Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lately 9/28/2017

Celebrating: National Love Your Hair Day (click the link to sign up for 25% off on 10/10) is on October 10th and has been created by one of my favorite hair care brands, It's a 10. You can get in on the action by posting on social media with the hashtag #loveisinthehair (ha!) and the top 10 posts will be featured on their Instagram. I definitely suggest signing up for the 25% off... that's a really good deal as these products don't often go on sale. The Miracle Leave-In Conditioner is my #1 favorite product of all time. I use it daily and have been using for years!

Eating: Ok, well this is more like I want to eat Breyer's newest lower calorie protein ice cream. It's similar to Halo Top. I actually don't love Halo Top, but I'm hoping that Breyer's is better (I love their ice cream in general!).

Eating II: Speaking of ice cream... Trader Joe's has chocolate mini cones and they are SO good. I need to stop buying them because they're so tempting! 

Reading: I've had several people recommend The Thousandth Floor  by Katherine McGee, so if I can find time, I'm going to start reading it! 

Watching: You guys need to watch The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu. Luckily, Callie had a Hulu subscription and let me mooch off of her, but I seriously watched the entire thing in 24 hours. The show is SO creepy but so well done. 

Listening: Ok so I haven't started October's playlist yet. So linking to September's again until I start on October's! 

Traveling: This weekend, I am headed to Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. If you aren't familiar with this incredible resort, you might remember it from the Jojo's Bachelorette season. I'm so excited to go- I've been many times, but haven't been since their renovation! 

Loving: So I love 'The Great' brand... they have such cute pieces, but their sweat/lounge pieces are what I'm always dying over. If you've ever heard of Current/Elliot, this is the same duo of women! I am so smitten over these cozy looking sweatpants... the only problem... they're so pricey! I'm not one to spend a ton on sweats, but ahhhh, they're so cute!

Loving II: Lisi Lerch recently sent me some beautiful earrings from their collection. I've loved the brand for a while now and how fun are all of these?!
Sale-ing: As you all know from yesterday's post, Shopbop's sale is going on now through tomorrow at 11:59pm EST. You can save up to 25% off your entire purchase with code EOTS17.

Sale-ing II: This navy and white striped sweater is just $24 and is SO cute. Such a good deal.

I just updated the two widgets in the sidebar: Wishlist and Under $100! So definitely check those out!

Needing: You guys. I have been on the hunt for the 'perfect' glass bowl. I'm looking for something that I can use to eat my salads out of. Preferably clear glass, deep enough (so when I'm mixing everything together, things don't start flying out), and something that can hold a substantial amount of lettuce/veggies. I mean, I make big salads. Any ideas? I've tried Target, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Homegoods, and Crate and Barrel. Do you have a big bowl that is perfect? Even better, if it were glass tupperware with a lid so I could shake it! (Wow I feel old going so in depth about a bowl). 

Quoting: 'Become more aware of what's really worth your energy.' // See more of my favorites, here. 


Anonymous said...

Pyrex glass mixing bowl set with lids! The lid is great to "shake-mix" your ingredients together. I own two sets. They nest together and really don't take up much room. We eat salad out of then often! Macy's sells them and seems to always have a sale going.

Also, get some salad hands. I swear they make mixing salads easier and cut down on spilling. Ours are by Dexas. Not as cute as actual serving ware, but way more functional for every day.

Shannon said...

Try this: ....inspired by Hello Bistro salads!

I usually then put it in this to eat it ( I also make huge salads!):

ta da!

Kayla said...

I am SO GLAD someone else feels the same about halo top it is NOT GOOD!!! I thought I was crazy but nope... just good marketing ����


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