Friday, September 13, 2019

Fall Wish List

I haven't done a wish list post in quite some time so I thought it would be fun to share things I would love for fall... and what better a time than Friday the 13th (with a full moon, no less)! Are you superstitious? I am not but I would like to think that maybe instead of crazy things happening, good things will happen! I guess we shall find out! 

I didn't actually mean for this to have a neutral/brown color palette but that just shows how much I am loving the earthy tones for fall! I'm not typically one to wear a ton of brown so this is a little new for me!

Alpaca Sweater// This sweater deserves a spot at the top. I bought a sweater from J.Crew years ago (5 to be exact) and it is to this day one of my favorite sweaters ever. So much so that about a year later, I went on eBay to find another one! Well, this sweater that J.Crew just released is basically that sweater! I checked the tag and they are made from the exact same materials. I ordered one to test out so here is to hoping that I am right! 

Sunglasses // These are just gorgeous and such a pretty shape. They are in a classic tortoise but also come in black. 

Suede Sneakers// I love my tretorns because they are cute and comfortable. Tretorn is a classic brand that has been around since my mom was my age! I love the idea of the suede because they are a bit dressier than your typical white canvas sneakers. The lining is a bonus since it gets so cold here in Pittsburgh starting in November! 

Houndstooth Coat// This is my dream coat. It's a major splurge but I am seriously considering it. The cut is timeless and I love the beautiful fabric. 

 Leopard Print Leggings// I love that these look like your everyday black leggings and then you do a double-take and see the leopard print. 

Red Leather Skirt// They brought back the pleated faux leather skirt and I love the red color! I have it in black and navy in the shorter version but might just have to scoop up the red. It's an easy way to wear color in the fall/winter months!

Vanity Case// This is so cute and so functional! A great item to add into your carry-on. 

Sherpa Puffer// I love the idea of this. I love sherpas and puffers so I think this could be one amazing coat! 

Monogrammed Leather Tote// Ugh. This is just gorgeous! I love a leather travel bag and this one offers a custom painted monogram. 

Gilt Pomander and Hinoki Candle// This is one of my favorite fall/winter scents ever. It's cozy like a fire but also has hints of pine and cider.

Ginger Jar// It's hard to find a quality ginger jar. Lately, everyone makes them but a lot of them have that 'fake' look to them that makes them look cheap, do you know what I mean? This one looks legit!


Laura Baker Busic said...

That houndstooth coat is an absolute DREAM!

MC said...

Gap made a coat similar to that RL one (in a way different material) a looong time ago and I got so many compliments on it. I spotted a jacket in a similar print at Old Navy:


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