in blue)
use code FALL30, it comes out to be just $70!
Sale-ing: Club Monaco is having a major sale- you get an extra 30% off sale. Use code FALL30. This is usually when I stock up on cashmere and coats. Their pieces can be pretty pricey- but I've never received an item of poor quality. I love that most of their pieces are all neutral and they offer a lot of classic, simple designs that you can wear for years to come. I wanted to specifically highlight this insanely gorgeous alpaca/wool fringed vest. In the photos, it's showing as more white than cream, but in person, it's a beautiful, creamy, winter white. It is impeccably made- and the blend of alpaca and wool make it warm and cozy and very soft- plus a beautiful, luxe texture (the texture also isn't showing up in the photos that well). I think the price for this piece is incredible. I got the vest on sale- and thought it was a good deal then- but now, this vest is just $70; an absolute steal. I cannot recommend it more!

Listening: Last call to follow along with my September playlist- now onto creating one for October! I've been listening to Afterglow by Attom on repeat lately. It's kind of 'chill' but also upbeat, too! I've also been loving Not in a Hurry by Will Reagan

Loving: Umm more like OBSESSED with the PBTeen Harry Potter line. I would have died over this when I was younger- and still am, ha!

Wanting: Vince is a brand that is my weakness. I love absolutely all of their sweaters each fall/winter. They're super pricey, so I usually only end up with one a season, but I live in it. Case in point, last year, I lived in this boiled cashmere sweater (which I will continue to wear this year- they brought it back in more colors), and I'm already living in this insanely cozy cashmere cardigan. I'm just loving each piece this season and it is taking everything in me to practice self control! Scroll through to see some of my favorites. 

Pittsburgh-ing: My mouth is watering as I upload these photos. These are just a few food photos I've taken in the last week or so. I've been eating some realllllly delicious things. From top to bottom: bacon grilled cheese (with tomato dip) from BRGR, deviled eggs from Pork and Beans, and my all-time favorite sushi from Little Tokyo. If you haven't gone to any of these restaurants, I highly recommend them and these dishes. YUM.

Smelling: I've asked you guys for your help in regard to finding candles. I mentioned how my go-to stop for candles is Homegoods but they haven't had anything great as of late. However, I did find one, 'Apothecary Wonderwood'. I can't find it anywhere online, but it smells SO good. Look for it at your local Homegoods! 

Quoting: 'Opportunities don't happen, you create them.'// See more of my favorites, here.

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